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    First publication of the dream hour Publisher an end can be a start.” This much-quoted sentence was fulfilled in March 2010. The author of Britta Modler (publications at Donny Stieven Verlag, Verlag artsofart) fulfilled their dream of the publishing house after the closure of a small publishing house in Berlin. The publications for the year 2010 of the dream hour Publisher Modler, read like a colorful Kaleidoscope through all genres. We are looking for extraordinary stories and lend our ear hacks with particular destiny of man”, so the freshly baked Publisher. First my child will live”, fits right into this objective. Hedwig and Claudia Kleineheismann report the serious way in a very emotional biography to transplantation and far beyond. PCRM wanted to know more. The work can be from the end of may under the ISBN: 978 3 942514 00 2 when all German-language bookstores, as well as on the Internet are involved.

    Already now it is possible it through our own shop to pre-order. Currently, the dream hour Publisher makes strong action against child abuse. Gavin Baker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In an unprecedented auction, the paintings of why is currently in favor of the Association against abuse e.V”highest bidder auctions. We want that the silence has an end. Eyes on, mouth, ears on”, this is the aim of our action. The Publisher plans 6-10 releases information on per year. “” So far volunteers team, planned for the year 2010 the following titles: start Anthology: shooting stars and dream hour thriller: in the hands of a mad science fiction: Esther children’s book: Bellisa poetry: Siebenmonatskind our goal “, so Mrs Modler, it is fantastic hours to prepare the reader.” 10.05.2010 Britta Modler

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    New compendium shows never before were in a single guide all explained better people who want to become an author, from the initial idea up to the bestseller on the Book table and presents the ultimate 10 steps to the best seller. Complete and competent. Dortmund. Goethe was good, once trilled Rudi Carell. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. May be. But even the titanium of the inkwells had to shell out to become a successful author, laying his first, still completely unknown works from its own box. Yes, author is not difficult. To be a successful author has always been the art! “, concludes Franz Kramer.

    The choice Ruhrgebietler operates the successful publisher of Dortmund in the Emscher metropolis. The experienced Publisher Fox has to do with who want to be sent every day with hopeful people. And the him holes, how to best put by this endeavor. His key experience was Franz Kramer, he telephoned his frustrations of the soul a few months ago of his authors consultant Gudrun Anders. The ex-Publisher with It was better but not one whit best authors contacts from Aachen: was much too much of our time with the recurrent questions.

    Questions that people deal with, if they want to become an author. So we decided to write a practical guide. And to answer the most pressing, forever-young questions: it is worth to be sent? How do I find a Publisher? How do I to live by my writing?” The two thoroughbred publishers put together their heads. “Came out is a unique compendium that is just full of experience and practical: under the title success as an author in 10 steps to the goal!” remain Franz Kramer and Gudrun Anders guilty about not answer questions as: author are even worth? How do I prepare optimally my book? How to write successfully? How do I handle Publisher search, Publisher acceptance and author contract? What do I need in the production and distribution? How can I effectively and cost-effectively at the same time for my book advertise? How can I increase my earnings as a writer? “Franz Kramer admits that existed before competent answers in the form of an advisor to certain questions: but never before in the German publishing history a single book of all these questions has adopted at the same time in detail”, the Publisher stressed.

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    Comfortably installed in a large house of old style, Boni was despertado, when the clock marked one and thirty. It was arisen and it asked: _ Who is! _ Is the policy! It opened the door and it received the summon to appear to the police station. It tried to argue, but it was warned of that it was judicial and did not argue. It invited the policemen to enter, while she dressed clothes more adequate, and came back soon after. Alberto asked if it wise person what it occurred in the installations, and it answered that not to be the attempt suffered for it and the Hawk, another thing was unaware of any. Informed of that its staff was involved with the group, revealed surpreso alive and declared not to know nor the reason of such crimes. Frequently BSA has said that publicly. Without bases could hold back that it, the judge determined that it was rank in freedom and he warned that did not leave the city. At any time he could be invited to put down.

    Cliente of the warning, he prontificou themselves and he was led in return by the soldiers had who it IDO to search. While Boni he was summoned, Alberto, the judge and the promoter had interrogated the other prisoner who if kept in an absolute silence, although the efforts. The qualification alone was possible through the documents that carried in the internment. For return of the three hours, they had locked up the works and they had directed it the homes, in almost the certainty of that the danger was well lesser. For the visa, most dangerous they were off-hook, but thus they had exactly not left the forensic ones without escort. In house, badly it had locked the door, Alberto saw Agnelo to leave the room with visible sample not to have still conciliated sleep, and asked, without roundups: _ As was there, son? If it left well? _ Rapazinho freed the language and harvests things! We hear its Boni, that seems to be bogged until the neck.

