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    To tio/Sr. Rui, for having believed the potential of a perpetual apprentice and for the force that granted to me in the accomplishment of the period of training supervised in the House of Charity of So Paulo Muria-Hospital. To all the fellow workers and friends that of some form they had contributed so that this work carried through. To the colleagues of the group for the espontaneidade and joy in the exchange of information, in a rare demonstration of solidarity, and also for the friendship and becoming the not amused academic life. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from tcoyd. Success for all we. My Tutor of Room Tauana and Supervisora of Sara Period of training, for serenity, patience, wisdom and originalidade that much had contributed for my professional learning while and person. To the Social Assistant Marine Claude, for the valuable contributions, without which this monograph would not have the same quality. To the Institution University North of the Paran, in special the team of professionals of the Muria Polar region, for the affection and support.

    Finally, to the aged ones that they had been citizens of the research that me oportunizaram the great learning. Vocs is a treasure! Very Obliged, to that they are part of my life they had stimulated and me to follow in front. The vocs my immense gratitude! You remember, you remember I At that time you had stars in eyes One hero skill stronger and quick Age that any young man of comboy You remember, remembers I costumava to well more than walk a thousand lguas Pra to be able to search May flowers blue and its hair to decorate Water of the source I tired to drink pra not to age As it wanted to steal of the morning a pretty one for of the sun Today, I do not harvest more flowers of May Nor I am quicker, as the heroes I Am perhaps I am simplismente I eat an old shoe But still I serve if you to want You are enough to pave you me that I heat the cold of its feet.

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