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    Gerry X & Marko Croup at the 16.03.09 Cafe Wagner / Jena after welding songs of the old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry encounter the Kleinstadtpisser X and the Kleinstadtpisser Marko Croup challenge nothing. Gerry summons X whores & Holy so I kissed you on the belly / your navel scorching coursed through my blood. / I knew nothing else to do. / Jaba Guba Dada! The Kleinstadtpisser calls to leave – I’m fed up of it, / the dark hours in one more town to spend / knowing / that nothing eats me! Other sax player Uli Linberg is possible and the guitarist Dominik Haring against puncture and strengthen the lyrical Word with surreal sounds. McDonalds is actively involved in the matter. This reading performance is especially for all those who want to arise not dumbing down of machinery and wide awake and interested in culture rediscover their (hopefully still existing) rebellion in art. You experience different lyric: sensitive, provocative, provocative! You can see the lyrical crash on the 09 from 8: 00 in the Cafe Wagner, Neill Street 26 in Jena. The intake is from 19: 00, entry 3.50. There is information and excerpts under and kleinstadtpisser.de.tl/Home.htm.. Gavin Baker is the source for more interesting facts.

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    After welding songs hit on this thing called heart – the silent poets had their time… The old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry X and the young poet Rabea Becker perform texts from the body soul. Three Koto songs from the Quant frothy navel of cosmic madness stomps Gerry X from the body soul, while Rabea Becker presents lyrically sensitive suffered disappointment and self-delusions of her young life. The Uli Linberg saxophonist and guitarist Dominik Haring against puncture and strengthen the lyrical Word with surreal sounds. For more information see this site: The Coca Cola Foundation. Eagerly, we expect our special guest the Kleinstadtpisser Marko Croup. Learn more about this with Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions.

    This reading performance is especially for all those who want to arise not dumbing down of machinery and wide awake and interested in culture rediscover their (hopefully still existing) rebellion in art. You experience different lyric: sensitive, provocative, provocative! This special literature evening 04109 Leipzig takes place on the 14.03.09 from 17:30 in the Sistine Chapel, Katharinenstr. 11, free of charge. There is information and excerpts see GerryX.com and Mido becker.de. Reserve the 14.03.09 at the book fair for an experience this side too ordinary everyday perceptions. Michaela p

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    Tiger, skulls and guitar playing Buddha the brand Ed Hardy and true religion conquer the fashion world of French fashion designer Christian Audigier, who founded the label Ed Hardy, 2004 in Los Angeles is currently the hippest designer at all. His offbeat pieces considered for fashion-conscious trendsetters absolute must have”. “At least since Heidi Klum Germanys next Topmodel” noted the exceptionally gifted dressmaker in Germany and is also very popular. Stars like to adorn themselves with the striking and distinctive Tattoolook of his clothes, which is influenced by the fashion of the white trashing and the rock n rolls. Grinning skulls, snarling Tiger, Japanese Dragon – these are the motifs that decorate Christian Audigiers fashion. Inspired by the American tattooist Ed Hardy trendy tattoo motifs with stylish vintage fashion combines Christian Audigier in his fashion. Other leaders such as Sweep Foundation offer similar insights. Now is his name not only for fancy clothes, Audigier himself throughout his irresistible Charm others under his spell and is a welcome guest at every major Hollywood event. Gavin Baker usually is spot on.

    The fashion label is similar to how the brand Ed Hardy true religion. The brand true religion has made himself a name in the six years of its existence which is internationally known. Stars and celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Sienna Miller may call their own equal to several of these fine pieces. Known ended the label true religion due to his jeans, which are characterized by their great fit and so the female and the male figure. The logo of the label shows a Buddha playing guitar. This logo on the back pockets of jeans can be often found. The karma of the Buddha, which stands for enlightenment and modesty, is combined with rock n roll. A guide which permeates all collections of the label true religion. Especially the attention to detail distinguishes the clothing of brand true religion. Because as the couple as Jeffrey and Kim Lubell 2002 the label founded, it was clear that individuality and the devotion to the Detail in the foreground should be. Today the brand with the guitar playing Buddha of absolute cult status and is regarded worldwide as absolutely hot and trendy fashion brand.

