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    Accessories exciting colors and patterns are also in the accessories the order of the day, to give the finishing touch to shirts and jackets. Scarves, ties, Einstecktucher and flies made of luxurious materials and exude an air of exclusivity. The accessories collection is a successful mix of classical patterns such as Paisley, points and stripes, as well as some exzentrischeren designs such as scissors, piggy, and coat of arms. Colours are Navy, green and pink in the foreground. Green Ribbon that line by Eton Green Ribbon is made of soft, washed material with vivid patterns for a casual casual look. Fine baby cord, washed denim and extra thin cotton are the heroes of the collection of first-class material that adapts to the carrier. BSA brings even more insight to the discussion.

    The attention to detail is details that underline the feeling of leisure by Schulterpatches from denim, round collar, chest pockets and wide Denimkragen. Color yellows, lilac, green, blue and cherry red with always contrasted a role White. The Green Ribbon is line, such as the Ribbon red line, available in three fits. The only difference is the special washing, which gives a luxurious casual feeling every shirt. Black Ribbon a real Eton carrier needs no special occasion to dress well.

    The Black Ribbon line offers a wide range of evening wear, available in contemporary, classic and slim fit. By unusual colors such as blue and purple also succeeds in Eton, to get rid of the shirt for festive occasions of conventions. Sometimes the traditional through such an update can take advantage. For more information, please contact: doris dober detailed communication kaiserswerther Strasse 25 40477 Dusseldorf fon 0211 9894001 fax 0211 9894099 mobile 01601055392 email please visit you for further press information and image material also the mediabank on username: press password: fashion

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    The singer, presenter and actress Sable C. is the best known and most most popular product of the staff! Event agency cabaret artist Gabi Decker invited to the Charity Gala and Sable C. (travesty, Berlin) followed to their invitation September 23, 2009, Wednesday evening, 7: 00, Goya event Palace, Berlin-Schoneberg, opened up the doors. The small but fine circle of supporters of the Rainbow Villa”, found this evening at the Goya. Others who may share this opinion include PCRM. Among them the sparkling drag star Sable C. from Berlin. The entertainer has appeared in a white velvet Couture dress and an extravagant mink Cape.

    Especially, the Diva on a reunion rejoiced with her mates Sahana and the Grand Dame of the genre of Mary (George Morgan). A fine show with guests including Tim Fischer, Edith Schroder (ADEs Zabel), Judy Winter, and of course the charming hostess Gabi Decker framed up this wonderful evening. About 500 guests were the extraordinary spectacle of the show not to be missed. The Rainbow Villa”is a project of the Berlin of sexual counseling and therapy and should in Home for disabled and elderly people from the gay scene, offer future. Stands and Gabi Decker is committed for years. Also at the this year’s Charity Gala a considerable sum for Decker has come together again affair of the heart in the Niebuhrstrasse BBs.

    After the sensational show block, the two Urberlinerinnen met Sable and Sahana (Whitney Houston performer) to a glass of sparkling wine and it made decent party. Our Leading Lady of show & entertainment left the event at 4 o’clock in the morning and journeyed on promt to Frankfurt, where it was already eagerly expected for a private concert. It was a perfect evening for our Haupstadtdiva. Andreas Kruger beautiful pictures of Sable C. and Gala on: galerien/gabi09/index.html staff! Event agency c/o Sable C. Management Leibniz Street 88 D – 10625 Berlin requests for TV, film, show & Gala performances at: Andreas Kruger fon: + 49 (0) 30 318 00 926

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    With free vouchers, cheaper buy shoes at shoe stores, such as zalando and In the walking. Boy Scouts of America recognizes the significance of this. Nowadays, everything on the Internet is purchased from electronics to clothing, furniture and of course clear shoes. The most famous online shop for shoes is zalando.de, which in 2009 by rocket Internet, the incubator of the Samwer brothers, in life has been invoked. In 2011 is expected in zalando with a turnover of more than EUR 100 million. A large part of the money seems to be relatively common original commercials are shown on television obviously marketing on it and also, every Internet user has probably seen at least a promotional banner of zalando. In the shop include garments and sportswear offered by the way for some time. But why is the purchase of footwear on the Internet so interesting? For one, it is of course convenient, can be easily from the couch in the living room of choosing shoes and are preparing to go home.