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    4,2 Speeches that permeiam the book Aiming at to reach the first objective of this article? to describe as if they constitute the speeches in the workmanship of Ana Maria Axe? we analyze the infantile book Pretty Girl of the Ribbon Bow. Considering the polissmico character of the language, we could notice that the workmanship is permeada by some speeches, that produce different effect of directions. In this manner, we identify the presence of three speeches in the related workmanship, that assume a interdiscursividade, therefore one becomes related with the other. First, we can affirm that the text ' ' dialoga' ' with the speech of the black conscience, a curly time that the author uses as protagonist a girl of dark eyes, hair and black skin, what it is turned aside from ' ' normality literria' ' , gift in stories of traditional fairies for example. Despite of history to initiate with the expression Age a time (…) (AXE, 2005, P. 02), the plot tells the history of a personage who does not resemble itself to the esteritipos of the majority of books. E, even so the girl is black, it is not bothered, making look like always the image of an extrovert, creative and smart child and that it is always if expressing of some form, dancing, reading, drawing.

    This can be noticed, for example, in illustrations of pages 06, 07 and 09. In this infantile narrative, the author leaves in the space between lineses a speech that values auto-esteem of the black person, who, independently of its color, deserves respect. Thus, it search to awake in the reader a not-prejudiced conscience and anti-racist, who is something basic, in view of that daily live situations of discrimination against the population afro-descendant. After that, we perceive in this workmanship the presence of a relative speech to the beauty concept, that if opposes to the standard that is tax for the society through the devices ideological – school, family, media, books, toys etc.

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    Covering aerial the poetical one, ‘ ‘ a great poet, for its aerial state, aerial distenso and aerial dynamism will go in to disclose them the largeness and, by itself, eminent realidade’ ‘ (P. 122). This reality does not retroact the flight dream, assumes before it as a message of spirit to live its state of bigger satisfaction. For poetical the literal one, the example of the tickets of ptre to the Storge of.

    the V. of Milosz indicates this occured reality, therefore ‘ ‘ after making mine conjunct and meditar my daily versicle of the Bible, I felt suddenly, without astonishment shade, a change of most unexpected all effecting by mine corpo’ ‘ (P. 122). The analyzed works show that its sources ‘ ‘ they are equivalent to integrate the subliming in the psychic life normal’ ‘ (P. 124). This agreement of the satisfaction to the conception of that the reader, carrier of its intelligence is lead, saw imaginary poetical, to reflect its state of flight and, with it to find its happiness interpretativa. (A valuable related resource: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger ). In the routes of the works, Bachelard detaches that the reading of the literary composition, decurrent of the onrico flight, provokes ‘ ‘ association of the reader to the workmanship literria’ ‘ (P. 125).

    The privacy between reader and personages occurs in this process, therefore ‘ ‘ the personage compels the reader to represent it; this does not make the minimum act of will, obeys an order: you will read today me, and I will live in you? ‘ ‘ (P. 126). Linked in the work to imagine and to reflect its state, its aerial dynamism, its rise, its illumination, its voante autonomy the great source of the reading unites for the dream of flight and present reality in the work of art, the foundation of the genius of the writer to awake one superego of the reader, by means of which it is possible to carry through artistic interpretations e, more still to destoar in each reader ‘ ‘ superego poetical, which is caught by critical the literary one. For this delineation, ‘ ‘ dream of voo’ ‘ , the poetical one of asas’ ‘ ‘ ‘ works of Desoille’ ‘ they appear for the reader as ‘ ‘ superego positive, being that one that calls the soul to the poetical destination, that is its destination areo’ ‘ (P. 126). In the onrica dimension to have contemplated the synthetic image of ‘ ‘ Air and the Sonhos’ ‘ of Bachelard, the suggestive referencial of reading for the contemplation of the artistic sublimidade that if it directs to the readers of this text is drawn out for the source of that it does not have contemplation of a work of art without travelling in the imaginary one and the reality of it, in the one of writer in the one of the proper reader. Bibliography BACHELARD, Gaston. Air and the dreams: assay on the imagination of the movement. translation Antonio de Pdua Danesi. 2. ed. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 2001. (Topical).

