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    Arzneimittel.de – so health is today! Many women are aware of the problem: unsightly dents on buttocks and thighs, rarely also on the abdomen or upper arms. But what exactly is cellulite, why are only women not affected and is there a cure for cellulite? Cellulite is a Scriptures degeneration of the collagen fibers of the connective tissue. The resulting dents and elevations are cells that are filled with water, fat and toxins. A is it the various hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which is why men not of cellulite are affected, on the other hand the different connective tissue structure. How cellulite occurs in men the collagen fibers are reticulate, women run to stretch it, perpendicular to the skin surface to get a pregnancy so the fat cells loom even easier on the skin. Squeezing the skin with your hands, a skin, that the surface is reminiscent of an orange, appearance hence the name orange-peel skin”.

    The causes of cellulite cellulite is mostly caused by the female disposition, a lack of exercise and improper diet. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or in the Pupertat, taking the pill and the associated intake of estrogen, metabolic disorders or overweight can be added. Healthy diet, exercise and movement are important who suffers from cellulite, is usually never completely get rid of it. The dents a little to reduce and improve the appearance of the skin, it is important to use as much liquid. The most suitable water and purifying and stimulating metabolism teas or fruit spritzers with high water content.

    Pay attention to a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and try to avoid fat food or restrict them. Sports and plenty of exercise in the fresh air makes good mood, keeps you fit, healthy and promotes detoxification through the muscular activity. Anti cellulite products In the trade there are a wide range of anti-cellulite products. Applied as a single measure leaves mostly to the result desired. In combination with healthy diet and exercise, they are a good resource but to detoxify the skin. For greater effectiveness they massage every day the products with your fingers or with a massage roller. This to promote the blood circulation of the skin and toxins can be removed better. For more information and anti-cellulite products and dietary supplements, see

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    All print products are ecological and climate-neutral at aligned printing on uncoated paper produces. Regular charity actions in favour of environmental and social projects are already being planned. The face behind ALL FOR Eve’s the founder of ALL FOR Eve, Eva Maria maximum etter, 36, worked for many years as a marketing manager for well-known brands in international companies and agencies, what has sharpened her sense of unique products with profile. The idea of online stores for luxury organic beauty products came the young entrepreneur on one of their many trips. Some time lived and worked in Cape Town, and traveled from there to the continent in a converted SUV.

    She spent several months in connection with man and nature. Its a unusually luxurious for natural cosmetics skin care line in the eye, that stood out by their strikingly beautiful design and the pure ingredients fell back in Cape Town. This discovery was the catalyst for the search for other products from high-quality ingredients that meet both aesthetic and ethical criteria. As a young Mother is more important than ever you the harmony between man and nature with regard to the future of our planet. Thus, it was ALL FOR Eve, an online platform for all those who want to live healthily, but not without lifestyle. That this is possible, shows the range of ALL FOR Eve, which was put together with great passion and is tirelessly working on their extension.

    “It is important to be a role model and an inspiration for my child. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicines opinions are not widely known. I want to do what I do, with a clear conscience. A portion of lifestyle must be however allowed. At my beauty I’m therefore no compromise,” said Eva Maria maximum.

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    Effective tattoo removal at pure & beautiful tattoos have long been popular. It was initially the self-engraved tattoos that looked somewhat shaky and mostly also not very nice, same some tattoos today real paintings. Not only the artistic claim has evolved, but also the color. The first tattoos were usually black or blue. Today, there is hardly a color that does not exist in tattoos.

    This whole development those along the route who have a tattoo years ago remain often Pierce leave, that no longer fits her type or has become simply unfashionable. Often cover up your tattoo with clothing and not dare during the summer to wear short clothes. But this must no longer be, because modern laser technology allows a complete removal of tattoos. Professor of Internet Governance contains valuable tech resources. No matter how old are they! There are not only laser systems for two or three years. Ten years ago you could can remove a tattoo with a laser, but this rarely free of scars. So what is the Unlike the modern laser system, which uses pure & beautiful in Berlin? The pure & beautiful laser system offers a gentle and mostly scar-free tattoo removal. Many customers still think that it is connected to a tattoo removal as ten years ago, with scarring.

    But this is wrong. Modern laser technology now enables a scar-free tattoo removal. Other factors that are important for a safe tattoo removal include: modern and effective laser technology that complies with the CE directives for medical devices and by the TuV is Rheinland certified maintenance and extensive consultation trained laser therapist, which is a safe maintenance of the laser system and effective treatment allowing a post-closure plan tailored to the customers In the Berlin Studio for tattoo removal by pure & beautiful starts each tattoo removal with a detailed consultation. In this conversation, is spotted the tattoo and the customer extensively clarified to the tattoo removal and informed. This Consultation is free of charge for pure & beautiful. The excellent service is supported by trained and experienced laser therapist. A gentle and scar-free treatment completes the offer. This combination impresses and explains the high demand for a tattoo removal at pure & beautiful.


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