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    More and more manufacturers market wheels for children. But what really make it? Many parents choose to a wheel of children, to prepare their children to ride a bike. On this, the little ones can playfully learn their sense of balance and strengthen. But many parents are also wondering whether a value-added offers the children a wheel or if the risk is greater than the actual benefits. They can weigh that as parents. It is important that you are informed before sufficiently.

    Also the wheel and its quality plays a decisive role. What are the advantages of a children wheel? The advantage for the little ones is that later is the change to a real bike without problems. And even without the tiresome training wheels. Children at the age of two years, that are secure and run learned, are already able to move with a wheel. The sitting position and driving through both legs makes the precursor to bike when the child the impeller.

    However is not Age alone decisive, whether the child is prepared for an impeller. Body size and stride length are much more important. Some children are ready earlier, some later. It should be measured, whether is the child in lowest seat position with both feet on the ground. The market for wheels is great. Just in the last few years, these have become increasingly interesting for parents playfully prepare the children to ride a bike. Parents definitely should consult before buying a wheel. Test and comparison can be determined in a wheel on the basis of test reports, which children wheel is well suited and in particular, whether it is safe for the child. What are the differences in wheels? There are impellers made of different materials. In General, the wheels of wood, metal or plastic are made. Metal frames are probably the most robust, but also have the largest weight. Wood and plastic are not as robust, but have a lighter weight. For which material eventually decided is more a matter of taste. The tire material is already important. Wheels have usually tires from polyurethane, rubber, foam, or air-filled tires. Obtained a wheel without air-filled tires, it is more suited for very smooth and level floors. Air-tyred wheels have a better suspension system, which is why they are out there better suited for use. Disadvantage of this is that the parents as for the bicycle also, from time to time need to inflate the tire and this breakdown-prone. When kids come first with the wheel in contact, they will push it very probably only. Parents should thus not be alarmed, this behavior is quite normal. Children know their limits and gradually slow to unknown. It is only a matter of time and the child is sitting in the saddle and get the first experience. M. Schreiber

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