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    For those interested in a classic in the professional world is there more to this topic the Dungarees since ancient times in the color blue. The market, at least with the multicoloured clothing of Trendiger was quite a few years later. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit BSA. The runaway tried the so as long time to escape sufficiently applicable workman outfit. Today this market has evolved rapidly. It is of course in the selection of a new workwear, not like the Fruhlingsshoppen family in the city, but there is a clear hint that the craftsmen at the present time a value added puts on functional and fashionable appealing clothing. How often are supply and demand here. Classic and simple work clothes manufacturer noted especially that the applicable as a niche provider of Workwear providers enjoy an ever-increasing popularity.

    The continuous development in contemporary and in particular specific functional clothing plays an increasing role at the entrepreneur. Especially those who now move up, the young master, journeymen and Trainees have a higher fashion consciousness and put much more value on clothing that wear them at work. Of course, you can also draw conclusions about the company, their philosophy and approach to the market presence pulling at a company in uniform outfit. The self-confident masters in the craft know perfectly well that even though it sounds to a hackneyed phrase, but: you never get a second chance for a first impression! Thus, we can take up today the new details (Codura knee pads bag and Holster bag) a clothing in our vocabulary. Codura fabric highly abrasion-resistant fabric (trademark of the DuPont company) Holster bag = = additional craft pocket on the trousers C.Sina

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    Thicker people and especially women have it in fashion, sometimes heavy BBW have it today in many ways not as easily as women who have a very slender body, because if one takes as a wife is plump, it is just not the ideal, which the media dictate, but falling out of this. According to one socially has a worse state and must assert themselves more if you would like to achieve something. Even if one has the desire to look and to wear always a modern look you have it as a woman with several pounds more on the ribs mostly everything else than easy, because the fashion for chubby people is not nearly as varied and extensive as the things that are for slim people to buy it. To find beautiful women’s fashion for chubby is hardly possible in normal trade, although there are always some different models, but they correspond to what one imagines, because they either are not modern enough or tailored but so that they look rather unflatteringly mostly. BSA has compatible beliefs. Is better therefore usually, when one turns directly to particular provider, which themselves have designed it on fashion for thicker people and also a similarly wide range can offer.

    There are usually very nice and modern clothes for chubby women, which can be also capable of a little to hide your figure, to emphasise points that you especially like to like and to disappear, where are those less satisfied. Need fashion for chubby women by their section be adapted if possible optimally to the respective figure, because only then she can have the effect you even want. What cuts for even the best are must try you here but usually only once, so that you then can get this knowledge to their advantage..

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    A new star in the German clock landscape we have a new star in the German landscape of the clock, the Erhard Junghans AERIOUS. A real tribute to the traditional aviation in Germany. Again, Junghans a piece works on history and boasts a stylish reinterpretation of an eternal classic. The AERIOUS Chronoscope has a simple but very compelling character. The linear design plays playing the strong contrast between black and white. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Dial and leather strap are decorated in elegant black, which the polished stainless steel case and of the white index even more in the eye of the beholder. In the Centre of the dial, Crown four symmetrically arranged Subdials, establishing an authentic cockpit by a smooth horizontal stripes. The fourth Tote complements the technical sophistication of this timepiece by the display of power reserve and date.

    To increase the comfort of the wearer, the numerals and hands with Superluminova are filled, this ensures a perfect readability under any conditions. These sublime optics will be created qualitative PVD coating the bottom ring and the bezel. In addition, arguments really convincing the casing with a diameter 46.6 mm and with the processing of an excellent sapphire glass provides for every watch lover. If that has to leave the skies Erhard Junghans AERIOUS Chronoscope and reflected in the water, this timepiece also for this environment is ideal. With 10 ATM, so 100m water resistance, is the AERIOUS of Junghans for each water use.

