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    In some countries the tradition of commitment ceremony is maintained and in others not so. However, and perhaps because of globalization, this ceremony is using again in those sites where it had fallen into disuse. The engagement ring is a symbol of the union of a couple, who will soon marry. In many cases the groom gives the bride the ring of ordered in private. The jewel is usually important, and the most traditional are the rings with diamonds. Although it is not essential that the diamond is of large size, a good haircut and an interesting design are keys to give the boost appropriate to a very important moment for the couple. In other cases the delivery of the ring is part of a ceremony involving family members and people close to the couple.

    In these situations the celebration tends to be important, and there are a number of details to keep in mind. Appropriate clothing, and above all the jewels to use are very important. As always, it is essential to maintain the style and not turn into another person. But within the style According to the used clothing and personal should be remembered that the jewel that should be highlighted is the ring of order and nothing else. That does not mean that other jewels, not to wear but they should not be striking. Especially if diamond jewelry will be used, they must not exceed the size of that shines in the ring. In fact, the bare hand is ideal in these cases. You can use a delicate bracelet but without overloading the wrist, to which stands the ring. Simplicity is the best bet in these cases. Original author and source of the article.

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