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    Bring your Christmas cards for your Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts with beautiful fabric designs on Zack. Design your own Christmas cards with simple means, and you enjoy the traditional way: friends, acquaintances and relatives with a Christmas greeting. . With a little fabric you can conjure up many images. Develop and his own ideas and decorate them with other small details like decorative gold star. A thin cardboard or paper are stronger by outstanding for greeting cards with fabric applications. Vote your choice on the Christmas red color combination, green or white card from.

    Also nice to see cards made of blue or beige box. Adjust the color of your Christmas cards of the packaging of their Christmas presents or Christmas gifts to. Without great finances you make the little fabric motifs, since you can use any of this material. A handle in your scrap bin is enough. Should be the chosen fabric is very thin, you should be ironed on the back insert, so that the Later application has enough contour. Access with your choice of motifs on the Christmas theme: very colorful or very simple one color to match the Christmas presents. Loops, tapes and jagged edges are pretty details that complement your creation succeeded.

    The required materials and a pinking shears, you get a well-stocked haberdashery or craft shop. To know more about this subject visit Nieman Lab. A somewhat stiff cardboard before you fold before the wrinkles to get a decent break. The cartoon of the folding card bends then when you open the card is not as fast. Pull this back as a knife along the outside of the fold line. On the back of the card you can always write down your loved ones your favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Cut the colored box with a large eg 22 15cm card, which they fold in the Mitte. The edges cut with pinking shears. Now stick the self-made designs from fabric remnants, such as Christmas trees, stars, hearts, etc. on the card on. You can use the card with a small loop of ribbon or Decoration of white cord. Have fun and let your creativity run wild.


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