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    (This is a fundamental concept of basic mechanics, if the reader does not relate the driving phenomenon we are describing, I invite you to refer to the literature and video courses that suit you for the novice in mechanics). The high voltage generated in the secondary winding is applied directly to each spark plug. The way that happens is as follows: in one of the two spark plugs, the spark passes from the center electrode to the electrode side and the other the spark plug from the side electrode to the center electrode. Typically, the plugs that are recommended in this type of arrangement are platinum-tipped, the characteristics of high strength and ductility of this material. The voltage required for the spark discharge is determined by the calibration of the spark plug and compression pressure. If the calibration of the two spark electrode is equal, then the voltage is proportional to the required pressure inside the cylinder discharge to occur.

    The high vltaje generated is divided according to the pressure on the cylinders. The cylinder is in the compression stroke will require and consume more voltage discharge compared with the cylinder brother in the exhaust stroke. This is because an electric spark is conducted better in high-pressure environment, such as cylinder compression, compared with a low pressure environment, such as a cylinder on the exhaust stroke which is almost pressure air, then in the latter case the requirement to produce spark voltage is much lower. When compared against the distributor ignition systems, the total voltage required for electronic distributor-lit is about the same. The voltage drop resulting from the space between the rotor and the terminal within a distributor cap is replaced with the voltage drop in the cylinder that goes in the exhaust stroke in a Simultaneous System Ignition Distributor. Ignition System Direct (Direct Ignition System – DIS) DIS As they have evolved, there have been changes in the functioning and location of ignition module.

    With independent power DIS, there may be an ignition module for all cylinders or a unique module for each cylinder. It depends on the design, but the electrical conductivity is the same. In DIS there is a simultaneous burning module for all coils. The following illustration gives an overview of the different types used in various engines. The following uses a DIS ignition module for all coils. The SCE signal is disabled when the STE signal is activated. Are inconsistent. The coils in this system uses a high voltage diode for fast cutting of secondary circuits. If you suspect a faulty coil, exchange it with another coil of another cylinder. Simultaneous Switching DIS This system uses three signals to activate STE coils according to the sequence of firing order. When a coil is activated, the STE signal is disabled. I hope this information has been util. To read more, visit me. Beto Booster. "

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