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    According to Josef Ruland (Guilds in towns and cities, Dusseldorf 1963) The origins of these guilds are guilds that remained until the mid seventeenth century. For these reasons, there are guilds of citations to papers in Andernach 1640. These brotherhoods were collecting all the events that took place in the city in a few books that are kept in daily now.
    In legal systems of guilds can be seen the typical titles in these guilds, including the referees and the president. The latter brought the highest position within the brotherhood and in the early days was responsible to enforce the rules as well as to live together in peace (for example, to obtain water from the sources of the Rhine).
    The main purpose of the guild with a religious component was mainly helping the sick, injured and families of deceased. Even today there are support services to relatives of deceased as well as maintaining the habit of waving the banner of the brotherhood of the deceased at the time of burial.
    The charitable purpose of the associations of citizens has been restricting the passage of time. At present, the focus is more on the social component of the members, organizing meetings, parties and travel. At present there are 17 guilds in the city center and 17 others in neighboring communities .

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