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    It sees the example of a flower, for we is only plus one between as much. But When we will be able to see beyond we will discover that It is only in the perfume that she exhales and she becomes only for presenting a different tonality of the other flowers. Then we perceive that this becomes it only flowers among others. But it does not leave of being a flower. Thus it is our life, when we allow in them to see, to feel, to hear, to arrest and to teach. When we allow ourselves more as to hug our brothers and say they it when it we is important.

    When we learn with them through its examples. When to learn not to leave pra later what we can make or say. Perhaps tomorrow not, we will have more time. Why already we leave or broke our brother, comes there guilt. in this hour that we perceive how much time we lose. There, we desire to say what it was not said when we could.

    Then we perceive everything. For in such a way my dear brothers We go to hug more We go to love more We go to say more I love you to I. We go to say that we pardon in them and we pardon our brothers We go to assist more We go to make today what perhaps tomorrow it is not, but possible To say To make To love observing To understand the differences Auxiliary To hug To pardon To feel the peace and to transmit the peace. Without fear Without limitation Without, to say later pardon I it. Some day, me book of this hurt. Tomorrow, hug I it If we knew how much she is short The life here in the land We made everything today We would move today Therefore tomorrow God calls the soul to the plain spiritual not we and data, but here the time Fear and the antonym of evolution and the brake that hinders in them to evolve It today hugs that one that to feel will. I say I love you that one made that you to cry. He pardons myself and he pardons that one that you magoou Faz well, in alliviates the soul to them. He allows in them to live without fear of being happy. That God this force onipotente, that it transmits these principles. That it allows in them to make a mistake and to fix That allows in them to have fear. That I allowed in them that we transposed these fears with its examples and light. That the peace of God is felt by all.

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