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    Seeds Foundation Seeds Foundation is a software designed to control and manage corporate virtual PCs platform. Its main mission is to simplify the processes associated with the management of PCs through the maximum utilization of the advantages offered by the virtualization. As differential characteristics are the following: provisioning of a new pc in two minutes through the use of its proprietary technology Linked PC. Gain in storage through the use of incremental files for each PC Linked. Automated management of the lifecycle of the Linked PC (approval, provisioning and destruction of the same). Publication of Linked PCs to users based on Virtual PCs cover templates. Recovery of the original state of Linked PCs using Shutdown and the same.

    Dynamic cache (store pre-aprovisionadas machines) system. Access to Virtual PCs Linux and Windows 2000, Xp and Vista. Wan accelerated access with ratios of using Ica (Citrix) network for publication of PCs on the Internet. Installation and very simple administration. Possibility to add specific functionality to the client. To use Seeds Foundation it is necessary to have a virtual infrastructure on which to manage the virtual PCs.

    This platform currently can be Vmware Infrastructure 3 or Xen. New virtual Microsoft HyperV and Vmware ESXi platforms are in development. The Seeds Foundation installation is very simple to be simply to incorporate their virtual servers ready to work (Software Appliances) in the virtual infrastructure client. His administration is performed through a Web browser. Documents are available in section the main characteristics of the Seeds Foundation and an introduction to the operation of the same.

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