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    A balanced energy balance is more important than numbers. This is given when your child develops healthy and his body weight is within the standard range much more important than numbers is a balanced energy balance. This is given when your child develops healthy and his body weight is within the standard range. This is checked by the pediatrician, or the pediatrician for the regular checkups. 3 or 5 meals? The stomach of a child is still small, and it can take only small portions. Children are therefore too short with three main meals a day. You can also easily distracted while eating, her appetite and the feeling of hunger are irregular.

    So, children benefit from varied and healthy snacks. Today, tomorrow little, no reason to worry about small children show quite considerable fluctuations in appetite. Sometimes they can consume large amounts, then all of a sudden they want only mini portions. A short-term departure has yet had any impact on the development of the child up or down. Such Fluctuations are normal and also depends on the growth, movement and game drive of the child. Just young children have a natural sense of hunger and satiety. Forcing her to eat, this natural mechanism over time will be lost.

    Therefore applies: as long as your child is happy and active and developed normally, there is no reason for concern. Portions recommendations 1 glass of water, milk, fruit juice. 1 Cup yogurt (180 g), cottage cheese and cottage cheese (200 g), for children a half cup. 1 Box of matches: the eye for a piece of cheese. 1 Coffee spoon as a measure of oil, butter, a handful of large pieces with vegetables and fruit such as kohlrabi, peppers, apples, pear. Two hands make a bowl of berries, lettuce, chopped vegetables. The Palm of the hand, as a measure of a ham or a slice of bread. A handful of strength side dishes such as potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals in cooked form. The Palm as a measure for meat and fish servings.

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