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    Moreover, this dome camera series can broadcast in parallel NEYRO one or two video streams with individual settings for each parameter: the administrator can choose the video codec, resolution, frame rate, etc., based on the requirements for the monitoring system of the object. STC-IPX2050A equipped with 1 / 4 'CMOS-sensor and the original processor, providing an informative image forming light to 0.1 lux, and can choose the resolution: Full D1 (720×576), VGA (640×480 pix.), CIF (352h240) or QCIF (176h144piks.) and video bitrate up to 25 / sec. To work with various lighting a new dome camera uses a software mode "day / night", so that can automatically switch from color video to black and white and back again, when the threshold illumination level. Improve the efficiency of video observation allows bidirectional audio communication between an organization object, where the camera and putting the security services, as STC-IPX2050A equipped with audio input / output. Built-in video analysis algorithms provide VCA presence STC-IPX2050A ability to detect and identify objects and people in the surveillance zone, which can be set arbitrarily, as well as tracking multiple objects (to 100) and control manipulations on the very dome camera: the unauthorized change of sector monitoring, defocusing, or closing the lens shading. In this dome camera can be used as a stand-alone sensor alarm, and its alarm output – connects to the activation of recording systems or alarm systems. If you change the lighting on the site analytics algorithms automatically adjust to the new conditions of work, so the likelihood of false positives is always close to the minimum.

    Advanced analytics camera offers an optional package VCA surveillance, which allows classification of objects by size and speed, to set "acceptable" and "inappropriate" direction, stopping to fix the object in the wrong place, or delay in the controlled area for longer the allotted time, etc. In addition, the dome camera that incorporates a VCA surveillance, may be to count the number of objects over time: in ascending and descending order, to calculate the intensity chelovekopotoka, and also supports filter "double border" when an alarm is activated only when crossing one and the same object, two boundaries located at a distance from each other. View video from the camera can be in real time via any web browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. However, for full control and customization over 3 STC-IPX2050A require specialized software. Like other cameras leading manufacturers, this Dome works with proprietary software NetStation, which is intended to create IP-based surveillance of various sizes and allows the current observation, record, search and playback of video from the archive, and also search in the archives of the fragments on the movement and use of graphic plans eMap. Under the brand name Smartec, a wide range of equipment to create classic and IP-video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The product line includes analog and network cameras (B / W, color and day-night), domes, 4 -, 8 -, 16 – and 32-channel DVR, 17-32-inch LCD-monitors, IP- cameras, varifocal lenses, IP-video servers, housings, infrared illuminators, brackets, power supplies, etc. The main competitive advantage of equipment Smartec – this functionality, high quality and reliability of the devices when they are affordable, as well as the presence of Professional technical support and service in Russia.

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    Silicate brick – the basic building material, never lose relevance. Different kinds of bricks used in laying the foundation, masonry bearing walls, exterior and interior finishing of buildings. By itself brickwork looks nice and even included in the interior design. Solid sand-lime brick is the basic building blocks of different types of bricks. It is used in the construction of walls and partitions, erection of poles, towers and structures, which in addition to its own weight and carry the extra load.

    Its relatively low cost and, nevertheless, acceptable performance make it very popular building material. Whenever American Diabetes Association listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, full-bodied silicate brick toned dye, using it in the facing of the building. Hollow Silica bricks and also performs the function of heat insulation. Thermal insulation characteristics of brick depends on the number of voids. Brick with a small number of voids in the masonry used interior walls, structures, not carrying heavy loads. Brick with 11 cavities is mainly used for cladding and insulation load bearing walls. Like brick, hollow silica brick can be painted. Obvious advantage of silica brick in front of the ceramic – Increased noise insulation characteristics. Silicate brick

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    Tali hand, usually produced by chain and are classified into gear and lever hoists. What is a hand-pinion hoist? Pinion hoist hand, basically, is equipped with a cargo hook for a chain with placing it on the cargo and its movement and control (traction, the drive chain), resulting in cargo movement. Tal shesterenochnaya manual is indispensable for companies have large production facilities, as well as investigation and rooms with high ceilings large. The devices can be hung high, and manage the operation from the ground. Tal shesterenochnaya hand can be both fixed and mobile. Stationary hoists are given in motion control circuit and provide an opportunity to move the load vertically. They are used mainly in small stores, small industrial premises, ie where the consignment is required to raise infrequently. By hand Hoist the average person can lift up to 10,000 kg at a height of 12 m.

    To summarize, we say that hand-pinion hoist – a very productive means for companies with low turnover (eg, for small garages and Small construction). Mobile shesterenochnaya manual hoist to move a load is suspended on a trolley (the carriage, cat), mounted on a monorail (I-beam profile) below the ceiling. This allows move loads not only vertically but also horizontally. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Low speed protects hoist with a load from swinging with an amplitude of dangerous, so the trucks do not have brakes. On the hand lever hoist Lever Hand …

    tal is characterized, usually, a small amount of movement of cargo. A person working with this type of hoist to be near the point of hanging hook hoists. This is due to the construction of a lever hoists, to actuate which must act on the lever located on the device. Hand lever hoist is ideal for lifting small loads and enables them to move in a horizontal direction. No matter what type of tackle you use the manual, remember the main thing: the exploitation of manual hoists are allowed only in strict compliance with safety regulations. Very popular brand manual hoists LEMA (Poland), the official representative of which is the company 'Pallet Trucks – Tyumen'. The company sells warehouse equipment in Tyumen, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansiysk. In the end, we note that recent our region, we observed that the increase in demand for manual hoists, due to their cost, compact, and of course functionality. This shows the increasing number of query types, "Hoist Hand," "Hoist Hand," "Hoist Hand Surgut", "tackle Hand Nizhnevartovsk "," manual hoist Tyumen ". Therefore, warn all buyers wishing to purchase or device when you buy the accompanying manual hoists ask the passport to the schemes with separated species. These measures will help protect you from substandard product!


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