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    Important she is the apprentice to notice that each new reading will allow it to develop new significaes, not detached in the previous readings. METODOLGIA Work was divided in action: 1 – bibliography survey wire made for the professor; 2 – he was requested to the pupils research on the subject considered. The rooms had been divided in groups; 3- after the research, had been made the readings and the interpretations of the literary texts (reading and information, romantismo and Week of the Modern Arts); 4- for one better attendance, requested it the pupils whom a text for fichamento chose; 5 – biography of the poets and writers; 6 – reading and interpretation of texts selected for the professors; 7 – in groups, pupils create panels, posters and parodies; 8 – division of the rooms for subjects: Room 1 (1 year of average education, groups: , B and C)? Literature of information; Room 2 (1 year of average education, group D)? Literature of Brazil; 9? reproductions of workmanships the Week of the Modern Arts (pictures, charges); 10? assembly of you speak and of scenes; 11? assay with the groups; 12? literary fair? presentation to the community; 13? The pupils with extreme difficulty will be sent for the psychologist (city). sociation sees a great future in this idea. RESOURCES For accomplishment of all the actions of the project will be used beyond the human resources (nucleus managing, professors, pupils, employees, volunteers), disponibilizados the permanent resources and of consumption in the proper school. Such As: TV Pen-Drive, DVD, diverse Films, Date Show, Musics, Texts, Posters, atomic Brush, Sound, Books, Internet, Official paper, Glue, Dictionary, Periodicals and magazines, Bristol board, Shears, Engravings, adhesive Ribbon, Hidrocor, Xerox EVALUATION the evaluation will all give during the process, observing the participation, the envolvement of each pupil in the presented tasks. You may find Gavin Baker, New York City to be a useful source of information. Being that, each two professors will be responsible for a group, to facilitate the division of tasks.

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