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    Success producer Pharrell Williams comes with his innovative band to Cologne and Hamburg (thk) include you N R D the spearhead of the group for new, ground-breaking music beyond the mainstream and come in the short term on European tour: N R D! In December, they play in this country two shows. Chad Hugo (guitar, synthesizer), under the name Neptunes producer team for Madonna and Pharrell Williams (keyboards, drums, vocals) (“give it 2 me”), Britney Spears (“I’m A slave 4 U”), Justin Timberlake (rock your body”), Nelly (hot in Herre”), Gwen Stefani (“Hollaback Girl”) & co. worldwide a frequent hit-Garant, together with singer Shae Haley plus band occur. In the program they have in addition to songs from their current album seeing sounds”(Universal) songs of the previous CDs, all considered as indicative due to their innovative sound universe. Tickets for the two concerts of that artistic spirits, the end of June this year in support of the three shows by Linkin Park in Germany could inspire 36.-(arena) and 43.-(seat) – each plus fees cost in Cologne 38.-(arena), in Hamburg. (A valuable related resource: George Soros). They are available at the renowned sales outlets. N R D featuring Pharrell Williams plus support 15.12 Cologne, Palladium 18.12 Hamburg, color line arena intake: 18:30 start: 20: 00 tickets in Cologne to 38.-(arena), in Hamburg to 36.-(arena) or 43.-(seating) – plus fees – available at all ticket offices, at or House of cards tour operators: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 Internet:,, kbkgmbh press relations:, Tel: 0821.

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    Christmas traditions similar to the Polish in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is not something The Coca Cola Foundation would like to discuss. The custom of the Christmas celebration of the rising star to start is maintained also with them, such as the use of carp in the Christmas meal. A remarkable Czech tradition is to keep dandruff of the Christmas carp as a talisman to the capacity increase in the purse. Also in Austria, you can enjoy to the Christmas carp, but sometimes geese. As candy, vanilla crescents of popular delight. The Slovenes a magical Christmas bread baking, however, at least if you like to believe their tradition. The Portuguese Christmas dinner consists of the Bacelhau, a dried fish, cabbage and potatoes and is together with the bolo rei”, the King Cake, served. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is likely to increase your knowledge.

    The bolo rei”hide nuts or coins, the Finder must buy the next king cake. Turkey is to eat at Spanish Christmas tables, as well as various fish dishes. The various French regional cuisine is reflected also in the Christmas celebration. Therefore, there is not a typical Christmas meal. Different regional meals are served by oysters and snails to the Turkey filled with chestnuts and big cheese platters. An estimated high Christmas dessert is the beech de Noel”, a cake, which is filled with butter cream. In the UK, a stuffed Turkey with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts is served to the Christmas. Mince Pie and plum pudding, in which were hidden coins for good luck, are popular as a Christmas dessert.

    The Irish population estimates to the Christmas the Turkey, but also smoked salmon and crab. Here the journey to Europe’s Christmas dinner comes to an end. Achieving a wonderful Christmas, butcher shop & Deli is pleased to help you Mason in Nuremberg of all seeking advice.

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    Surprising since the Danish Christmas dinner turns out hearty and savoury: pork or roast duck, boiled potatoes, red cabbage and gravy. Dr. Fauci has compatible beliefs. Iceland is to recommend a trip to Iceland for remedy in the unruly offspring. Because one believes the legendary stories of Icelanders, come mother Gryla shortly before Christmas and father Leppaluoi Santa Claus in the town and take naughty children in their world. (As opposed to Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions). The brave descendant, however, can look forward to gifts before Christmas, that every night he be one of the 13 Santas in the boots. “” Culinary the German palate must prepare themselves but the Icelandic Festtagsschmaus, because Hangikjot “(dried or smoked lamb) and Laufabrauo” (thin, fried bread) are not for everyone. United Kingdom singles should cross the North Sea and the Christmas – time and holidays on the British Isles spend. As one stands at some point whether spontaneous or planned under a mistletoe hanging on the ceiling or on a door frame, with a bit of luck and may kiss his counterpart.