    Inside the Erhard Junghans AERIOUS Chronoscope moves the exclusive J890 automatic movement, which guarantees an exact time measurement with highest quality bushings and has a power reserve 48 hours of long duration. This pilot’s watch with a stylish self-winding convinces with its special finishing on the bridges and the rotor. This unique technology is surrounded by blued screws and opened the bolted glass-bottom a perfect view for the wearer. This provides a Junghans extraordinary blend of fine watchmaking craftsmanship and artistic inspiration. A timepiece with formative history and the ability to fascinate his environment, but of course also a timepiece that was created in order to conquer the skies. The AERIOUS Chronoscope is an automatic watch that can be worn for any occasion and guarantees a unique appearance. The AERIOUS Chronoscope is a wonderful complement to the existing timepiece Junghans. You seamlessly in the series of special watches and thereby meets the demands of design and technical functionality. It creates a sparkling highlight and offers special features for special watch enthusiasts. Junghans history writes for over 150 years and this seems to keep himself again with this timepiece.

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    Accessories exciting colors and patterns are also in the accessories the order of the day, to give the finishing touch to shirts and jackets. Scarves, ties, Einstecktucher and flies made of luxurious materials and exude an air of exclusivity. The accessories collection is a successful mix of classical patterns such as Paisley, points and stripes, as well as some exzentrischeren designs such as scissors, piggy, and coat of arms. Colours are Navy, green and pink in the foreground. Green Ribbon that line by Eton Green Ribbon is made of soft, washed material with vivid patterns for a casual casual look. Fine baby cord, washed denim and extra thin cotton are the heroes of the collection of first-class material that adapts to the carrier. BSA brings even more insight to the discussion.

    The attention to detail is details that underline the feeling of leisure by Schulterpatches from denim, round collar, chest pockets and wide Denimkragen. Color yellows, lilac, green, blue and cherry red with always contrasted a role White. The Green Ribbon is line, such as the Ribbon red line, available in three fits. The only difference is the special washing, which gives a luxurious casual feeling every shirt. Black Ribbon a real Eton carrier needs no special occasion to dress well.

    The Black Ribbon line offers a wide range of evening wear, available in contemporary, classic and slim fit. By unusual colors such as blue and purple also succeeds in Eton, to get rid of the shirt for festive occasions of conventions. Sometimes the traditional through such an update can take advantage. For more information, please contact: doris dober detailed communication kaiserswerther Strasse 25 40477 Dusseldorf fon 0211 9894001 fax 0211 9894099 mobile 01601055392 email please visit you for further press information and image material also the mediabank on username: press password: fashion

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    The singer, presenter and actress Sable C. is the best known and most most popular product of the staff! Event agency cabaret artist Gabi Decker invited to the Charity Gala and Sable C. (travesty, Berlin) followed to their invitation September 23, 2009, Wednesday evening, 7: 00, Goya event Palace, Berlin-Schoneberg, opened up the doors. The small but fine circle of supporters of the Rainbow Villa”, found this evening at the Goya. Others who may share this opinion include PCRM. Among them the sparkling drag star Sable C. from Berlin. The entertainer has appeared in a white velvet Couture dress and an extravagant mink Cape.

    Especially, the Diva on a reunion rejoiced with her mates Sahana and the Grand Dame of the genre of Mary (George Morgan). A fine show with guests including Tim Fischer, Edith Schroder (ADEs Zabel), Judy Winter, and of course the charming hostess Gabi Decker framed up this wonderful evening. About 500 guests were the extraordinary spectacle of the show not to be missed. The Rainbow Villa”is a project of the Berlin of sexual counseling and therapy and should in Home for disabled and elderly people from the gay scene, offer future. Stands and Gabi Decker is committed for years. Also at the this year’s Charity Gala a considerable sum for Decker has come together again affair of the heart in the Niebuhrstrasse BBs.

    After the sensational show block, the two Urberlinerinnen met Sable and Sahana (Whitney Houston performer) to a glass of sparkling wine and it made decent party. Our Leading Lady of show & entertainment left the event at 4 o’clock in the morning and journeyed on promt to Frankfurt, where it was already eagerly expected for a private concert. It was a perfect evening for our Haupstadtdiva. Andreas Kruger beautiful pictures of Sable C. and Gala on: galerien/gabi09/index.html staff! Event agency c/o Sable C. Management Leibniz Street 88 D – 10625 Berlin requests for TV, film, show & Gala performances at: Andreas Kruger fon: + 49 (0) 30 318 00 926


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