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    Either discrete, clean and appropriate. It gives preference to the black color! 2. It studies on what you go to film. Script writes one will be possible; 3. If it will be to film a scene, whatsoever previsible event or, says with somebody that knows of the subject, or same the responsible person for organization; 4. Finally, it finds information on the place and the time.

    Is prepared for what it will be able to happen, therefore its equipment is very important, and you it does not want to damage it, certain? Very well, we are almost there. Now, in return to the topic ' ' Equipamento' ' , I say the vocs: They buy a tripod! It is very better and more easy to handle a camera using one of them, they do not make idea. Now we go to the tips and techniques of filming: 1.Aps to start to record, looks for not to press stop. This will go to help in the edition process, and also it will become less difficult the loss of scenes; 2.Se will be alone in the day, prevents difficult angles. It prefers angles open. In such a way, you probably will have a basic video, but nothing of trembled holes or in the images. You will conserve most of its writing; 3.Fique on in its script. This will help you very exactly; 4.Segure firm its camera, and with both the hands; 5.Sempre, I said carregue with you at least a battery always reserves and a ribbon or card; 6.E finally, is calm and has controlled its breath. It uses to advantage! I wait to have helped with these few tips. Good luck! For bigger information, it has access my site Filming of events and helps to spread this idea!

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    Allied attitude to the creativity alone can give good results. On the basis of this, the antenado entrepreneur search for solutions to shoot up its business. For this it goes behind efficient ways for the spreading in mass of its product, a marketing total directed toward its area of performance. A promocional toast is an excellent idea! It has a gamma of varieties which can be invested that they can generate a surplus. The promocionais toasts are excellent veiculadores of marks, logotipos, campaigns etc, because beyond offering a generous space to the mark printed in it, are distributed in used mass and constantly. Currently we come across in them with several of these toasts with prints of famous marks, then this is a signal that we must follow the example. However, it is necessary a little of caution in the hour to leave promoting its business in a toast.

    For example, the company of the drink branch will not go or she does not have reason to invest in toasts of the computer science area, such as door pen drive and mouse pad. This company goes, wisely, to divulge its soon in one door bottles. Another question to be pointed out is in the type of product which its mark is printed. The consumers unite the product quality to the mark printed in it, then if the product will not be good, of good quality and will have bad functioning, then these bad attributes will be added to the mark. Following this line of reasoning, the company Toast & She has taken, specialist in toasts manufactured in neoprene, develops vast varieties in promocionais toasts aiming at the development of the entrepreneurs in search of this marketing as half of spreading in mass, test of this are its fidiciary offices customers, many of great them formed by and famous companies which do not measure efforts to invest. The Blog of the Toast & It has led has updates of products and tips for this investment, which serves in such a way for companies how much for intelligent people with bold ideas. It grows professionally. It invests in its ideals and it counts on us!

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    To tio/Sr. Rui, for having believed the potential of a perpetual apprentice and for the force that granted to me in the accomplishment of the period of training supervised in the House of Charity of So Paulo Muria-Hospital. To all the fellow workers and friends that of some form they had contributed so that this work carried through. To the colleagues of the group for the espontaneidade and joy in the exchange of information, in a rare demonstration of solidarity, and also for the friendship and becoming the not amused academic life. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from tcoyd. Success for all we. My Tutor of Room Tauana and Supervisora of Sara Period of training, for serenity, patience, wisdom and originalidade that much had contributed for my professional learning while and person. To the Social Assistant Marine Claude, for the valuable contributions, without which this monograph would not have the same quality. To the Institution University North of the Paran, in special the team of professionals of the Muria Polar region, for the affection and support.

    Finally, to the aged ones that they had been citizens of the research that me oportunizaram the great learning. Vocs is a treasure! Very Obliged, to that they are part of my life they had stimulated and me to follow in front. The vocs my immense gratitude! You remember, you remember I At that time you had stars in eyes One hero skill stronger and quick Age that any young man of comboy You remember, remembers I costumava to well more than walk a thousand lguas Pra to be able to search May flowers blue and its hair to decorate Water of the source I tired to drink pra not to age As it wanted to steal of the morning a pretty one for of the sun Today, I do not harvest more flowers of May Nor I am quicker, as the heroes I Am perhaps I am simplismente I eat an old shoe But still I serve if you to want You are enough to pave you me that I heat the cold of its feet.

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    INTRODUCTION the life expectancy of world-wide the aged population comes defying all the social sectors and will go to affect all the dimensions of the life in society. The population aging is a marcante fact of this century. Fruit of many technological, scientific and social conquests throughout century XX. The Brazilian population comes passing for one sped up aging process that modifies the life of the individuals, the familiar structures and the dynamics the society. The new etria distribution comes transforming the demands of the public politics, especially in the direction to guarantee and to promote the rights of the aged citizen. The interest when choosing the subject for the TCC – an Occult and Quiet Reality: House of Muria – Documentary So Paulo Hospital Analysis on the Violence against the Aged one, happens of the period of period of training resulting of the relation dialectic between practical theory and that it was present during the professional formation. In this context I could relate and to live deeply the daily one of the aged population, I had also the chance to develop a research of satisfaction for aged patients interned by accord SUS. From this estimated necessity had the will/to analyze the biosociodemogrficos aspects, that is to know the reality of the aged users of the hospital public net, more necessarily of the House of Charity of Muria- Hospital So Paulo, a time that the same is regional reference, in this direction fomenting the question of the violence visibilizada in the family. The research carried through in field considered to analyze to investigate the aspects of the process of the violence against aged and the familiar conflicts related to this violence, being that after the violence, the first place where the aggressive family/directs this aged one in the case of the city of Muria, is for the general hospital House of Charity of Muria- So Paulo Hospital, therefore this violence if it silences through a disease, who obviously is occulted by the family.

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    Perfect in the Planet Land alone JESUS, the CHRIST of GOD. Another definition: Terrible and hot place; great furnaces. Many times the peonhenta person deferred payment in a beautiful apartment with conditional air, if feeding and if dressing very well. It also has a carro of the year with conditional air. Cad furnace and the quentura? However, it is asked: Its conscience is far from it, or is constantly alerting to it to become a better person? How exist people in meat and bone who are called demons? It is uncharitableness? The workmanships testify each Human being. It sees this: ' ' That face is one demnio' '. In full Century 21, in way as much knowledge to believe in a sky and a hell is of the creation of the incarnate person or deixarred a carne it is ridicule.

    WORLDS PRIMITIVSSIMOS Some worlds are created not by GOD badness, but to shelter multitudes and more multitudes that if had involved in such a way in the crime that they are attracted for these abismais worlds. Example: How many people exactly in this world with as many harmonious places to be here choose the inferninhos calls? The Law of the Attraction does not act blindly, leads only them to its preferred places. SKY AND HELL Each incarnate or deixarred a carne Human being constructs through its good or bad actions its state of convivncia. ' ' The happiness it depends on the proper qualities of the individual and not of the material state of the way where if acha' '. Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomy and the Magnetism. FATHER OURS does not place you GOD as constructor of a hell, if IT generated Its Children in the Largeness of Its Perfection. If the Human being if moves away from its Orbit and if IT turns upside down, does not have guilt.


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