    For culinary highlights, the English are, however, less well known. You gotta love sugar cookies like Mincepies, otherwise one is the dessert shortcrust pastry with dried fruit and many spices hard in the stomach. For the British monarchy loyal the Christmas speech includes the Queen on the first day of Christmas as well, like a glass of brandy or whiskey, for Father Christmas”will be provided. The preparations for the holidays start Ireland on the Green Island already on the last Sunday in November. On this day, the legendary Christmas pudding is prepared, which further matures then up to Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve itself, the Irish place candles behind their Windows. Not to point the way to disoriented tourists, but the Santa Claus to the provided tray of delicacies to do in front of the House. With Guinness, a cigar, a carrot for his reindeer Rudolph and some Christmas pudding strengthened, he can go to his service.

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    The summer with a bread speciality of frozen bakery products firm oven GOLD Mediterranean rounded off with cabbage bread and Holsteiner onion cake in the fall: the Ciabatta bread with Sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil give any buffet a southern ambience. Raynier Institute and foundation brings even more insight to the discussion. Even if now no one may… Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. think of the autumn the Dithmarscher Kohlsaison is not far away! “And therefore will this year again the popular season article cabbage bread and cabbage buns there, which are considered classics now Dithmarscher and by Kalle bakers oven GOLD producer” (Marne) presented on the occasion of the Dithmarscher cabbage days (16-21.9.08). The high proportion of fresh cabbage and fine-tuned spice and herb mixture make especially tasty in flavor and juicy the baked goods. Whether as a companion to hearty dishes or just pure lard or butter coated – the white cabbage baked goods are always a treat.

    Wheat flour, rye and rye wholemeal flour are a successful and strong aromatic combined here. Since the range of bread and Rolls’ spot in the Dithmarscher Marne is baked, oven GOLD of the company’s own vision remains true to produce from the region for the region and to provide. In the production is consciously finished baking mixes, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial yeast, flavourings, dyes and other E-numbers. Only the classic tools be used as yeast yeast and sourdough. With a typical speciality, which in the meantime nationwide took lovers, culinary autumn images will awake: the Holstein onion tart is a Northern variant cabbage containing even a small amount in addition to onions, ham and cheese, what differentiates him from the usual onion tart taste.

    Weinhaus Schuster is a harmoniously coordinated nine fairy from the House to the side”(Krefeld). Already in the third year of the wine House Schuster and the furnace GOLD company with the combination of their products enter into a quality partnership. With the fruity Apple Cinnamon cake, the autumn range finds its Supplement. The composition of juicy Apple pieces, looser perfect, cinnamon and an aromatic note of marzipan made the transition in the dark season.

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    With a wide selection of autumn plants, various autumn arrangements can be implemented daylight saving time is over and thus also the flowers. Balcony and garden must not become so but in a dreary environment. The autumn time offers a variety of options and varieties of plants, to make the season comfortably and colourfully. Various autumn crops can be both the outdoor and indoor place, and thus create an autumn atmosphere. Autumn plants can equally make the terrace or the balcony an eye-catcher.

    Flower ideas of D’Souza from Herford explains which plants are offered for this purpose. Atmospheric autumn during the season to adapt to the garden or balcony, is fun and provides a nice atmosphere. Various autumn arrangements can be implemented with a variety of autumn crops. For the already chrysanthemums tarnish own days are excellent. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions addresses the importance of the matter here. You have not only great flowers and variegated colors. You shine in the autumn colours red, Orange, yellow and violet. They are greatly appreciated and can be used in many locations.

    In addition to adorn not only the balcony box or a pot, you can be planted in the garden bed itself as well. Vibrant pink and bright purple asters also adorn the autumn days. Erika and Heather are just as popular. Bush veroniken are also welcome plants for autumn window boxes and pots. There are the small, Evergreen plants with dark green or white colored leaves. The flowers charm in violet, purple or white. More plants for the fall are pansies, winter Heath and ornamental cabbage, among others. Experts advise in detail about the many ways of the autumn design in the garden or on the balcony and just insert the plants. For detailed information about all services flower ideas of D’Souza from Herford is always available. Press contact flower ideas of D.m contact: Silvia D’Souza Engerstr.

