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    Either discrete, clean and appropriate. It gives preference to the black color! 2. It studies on what you go to film. Script writes one will be possible; 3. If it will be to film a scene, whatsoever previsible event or, says with somebody that knows of the subject, or same the responsible person for organization; 4. Finally, it finds information on the place and the time.

    Is prepared for what it will be able to happen, therefore its equipment is very important, and you it does not want to damage it, certain? Very well, we are almost there. Now, in return to the topic ' ' Equipamento' ' , I say the vocs: They buy a tripod! It is very better and more easy to handle a camera using one of them, they do not make idea. Now we go to the tips and techniques of filming: 1.Aps to start to record, looks for not to press stop. This will go to help in the edition process, and also it will become less difficult the loss of scenes; 2.Se will be alone in the day, prevents difficult angles. It prefers angles open. In such a way, you probably will have a basic video, but nothing of trembled holes or in the images. You will conserve most of its writing; 3.Fique on in its script. This will help you very exactly; 4.Segure firm its camera, and with both the hands; 5.Sempre, I said carregue with you at least a battery always reserves and a ribbon or card; 6.E finally, is calm and has controlled its breath. It uses to advantage! I wait to have helped with these few tips. Good luck! For bigger information, it has access my site Filming of events and helps to spread this idea!

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