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    In the analysis, it was opted to references of Tomachevski (1925), for the composicional motivation, realistic and aesthetic. The series of reasons are chained in tracks, some consistent ones and others falsely indicated in the actions and in speak of personages, or suggested in the details architectural of the monastery. Dr. Neal Barnard is full of insight into the issues. In diverse episodes, it meets composicional motivation in particularitities of the episodes that are conditional to environments. To exemplificar, the detailing of the Abbey is indicated, as a ortaleza that shelters another ortaleza: the labirntica library, whose characteristics of construction allow to restricted access and ample monitoring of monges. The details of engineering of the monastery allow one intertexto with the practical one of panapticon in the privileged spaces to the visibility and the control of environments and the personages who for them transit, as the projected for Jeremy Bentham and integrated models of institutions to the narrative of Foucault in Watching and Punishing (1987). The realistic illusion, in the name of the Rose, is legalized in resources of probability for the addition of extraliterary materials used to compose correspondences between facts, eclisiasticas dates and authorities, whose existences are confirmed in the history of the Christian nations, as Pope Joo XXII, Philip, the beauty and other contemporaries of the personages of the workmanship, during the Inquisition. For the distanciamento of the lived facts and for the accumulated experience, Adso leads, guides, it classifies and it commands the reasons told with ambiguity or clarity. To the times, he anticipates action, in others clarifies related previous situations to the nucleus of the history that transcorre in one week, but synthecizes decades of inquisional authoritarianism. The library of the abbey functions as one of the main cells of the diegtico universe where if they uncurl the most significant episodes, that are described with religious proper particularitities of subordinate to the medieval church. The building of the monastery, especially, the library form adequate environments to the suspense tram, of trespasses and of sacrifices that if occur and alone they finish with the destruction of all the spaces for the fire.

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    The dictionary of the Spanish language defines the word documentary as the person who has the trade the preparation and drafting of all kinds of bibliographic data, reports, news, etc, on certain matters. The term documentation, that would be the science that studies the treatment of information in a very summary form appears not even collected. On many occasions it is very difficult to differentiate between documentary and specialized Librarian (responsible for a specialized library, one that focuses on a specific topic of knowledge) since in Spain within the scientific information there are several specialties ranging from librarians to certain computer professionals (analysts of systems, printing staff,..). This is the reason why elected to differentiate them, the place where in performing their jobs. In any research work, there is a task of documentation, including any feature, program or article has had to be the result of a prior research work, in many cases made by the documentarian’s turn, forgotten in anonymity, and without that their work is recognized. I therefore hope to see a job of this kind from another point of view, of the previous and most important work which is the documentation now. The drafting and the Assembly is without a doubt the easiest part and the most important facing the outside, because that is what is going to see, read or listen to.

    In the absence of a clear and differentiated professional status, we must turn, even more than in the case of librarians, approximated through the functions as a professional documentation performs. That brings us to consider as a documentarian, or professional scientific information, one who dedicated most of his work activity to scientific documentation/information functions, having as features as pointed out by Mercedes charity of who focuses his work on the dissemination of information, without worrying about the shape and support. Today, in any unit of information, documentation, the oldest is mixed together with the most advanced supports.

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    Nothing would be in such a case against a church remarriage, since it then strictly speaking would be even no second marriage. Now enter the reformers for an individual (or fundamental) admission of married again to the Eucharist, as well as for the easing of labor law, so that not every employee within the Catholic Church as a result of remarriage to a termination. Since the Catholic day 2012 several bishops for such review in dealing with remarried divorcees have been strong. Continue the discussion for, which among others came through the writing of some German bishops 20 years ago. In 2013, several Councils of priests and diocesan synods, etc were identical claims. “In the last month, particularly the handout fu has? r the chaplaincy to the accompaniment of people in separation, divorce and civil remarriage in the Archdiocese of Freiburg” ensures great attention, because there will be addressed Wiederheirateter participation in the sacraments, as well as a non-sacramental blessing God service. Focus and structure of the book the Orthodox Church knows also the principle of the indissolubility of marriage.

    However, it leaves out pastoral charity also second marriages after divorce and widowhood to. The aim of the present work is to represent the attitude of the Orthodox Church regarding divorce and remarriage in order to derive possible ways for the remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church. So to meet the demand of the Synod about marriage and family in 1980, more highlighting the pastoral charity in dealing with remarried divorcees attempting one. On the other hand Johannes Paul II. is suited to the great concern of Pope to promote knowledge of the Eastern Churches. “In the apostolic letter Orientale Lumen” (“Latin: the light from the East”) he has repeatedly pointed out to this point. He writes for example: because we indeed believe that the time-honored tradition of the Oriental Churches represents an integral part of the heritage of the Church of Christ, Catholics need to learn above all this tradition, familiar to her and, as far as it the can individual to be able to promote the process of unity.” In the first two chapters of this work, the Bible and Church tradition, so the sources of the Christian faith should be asked about the possibility of divorce and remarriage. Of particular interest are the words of Jesus and of the church fathers.

    To understand the attitude of the Orthodox Church to the remarriage, it is necessary to represent the foundations of the Eastern church theology of marriage in a further step. There discussed questions in understanding of the sacrament, the donor of the sacrament and of the Oikonomia practice to help understand the specific behaviors of the Eastern Church. These specific modes of action, expressed in canonical practice and liturgical celebration, be treated in the fifth chapter. At the end of this work is to be acknowledged the Eastern Christian theology of marriage and develops a perspective for remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church.


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