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    PFALZKOM MANET donates 3 x 1.000.-EUR to charitable institutions in the region in 2009 together with customers. “Under the motto she wishes we donate!” has the PFALZKOM MANET last year launched a charity campaign in life and your customers urged to Christmas, to make proposals for charitable projects. This year, three actions with each 1.000.-EUR were considered from all proposals received. This is of course the local character in the foreground. Just the personal commitment of the volunteers often makes it possible at all the small but vital projects to press.

    Assistance for the needy in many cases would be impossible without the idealism of these people. Of course here lack the awareness and consequently also the financial resources are very low. Reason enough, active around here to be thought the acting in the metropolitan region and Rhineland Palatinate telecommunications provider PFALZKOM MANET. Short hand were in the frame you want action We donate!”urged regional charities to suggest to all customers. In the second year, the response was even higher, making the selection of the many proposals isn’t easy. Of course, the company has respected that the donations to come directly to the needy and not be used in part for administrative costs.

    There are numerous facilities that donate human warmth and do many good in our region. In particular the smaller local projects are often not as well known and have it particularly hard to be heard. Right here, we want to apply, and have asked for such local projects for our customers. For three proposals, we will be donated EUR 1.000.-.” So Uwe Burre, financial director. A proposal was made by Mr Peschla (Managing Director) of the Kaiserslautern-based company Padmanabhan & Rochmes GmbH and receives 1.000.-: Kleinsagmuhlerhof in Altleiningen farm life help Nestled between meadows and fields at the northern edge of the Palatinate forest. Total approximately 100 hectares are cultivated green and arable land of mentally disabled people and their carers. At the same time, the Court is a life / community of 15 mentally disabled people in the dorm on the farm. On the Court is consistently worked in biological-dynamic economic way and thus made an important contribution to maintaining and enhancing our livelihoods. As well, the farm offers also a roof over their heads for many species kept animals such as dairy cows, cattle, calves, pigs, chickens, and a donkey. In addition, a group exerts still the traditional bakery, which is dear to the heart of the region. Produces the following products: milk, milk products (curd, cream cheese, butter, fruit yoghurt, yoghurt, cream, sour cream, sour milk), eggs, meat, sausage, pastries, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, grain, wine, grape juice, a wide range of organic products and firewood.

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    Sponsor of the children escort Salzburg is the Salzburg telephone provider, may 2010 which is MyPhone Austria Salzburg telephone providers already known, with and for children to realize regular charity events. So has gifted the MyPhone, for example, in the recent past for the umpteenth time a children’s home in Salzburg, liferaft is actively involved at the Club and has the action launched together with the most powerful man of in Austria, Franz Mullner, MyPhone for kids. Now, a new large charity action in the ORF is planned: the child-friendly phone provider MyPhone Austria presented at ORF inside the large television the MATCH – children escort. There are currently applying children aged between 6 and 12 years of age with photo and a short text to run with some luck along with some celebrities and football legends in the stadium. Hans Krankl, former famous football coach and pop singer, as well as Herbert Prohaska, also a former famous football coach and ORF presenter, Escort of children compete at the MATCH – presented at MyPhone: you exercise depending on a football team of prominent hobby kickers. On June 2, 2010, the first match in Ritzing in Burgenland takes place, in which the teams Krankl and Panda compete. Just two days later, on June 4, 2010, there is the grand finale in Altach, Vorarlberg in Austria against Germany approached. Access to two games that are broadcast on the dates mentioned at 20:15 in the ORF can children have applied presented by MyPhone at the MATCH – children escort, run jointly with the stars in the stadiums and the Holy lawn”, on which the match will be held.

    Also, are the winners up close to the action of course during the entire game and experience a very special football game.

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    New image campaign of the newspapers is the background to the foreground. The media landscape is in transition. The newspaper also. It becomes increasingly digital and interactive. Without losing their USP: responsible, comprehensively researched quality journalism. For the ZMG newspaper marketing company exactly the right time to stage the performance of newspaper advertising. “The new campaign translates original and absolutely the core benefits of the newspaper”, underlines Dr.

    Stephan Vogel, Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather.” Messages, without background considered, are distorted, tendentious and distorted sense. The spatial depth of the campaign artwork corresponds to the search depth of quality journalism for the newspaper, so bird next. Markus Ruppe, Managing Director of ZMG newspaper marketing company, Frankfurt am Main to the campaign: “you can actively against the crisis work. A credible communication of product quality is critical to gain the confidence of consumers. That goes with the newspaper and is in crisis again more used. The readers are used to find not only a few headlines, but also backgrounds – incidentally about their industry. We wanted to show that.

    And we wanted to encourage, to perceive the newspaper appearances in the Internet as a quality advertising medium. Internet is not Internet. There are television, radio, provider, search engine there, many many offers of the companies and even newspapers, and are wonderful, serious to convey advertising messages on this technical channel. “The result is differentiation from all other significantly more fleeting and accelerating media. The role of the newspaper as the biggest German media to be played trennscharfer. Main argument: the long range and the unique quality of contact. The campaign is implemented in online banners, mailings and ads in magazines and newspapers. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. You supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. The German group of Ogilvy is an integrated employee communications agency. It supports more than 200 clients with more than 330 individual budgets and is fifth largest agency group in Germany. Ogilvy is among one of the biggest concerns for communication services of WPP Group plc, worldwide. Ogilvy is one of the few agencies in Germany, which is perfectly equipped for the modern communication requirements. Ogilvy not rare at the top is the Effie and all prestigious award shows always on the podium. In the current ranking of the advertising trade press is Ogilvy ranked 3rd OgilvyOne is the best direct marketing agency of in Germany for years. Ogilvy Healthworld was elected 2008 Agency of the year in their area. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. The Frankfurt Ogilvy Group leads by far in the global creative race of WPP agencies. International: According to Forrester Research, OgilvyInteractive worldwide is the best network of digital communication. Ogilvy is also exclusive partner of the mobile world in Barcelona and MipTV in Cannes.


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