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    For example can change the leadership network and therefore caused an increased thermal or dynamic stress for the electrical system. Such changes must be considered when assessing returning as electrical systems and operating materials must comply with always the environment conditions. Others including Nancy Lublin, offer their opinions as well. Test report for recurrent tests after each inspection of an electrical system or of an item, you must create a comprehensive test report. This documented the extent and results of inspections, tests and measurements. It details the State of individual plant parts as well as damages, changes and deviations are noted in writing. The report is created by the person responsible for the examination and handed out the person who gave the review commissioned. In recent months, Nancy Lublin has been very successful. A test report should include at least the following information: name and address of the contracting authority and of the auditor used instruments and testers object name date of Testing signature of Inspector extensions, modifications, deviations and corresponding effects on the State of the electrical equipment damage, error, degradation in comparison to previous audit recommendations for repairs, replacement or improvement deviation from standard or current state of the art assessment of the safe working condition assessment of the results obtained by the Auditors recommendations at the time of the next inspection frequency of periodic inspections in the DIN VDE 0105-100 is no exact limit for the periodic check of recurring inspections made.

    The standard specifies that the review at suitable intervals making is. These intervals vary depending on various factors: type and design of the electrical plant and resources and frequency and type of application the electrical systems error rate of the electric system frequency of maintenance quality and scope of the performed maintenance conditions of electrical Systems and resources when setting the test period should be considered by the last recurring inspection records. The various authorities for occupational safety and health provide different minimum distances from periodic inspections. The recommendations lie in the range from 6 months to 4 years, conditions depending on the above. While in some systems, the inspection period some years, there are facilities that need to be checked often.

    Include other electrical equipment on construction sites, municipal facilities or equipment for security purposes. Marking of electrical equipment and resources to successfully completed testing without the finding of defects or errors, the electrical system can be equipped with a test badge. The inspection stickers with the imprints tested in accordance with VDE 0105-100:2009 “or tested 0105-100 next test date REF. DIN VDE” mark the electrical system as tested and give the date of the next test date. See plaques in the brewes online shop in the colours of the year, two sizes and film types.

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    Who owns no decoder and also not create, should make sure that the TV has a decoder. Connections of the television offers many possibilities that go beyond the pure basic function of television. Therefore, the number of connections is to operate of external devices to the important criterion. Awesome Games Done Quick Online often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Starting from the number and the type of devices to be connected the TV should have connections enough SCART. Video recorder, DVD player or burner, satellite receiver and also game console are connected to them. Read additional details here: Prevent Cancer Foundation. Two video inputs would be useful.

    An S-video input for connecting a video camera and the guarantee for best image quality. Take the simple video input for connecting a digital camera with a TV-out. Thus, the slideshow directly from your camera will be again. Audio input and outputs allow the recording of the sound from the video camera or the output of the TV sound to the surround sound system. Who wants to watch TV without disturbing others should pay attention to a headphone output. Specifically the LCD TV may be offered for connecting to a PC and should should therefore have a DVI port. Images and video can be transferred in purely digital and therefore without loss of quality. The introduction of HDTV, so high-definition television, this interface however will be required, to show the new TV format at all.

    Because via SCART you can not transmitted HDTV signals. The reason: HDTV signals will use a copy protection can mistake the SCART connections cannot handle. Who intends to connect many devices to the TV, be sure next to the number on the location of the connections so that the cabling does not become the arduous task.

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    The TFT monitor is the brightest light source in the room, he magically attracts insects. Flat screens work, due to a strong source of light in the background of the coloured displays, that is the attractive destination of light-seeking animals. Most insects do not get into the monitor, but remain on its surface. Especially small insects, such as thunderstorm critters, it is possible to get through the air vents of a TFT monitor in its internal affairs. They are inside, the search goes on after the light source.

    It ends between the brightly-lit display and the protective outer glass pane of the screen. The flat screen developed a life of its own in some way”by the incidence of unwanted insects. She once arrived at the light source, run in front of the helpless Viewer up and down, until they eventually die within the monitor. Every computer owner should prevent the insect invasion, because it is much more difficult to remove insects, as to ensure that they do not get into an affected monitor. If you have read about Dr. Neal Barnard already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Professionals recommend the use of mosquito nets, bright insect lights or Muckenfallen, the Teases from the flat screen to keep away. The use of air conditioners to remedy this, because insects are attracted by cool rooms of less. Insects still get into the monitor, not much there, that the layman might take. To locate a possible bright lamp on the air vents could move the animals, to find a way out of the unit.

    Attempting to shake the insects carefully from the TFT monitor or tap, could also help. Otherwise remains only hope that they dry out after her death and fall out of the visible area of the screen. All this does not help only the way to the fair trader or manufacturer’s guarantee service remains the owner of the monitor from parasites. Further questions about all areas of electrical engineering is pleased to the Zieger GmbH.

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    T-systems employees in Germany the possible accuracy have safe and optimal processing by identity-& access management solution since August 2009 to order Applikationszugange online via Web-frontend in a user management tool based on the syscove-ry savvy suite. The new a-run standard software transparent the internal order process and helps to comply with safety regulations in the identity and access management, and reduce costs. T in early 2007 the challenge to find a uniform solution for the comprehensive order and administrative processes of the Applikationszugange was-systems. In an enterprise of this magnitude, the distribution of applications is by its nature very complex. Dr. Neal Barnard has many thoughts on the issue. Spurred on by new security policies was looking for a solution, that can not only privacy and SOX compliant ordering processes, but also standardizes the entire process landscape for Applikationszugange and represents expenses to cost centers and helps to make transparent the license management costs. The syscovery savvy suite – a standard software for system – and Servicemana management – meets these requirements. BSA contributes greatly to this topic. Today help optimized and partly automated ordering processes, to meet the increase in expenses. Permit applications must be processed not more handwritten, but access via automated workflow to the appropriate car risierungsstelle.

