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    Gifts for a good cause: with the fundraising campaign by Chidos mushrooms 300 was already collected. This allows the Club Nyota, to finance two more community training. Chido’s mushrooms is a young Start-Up that disposed of the grounds of Berlin Cafes daily and for the production of healthy and protein-rich noble fungi uses this organic waste. With the mushroom garden developed by Chido’s mushrooms, anyone can breed at home and harvest. Consumers eat good and do good – because until new year’s Eve 2013 1 that is systematically for each online selling mushroom garden, “green garden project” donated and therefore supported the work of the Association Nyota e.V. in West Kenya. The amount collected by the Chido’s mushrooms already allows the Club Nyota e.V.

    to cover the costs of two community trainings. Nyota aims namely, to motivate the children of their day care, even small farmers and farmers from the region, to apply these methods in addition to the application of biological cultivation to supply. Last August was already the “InfoNet bio vision” Staff member Njeri Kinuthia from Nairobi to guest at Nyota, to explain the basics of organic farming small farmers and people from the surrounding area. The 2-day community training took place in the premises of the kindergarten as well as the Nyota demo plot. It was a good opportunity to inform general benefits, but also difficulties and challenges.

    Topics of the workshop were among others advantages and importance of organic farming, practical guidance for the creation of compost and natural fertilizers and natural pesticides. Due to the positive response and strong demand, the Club Nyota would like to offer in the future more community training, to expand awareness of the ecological cultivation and to help families to improve their income and living conditions. Nyota already serves as a contact point for questions around the topic. Also passion fruit was last year on the 1-acre big demo plot (white passion) planted. Now Nyota needed a framework where are the climbing plant can grow up. Another 500 are required for the materials. With the purchase of a fungus garden as well as a gift for the St. Nicholas day or Christmas allow Chido’s mushrooms to promote the meaningful work of Nyota!

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