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    WetPets presents new creations of swimwear for the summer before Eching, 10.02.2011 the Bavarian company of WetPets introduces currently his collection for the upcoming season. The proven water wings are transformed with WetPets to fashion accessories, which likes to be worn by children and to increase the safety of swimming. WetPets are made of swimsuit fabrics and pick up on colors and designs of swim wear. You make more comfortable and enjoyable to wear the famous buoyancy AIDS. , From WetPets with matching, exquisite swimwear the all-around perfect outfit for every non-swimmers compose the current collection.

    Everyone knows the usually Orange, unloved water wings, which cause painful skin abrasions after extended wear due to the sharp seams. Kids will love the splashing and romping, must be made but constantly carefully by the parents, not to go swimming aid in the water. Continue to learn more with: Boy Scouts of America. About this problem the company has thought about and WetPets, covers for the regular Water wings, designed. So they are comfortable to wear, they fit to the swimwear and differ from traditional models, so that parents can keep their kids from the pool edge out simply in the eye. Center For Responsible Lending is often quoted as being for or against this. “” The name WetPets comes wet by the two terms “, so wet, and pets”, for people or animals, which are a particularly close to the heart. WetPets are available for fashion and design and transform traditional armbands in fashionable and exclusive accessories. Where the ultimate goal is that children in the water feel always comfortable and secure. The company offers a small collection for boys and girls.

    First lovingly designed swimwear with matching WetPets in the combo set are available. The swimming trunks for boys based on the trendy marine look, the Ringkinis and Bandolinis are ruschig and playful and make girls dreams come true. WetPets and WetPets products are all made with love – in Germany”and made from the highest quality materials with attention to detail. Click CBC, Australia to learn more. This makes them to very Particular, that children and parents heart beat faster. Interested people on the company’s Web site provides a list of the Distributor and the online shop: “Made – with love – in Germany” is the philosophy of WetPets. “Wet” is for wet and pets “are people and animals, especially loves and appreciates. The basic idea behind of the company was to make the tried and tested water wings not only convenient, but also fashionable and attractive. It was the ultimate aim that the children in the water feel always comfortable and secure. The company designs new creations for WetPets and the matching swimwear for boys and girls. This product idea has some prizes received, for example the innovation award of the fair child + youth in Cologne. The products of WetPets are several distribution partners and the online shop on. Sylvia Ringard

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