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    Looks like a mini, is a mini, not too but with space. Danny Graz in autonet intensive test. This car is like, you can tell immediately, if you visited the street with him. At intersections, the travelling alongside at a walking pace on the mini countryman over pedestrians, cyclists, Coachman keys, they all turn their heads, looking amazed, whisper, show, suggest. Boy Scouts shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Benevolence is the faces across the Board to read.

    Particular interest is obviously mini drivers own. It has the impression, as they felt suddenly very restricted more than usual. It is almost as they were urgent, why they should in future continue to sacrifice their space and comfort right on the altar of lifestyle. Both that goes with the countryman: pronounced Hipp, without doing the same to break out in cold sweat, over the week end in buying of a single household must be stored once. With the Countryman goes namely family, to say like the Anglo-Saxons under us care mini.

    And the surprisingly uncompromising. Mother, father, child find fine long out in the country. And joins then perhaps even a second G sajna to do so, must the car are not equally advertised. Authoritarian mini but: space, which is Yes in principle no witchcraft. Widened, lengthened, increases a car is fast. In this case, there are 10, 40 and 15 inches to the countryman as compared to the three-door hatch is grown. It must be converted from 4:3 to 16:9 image format. Especially in the front view is confronted there with an ordinary Brockerl of a mini, which is always liable to Bay notorious link driver on the highway with emphasis to the page. In the page view is the countryman endeavor can be seen, something like an SUV to represent however without this topic above to Punisher. Rustic one never comes in the countryman. From behind a certain obese attitude is not to deny what but vulgo is absolutely socially acceptable Jennifer Lopez – starting with J Lo.

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