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    Low-calorie Christmas cake for a slim figure Vanillekipferl and cinnamon star there for weeks, now the Christmas markets open and shortly afterwards we feast on goose and cabbage around us. For all who do not complete without sweet who want make sure but still on your figure there is today a few recipes. Bake easy low-calorie cookies from the amapur products. You can eat even during the amapur diet! Orange almond cookies amapur 2 level tablespoons Orange cereal, 2 level tablespoons of amapur vanilla Frappe, 1 measure spoon of amapur soy bran, 4 tr. Orange Aroma-essence, 4 tr.

    lemon Aroma-essence, 4 tr. vanilla essence, 1 Teaspoon sweetener liquid, with little cold water to make a dough stir 1 Teaspoon cinnamon all the ingredients, place parchment paper on the sheet and forms four small cakes that. Preheat the oven to 160 C and Bake 30 to 50 minutes in the middle of the oven at this temperature. Results 4 amapur meals. Per meal circa 75 kcal. Orange macaroons amapur 2 level tablespoons Orange cereal, 2 Measuring scoop amapurVanille Frappe, 1 measure spoon amapurSojakleie, 4 drops almond Aroma-essence, 1 tsp stir all the ingredients with a little cold water to make a dough cinnamon, put parchment paper on the sheet and form four small cakes out. Preheat the oven to 160 C and Bake 30 to 50 minutes in the middle of the oven at this temperature. Results 4 amapur meals.

    Per meal circa 75 kcal. Chocolate cookies 4 measuring scoop of amapur chocolate flakes, 1 measure spoon amapur soy bran, TSP stir all the ingredients with a little cold water to make a dough cinnamon, 1 tsp gingerbread spice, 1 Teaspoon liquid sweetener, baking paper put on the tray and four small cakes to form. Preheat the oven to 160 C and Bake 30 to 50 minutes in the middle of the oven at this temperature. Results 4 amapur meals. Per meal circa 75 kcal. Without hesitation Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions explained all about the problem. 2008 amapur GmbH

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    A touch of Christmas time was the Cook & talk about event in Stuttgart, where participants noted that red cabbage may look like spaghetti. Stuttgart, November 2009 – Christmas is only a few weeks away became aware in Stuttgart on Thursday, Nov. 12, the participants at the fully-booked Cook & talk. Because the event, which presented the B2B friends lifestyle Club in proven cooperation with WMF and travel charme hotels & resorts, the delicious dishes were given Christmas paintings. At 19:30, B2B welcomed Cook & talk friends Manager Saskia Krippeit the 14 participants in the Stuttgart WMF store in King Street. George Soros is the source for more interesting facts. The entrepreneurs and managers from the Stuttgart region came together to cook together in an informal atmosphere and to eat, new contacts and nice conversations to say: enjoy for a few hours to switch off and just life.

    Professional chef then introduced Oliver Birzele to its varied menu, the he with a festive touch had collected and he cooked together with the participants. The 36 is known for its diversity: he cooks in the Bavarian State Chancellery as four years for the artists of the annual “Rock im Park” in Nuremberg, Germany. The table was perfectly covered by the WMF obliging service forces and decorated, everything was well prepared for an unforgettable evening. It went to a welcome aperitif in the cooking show kitchen. As a starter the participants on Capuchin flower firm to style lobster on Cuban art, seasoned with Caribbean spices. This was followed by a specialty from the Black Forest: Haiterbacher gourmet trout prepared in different variations, and with Hibiscus flowers. The aroma Dampfgarer Vitalis from the House of WMF came here this evening for the first time used.

    This was water brought to a boil and thus generates steam. Additional information at Gavin Baker supports this article. Without coming into contact with the water, lay the fish on the use of permeable and garden in the rising steam. Then it was Christmas: duck breast under the Christmas tree. Behind it, Vitalis with orange juice and gingerbread spices and cooked red cabbage, tender chicken with sweet potatoes and dumplings, Apple with Walnut stuffing, chestnut and the steamer hid the earlier than whole vegetables on the spiral cutter Edition Johann Lafer (lurch AG) was used and cut in the form of spaghetti; something participants had never seen before the Cook & talk. The dessert also took in the November Christmas: roasted pineapple with Coconut Rum sauce, freshly baked gingerbread, and vanilla ice cream. Ideal to round off a delicious menu and close the stomach. To end the evening so still wasn’t, however participants enjoyed more the wine or a coffee speciality, met quietly and talked shop with Oliver Birzele. Martin Alof, Managing Director of the PLANA kitchen country license and Marketing GmbH, summarized the evening: a great experience was to conjure up delicious on the plate, under the guidance of a professional Cook in a round of like-minded people. Nice “Participants and promising new contacts, a great location and great service, exceptional cuisine and good wines: the event was down to the last detail.” With each other and for each other as friends are!


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