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    White / Gold (Metal – West) – the greatness, power, wealth, white Use for: – create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness – the definition of innocence and virtue Avoid pure white: – in the cold Climate – in the interior of theaters and cinemas – in student dormitories – in funeral establishments Yellow / Brown (Earth – Center) – susceptibility, fun Use yellow for: – recovery of a workplace – counteract the weakening of daylight – feelings of warmth and coziness Avoid pure yellow: – in nightclubs – in the light of human faces – in the bathrooms should follow closely to the color of the walls are not faced with its own direction. For example, you can not paint a wall facing south, red, and you can not paint the north wall in black. Light Illumination powerfully stimulate chi energy both outside and inside the house. Light may be relatively strong or weak, but not too bright and irritating eyes. Fluorescent lighting is considered to be unfavorable in feng shui. The coverage of the room, too, should be a balance. When the window space go to the west and at noon, a hot bright day in the windows of the house mercilessly sun shines, it makes the room an excess of yang. Protect yourself from the bright sunlight with heavy curtains, so as not to suffer from strife, conflict and unnecessary irritability. And if the coverage seems inadequate, change the curtains in a light or hang a mirror at the side of the window. In general, the rooms are designed for active work, shall be illuminated brighter than the room for recreation.


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