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    The citizenship indicates the bond that exists between a person and a determined State, bond that it designates with the expression: state of citizenship or, in Latin, status cividatis. The condition of citizen serves to obtain, if one is abroad, the protection of the diplomatic or consular authorities of their Country and are the origin of a series of rights and obligations. From the moment that the citizenship is the origin of the political rights and often also of civil rights, it is important to know as it is acquired. The citizenship can be original, acquired from the moment of the birth, or can be derived, or it is that it is acquired later to the birth, on the basis of a particular factor, as can be, by example, the marriage with a foreigner. In the first case, the States can use the criterion of ius sanguinis or the one of ius soli. In the second, the citizenship is acquired mainly by naturalization, which can be, to his time, volunteer if she derives from the election of the person or automatic, when she grants a State to it to one person who already owns another citizenship, when verifying itself a fact anticipated by the law. Iure Sanguinis According to law N? 91 of the 5 of February of 1992, is considered citizen that one individual son Italian of Italian citizen ancestors, (already they are tatarabuelos, greats-grandfather, grandparents and father), without you limit of generation by masculine route. Nevertheless the children born before the 1 from January of 1948 are citizen Italian only if they were born from Italian father, because the Italian woman transmits the citizenship to the children only from that date.

    Meaning that the born children of Italian women before 1948 do not have right to take this citizenship. Nevertheless three failures exist that recognize like Italian born children of Italian mother before 01/01/1948. However the transmission of the citizenship by paternal line ” Iure Sanguinis” it does not anticipate you limit, but it does not admit generation jumps, that is to say that no of the parents must have never resigned to the Italian citizenship. NOTE: Born children of Italian mother before the 01/01/1948 Article gentility of: Express citizenship Procedure and acquisition of European citizenships.

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