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    History knows of not a few examples of a failed immigration of foreigners. Unfortunately, many initially untrained immigrants who do not know all the procedures of registration and acquisition status of residence permit or permanent residence, using the services of amateurs get into a situation where money is spent, and the result is not reached. For the failed immigration should not only competently to immigration procedures, but also her and finish, finish under the laws of a foreign country with the lowest for a loss and a further lack of problems. Subject to the legal procedure of liquidation of legal entities, the private employer or employment contract in the Czech Republic can be no consequences for himself to finish the procedure of registration associated with plans to immigrate.

    Immigration issues in Prague, which solves our company results almost ended in 2009 suggests that the multiple failures of the Consulate Czech baffled held the founders of companies registered in the Czech Republic. Our legal advocacy company that provides services for liquidation, reorganization, change of ownership of firms in the Czech Republic faced in 2009 with a large number of foreign nationals wishing to get rid of, eliminate his own firm. The reason usually is the refusal to obtaining visas and residence permits, followed by the prohibition of entry to the Czech Republic. Yes, unfortunately, many foreigners are illiterate and ignorant of the laws of immigration and the Czech Republic in Europe believe that the refusal to issue long-term visa shall be considered final sentence and get a visa in the future not only in the Czech Republic but also in other European countries is impossible..

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    Now, in times of crisis, it is very difficult to strike a bargain sale of real estate. What previously was seen as a given time (eg, the desire not to show the full cost of the contract to avoid paying taxes, or purchase a share in a communal apartment through a cooperative agreement grant to not receive waivers of pre-emption), now treated very badly. But is it as dangerous or as safe habitual ways address issues of real estate? In this article we look at the basic, key moments of "unconventional" solutions to problems arising in the contract of sale of real estate. Typically, peak resolving their issues, the parties resort to sham transaction. Part 2 Art. 170 of the Civil Code defines a sham transaction as a "bargain, which committed to cover up another deal." For example, a contract of sale shares an apartment is often replaced by contract donation. The reason for the invalidity of sham transactions that the parties initially did not want her to do, the will and the will of their simulation on the full match, but that's because both the will and the will was directed not to the legal result, and the fiction, the relationship is not governed by the law – which is why sham transaction receives no protection. What is the difference from the sham transaction imaginary? Imaginary recognized the transaction, which are committed only to the form, without the intention to create its corresponding legal consequences. And the imaginary and feigned transaction is null and void. If a fraudulent deal to be invalid, then a sham transaction rules that would apply to a transaction which the parties actually had in mind, taking into account the nature of the transaction.


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