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    The no better can a BMW X 1. Internal mini values the cockpit reveals on familiar mini architecture. Central tachometer with the basic info deployment behind the steering wheel and center console a wagon wheel of a speedometer, rear passengers rather used to the speed control. The view of the driver is as good as never. The Schalterchen and button under the speedometer to be operated with pointed fingers.

    The functional elements are framed by a dashboard made from hard plastic that is somewhat the paradox at a very handsome price. The countryman with two individual seats is delivered from the factory. The accessorizing with a continuous three-way Bank costs just a little originality. Then ends: the cool bar on the eyeglass cases, cell phone holders, Cup holders, etc…. be attached to already between the front seats. The cockpit frees the views of familiar mini architecture. approach. Central tachometer with the basic info deployment behind the steering wheel and center console a wagon wheel of a speedometer, rear passengers rather used to the speed control.

    Weighty can be explain to the choice of materials maybe with the best heirs, somewhat to keep the weight of the countryman. Ultimately, 1,380 pounds are throwing that himself D All4 behind the Cooper we tested. These are then almost 300 kilos more than we were previously used by mini. That this Huftgold plus all-wheel drive affects the driving character, is likely to accept. The new, now no longer in cooperation with PSA, but single-handedly produced 1.6-litre turbo diesel with 112 HP was already in a normal mini for testing available. During the Commonrailer there has easy and for quicken inaugural provides, he afflicts himself in the countryman noticeably. Particularly evident is that, comparing the sheer numbers: an acceleration of 10.9 seconds in the countryman 9.7 in the hatch-mini face. In the page view is the countryman endeavor can be seen, something like an SUV to represent however without this topic above to Punisher. Rustic one never comes in the countryman. From behind a certain obese attitude is not to deny what but vulgo is absolutely socially acceptable Jennifer Lopez – starting with J Lo. Moderate consumption that may in the make a little sad hyperactive city traffic. Everywhere where is constant Dahincruisen, which does not fall within the weight. The long wheelbase and the all-wheel drive have a balanced road location as long as the ASFINAG has made her rhinestone he holding creative tasks. Is acknowledged’s somewhat rougher, that the tautly tuned countryman with fairly rough suspension replica. Still, a Word to the consumption: our best value amounted to 6.8 liters. This is while everything else as libelous, away from the mini but a phasing specified 4.9 liters in average. We want mini, for a very refreshing, very enriching the streetscape contribution to individual mobilization conclusion and price thank. Unlike in many SUV colleagues, it is delivered not evil eyes in the countryman. Quite the contrary. And yet something is good for us: the countryman can be ordered as a newcomer. “It has SUV of other brands style always a smell of I’d love to, but can not” is the entirely uncontroversial at the countryman, he the nature rather a family suitable for mini, because an off-roader is equivalent to. A further advantage lies in the affordability of: the base price of the All4 countryman provided us 26.990 euros would be reduced to 24.890 euro. by Christian Zacharnik, autonet.at

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