    Straight zalando is also particularly interesting here for shoe buyers, the shipping is free and also the possible return shipping costs nothing. In addition, the shoe shop offers a voluntary 100 days return policy. Another important reason is the price, of course, because shoes on the Internet are often much cheaper than in the shoe store around the corner. Also, you can save even more with free vouchers, which can be found on the Internet on many coupon sites. Officially, the discount law was actually abolished from 1933 in the summer of 2001, but nevertheless, it is possible to negotiate the prices only at most shoe stores.

    You look at the coupon pages, looking very quickly, that the competition in the online shoe business is huge. Vouchers by zalando, I shall’m walking, Leiser, Sneakersworld and many other shoe stores to find. To sum up, one can say that you buy brand shoes known online shops such as inter alia zalando and I’m walking really nothing can do wrong. Even if you should not know his shoe size, you can find a size chart on the Web page and should you have wasted it, there is no cost for the shipment and return shipment of the shoes. For months there free zalando coupons that apply by 5 percent while newsletter, vouchers coupons of 10% or EUR 10 a minimum order value of EUR 50. One of the coupon sites on the Internet is couponmonkey.de, which was launched in 2008 by Tobias Rimbach. On the Web page just under 700 vouchers are offered from various online shops and of course are many vouchers from footwear and clothing to find. There are currently 15 vouchers from the area of clothing and 12 coupons for shoe-shopping.

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    Africa in the Centre of the international community is again. Africa in the Centre of the international community is again. “No question: If King football” catchment receives, the whole continent faces of happiness on the legs. Only too easily the weakest in oblivion are threatening in this context to get: the children of Africa are still threatened by a high infant mortality, poverty, diseases and illiteracy. The charity initiative of TOCOA (think of children of Africa) of the Dachauer fashion company of cored GmbH is committed to the goal, to lift the fortunes of African children in a wider public awareness in the context of the football tournament at the Cape of good hope. This developed a series of T-Shirt which, represents the focal lengths of the exemplary countries Zambia, Swaziland, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Niger on the respective colours of the land – based. 5 of the T-Shirt price as bound donation to the children’s emergency aid go when purchasing one of these charity T-Shirts on the Web page them with its partner organisations in 10 countries in Africa that relieves distress. The most common cause of death for children: infectious diseases in Zambia, for example, live 64 percent of people below the poverty line.

    Almost half of all children suffer from stunted growth as a result of chronic malnutrition. Most children experience daily abuse, child labour, violence, neglect and exclusion. 40 per cent of the 15 are approximately until 19-year-old HIV infected in the Swaziland. There are more than 70,000 AIDS orphans. Swaziland has the highest HIV Infiziertenrate in the world.

    About 1.5 million people lost their lives during the civil war in Angola and 4 million people were displaced in their own country. Almost one in four children dies before reaching the fifth year of life. The infant mortality rate is approximately 18% in Angola. The most common causes of death of children in developing countries are diarrhea, tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS and other infectious diseases. Lack of hygiene, in particular the lack of clean drinking water, the causes are a lack of medical care, as well as malnutrition. Shipping fast the charity T-Shirts about the Amazon partner Amazon.de can be obtained via and directly through an online retailer. The order processing is carried out in both cases through Amazon.de. Amazon.de has acquired a reputation in recent years in terms of customer service and shipping speed. The children’s emergency aid is active in 10 African countries with cooperation partners. The T-Shirts are decorated in the colours of the countries mentioned. The ornaments and the two colors of the designs beautifully represent the respective most serious problem and stimulate thinking. On the website of TOCOA the six designs were presented again by an animated video, slowly builds up in the design. Also a Facebook group has already been established for the initiative, TOCOA. An artistically designed screensaver can also be downloaded at. Particulars: The World Factbook sources T-Shirts: Tocoa.


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