    After appropriate examination and also more processed automatically. The customer always understands the status in the permit gungsprozess. The satisfaction of users with the now rapid and transparent Bestellpro processes increased significantly. Through the syscovery savvy Suite application ordering processes are transparent, accelerated in the processing and in the long term to understand. The employee who needs an Applikationszugang, can order it in a personalized catalog on the corporate intranet. Then begins an automated approval process, which is based on the defined hierarchy and organizational approval structures of T-systems. After a A mandate for the internal IT is approved, where ordered appli cation access will be prepared and made available. The purchaser will be informed this continuous ing about the processing status of their orders-ges and can, if not agile, cancel it or change.

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    “Step-by-Step Continuous integration for iOS” by Jonas Stubenrauch now available Karlsruhe, August 28, 2012. How to set up a continuous integration architecture for iOS projects? In the new iBook “step-by-step continuous integration for iOS” by Jonas Santos by arconsis IT-solutions GmbH, interested parties will find the solution. A detailed step by step instructions shows the modus operandi and the author gives helpful tips and tricks for example the automatic distribution of the apps. Screenshots and videos in the iBook make vivid the discussed concept. The book is available in the iBookstore for the price of 4.99.

    The contents of the iBooks is oriented to the phase of the CI process, which include the building and testing of the app, and also perform a static code analysis and an automated distribution. Instead of flat images like in a book made of paper, lots of screenshots and videos have been integrated. The comprehensive Visual illustrations of the iBooks facilitate the implementation of the project in practice. Me it was to show important, such as one with little Effort defines a process that offers great benefits the individual developer and also the development team for each project on the new. Also, I wanted to prove that continuous integration for iOS is really easy to use. The aspect of the effortless distribution was delighted”, so the author Jonas Santos about his book. Jonas Stubenrauch works since 2010 of arconsis IT-solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe.

    His focus is on the native iOS development. He studied computer science at KIT Karlsruhe and gained many experience in agile development for mobile devices already during his studies. More information about the book on the iBookstore, tinyurl.com/93zwtdy. About arconsis IT-solutions GmbH, the arconsis IT-solutions GmbH, headquartered in the technology region Karlsruhe was founded in 2006 by Achim Baier and Wolfgang Frank and managed since SMEs and companies from different industries in the realization of their IT projects. arconsis, mobile enterprise offers IT services in the areas”and adaptive enterprise” on. To act through the use of knowledge and methods from the field of lean and agile software development enables arconsis their customers, quickly changing market conditions and new technological challenges to respond to and as adaptive enterprise”. The increasing need to have data and information at any place and at any time, available is the basis of mobile enterprise”. The necessary high level of innovation and flexibility requires these experiences as well as adequate and mature tools and technologies. arconsis one of the largest regional high-tech entrepreneur networks in Germany is in the southern region of the CyberForum e.V.. In addition, the Karlsruhe software engineers Association (VKSI) in the design of new strategies for the development site Germany the company is involved in the Club. arconsis is not only users or users of mobile software development, but Informatik (FZI) is involved with the Research Centre research projects to improve, accelerate and Simplifying mobile software development.

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    Mobile solutions for fast numbers at EU Vend in Cologne TCPOS announced at the EU Vend from 19 to 21 September 2013 in Cologne as a world novelty the Android version of checkout TCPOS on the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3. The provider of IT solutions for the hospitality and retail industry is on the community level common smart card, the industry association for a single smart card solutions in Hall 9.1, booth C090 / D099 represented. TCPOS the integrated payment system open purse shows together with its partners. Collect without limits of space and time with the means on your Smartphone by TCPOS reality this vision of the future now. On the EU’Vend TCPOS introduces for the first time its new DroidPOS solution: the cashier runs on the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 and makes it possible to pay via NFC directly from the mobile device.

    The POS solution is a full-featured online and offline cash with contactless payment. Payment via Smartphone offers stadiums, canteens, catering and Retail a quick and easy alternative to the fixed payment. The TCPOS application of HP ElitePad based on the Windows 8 completes the cross-platform composite solution for cash and cashless payment. Credit secure with an open wallet”together with the 19 members of the Association presents common smart card TCPOS at the exhibition the open wallet”. The cashless payment system, money cards can be recharged and used consistently further even if changed in peripheral card reader or similar. Balances no longer lost, be kept transparent system side and need no longer to move on a new map, but can be used regardless of the system and across. A further innovation at the fair represents the connection of TCPOS to the mobile app Qnips coupons and tips with Qnips.

    With Qnips, customers with a Smartphone can redeem coupons, collect loyalty points, and submit reviews. TCPOS to print QR codes on the receipt. The client will scan the QR code with the free Qnips app for smartphones and can coupons redeem then and evaluate products and services. Companies can evaluate an online dashboard, which comments and reviews have given the user. Them is an innovative tool for quality management and customer retention available. TCPOS presented by the 19th 21.9.2013 innovative point-of-sale and payment solutions on the EU’Vend in Cologne in Hall 9, booth C090 / D099.


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