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    In it I am not passing. () I found myself because I identified with your love. You’re the definitive aid for my soul. BSA: the source for more info. I feel to my being transhipped from joy. In your spirit, I recognize me as a brother of my brothers and sisters in humanity. In this Eden, which is your Sublime affection, I do not see as expatriate, despondent by the tempests of discouragement, away from most beloved entities. Finally I found myself, oh, God!, because I found you.

    You expect me, so long ago and I didn’t know it. Therefore my heart wanders no more without whereabouts: in your divine breast, found shelter; under Tu Amor, my safe roof; on your lap, rest for the soul. Thanks to you I give, magnanimous father, hear me! Today I understand you’re integrally love, because you are a charity, mother and father of true justice. In thee mora, with abundance, the genius * 3 why so many cry, because she lacks the planet: Tu majestic clarity that descends to us either, although us not noticing. Relying on your supernatural criterion, I give you my destiny, because my child’s safety is in your father’s wisdom! To do so! So I concluded the heartfelt prayer. Nothing better than to speak with God, mainly in the hours in which we must spiritually strengthen, that, in the end, all of them are. Who does not suffer in this ORB or?! do suffer from deprivation of something more sophisticated earthly satisfactions not supplement the lack? We seek in faith hope we need for our physical, mental and spiritual sustenance.

    What faith? Choose yours. At the end of my prayer, I felt in me the breath of the clemency of our educator Amabilisimo. The notable French scientist Alexis Carrel (1873-1944), Nobel Prize in medicine in 1912, after an exhaustive study, defined: true prayer is a way of life; real life must be a means of prayer. The wise Carrel is right. Any release that does not make a slave of the human being begins in the region of the spirit. Therefore, there is no cry of independence definitive Yes, for indispensable education of the mind and the heart, forget, in the third millennium, there is no strong nation if its components do not know what they do in this world. We will return to this matter. * 1 The Nations may also vomit see reflections and thoughts dialectic of the goodwill (1987), pp. 109 and 110 of Paiva Netto. * 2 Chronicles and interviews book of Paiva Netto, launched by Editora Elevacao, during the celebrations of the Congress live Jesus! in Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in December 2000. * 3 The genius which Jesus approves read in the work we are all prophets, the leader of the goodwill, p. 36 44th Edition. Original author and source of the article

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