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    The Nile is without question the most famous and most mysterious river in the world, but perhaps only the second longest. One can not say exactly, because the source of the Amazon River can not interpret accurately. A Nile cruise on this river is a unique experience for every person that certainly no one so soon forget. The Nile is for Egypt, especially of particular importance, because without him, the country would be a desert, and only for a man it would therefore be impossible to live there. Not only that, it offers water but also economic benefits.

    Even a holiday on the river can be very exciting because there are many things to see the show for mankind a miracle. As for example the pyramids, the one known to us are the wonders of the world would see, even what people want been around forever so fascinated at ease every time. When you see the pyramids, you will know exactly what the people over this long period are so mysterious. The Nile has a unique diversity in the animal world, many different Animals are named after the single river, the hippopotamus, for example, which however does not occur anymore in the lower reaches, the Nile grass rat, the Nile monitor, which Mormyrids, the Egyptian Goose and the Nile crocodile. The Egyptians kept many of these animals as pets, or keep them just for the many Egyptian gods to impress. The Nile has a length of 6671 kilometers and is due to its unique history and significance particularly favored to take at various cruises.

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