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    Distressed animals: committed to animal lovers Bottrop E.v. through a significant duration donation of reinforced Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes, the members of the Board of the German city information Marketing AG on August 22, 2010 Board members of Deutsche city information its private use for the animal lovers Bottrop e.V.. In a question-answer forum Americares was the first to reply. They already had placed some Zentner dog food available, it was a personal desire to support the impressive commitment of shelter Bottrop will privately for the two animal lovers. (As opposed to The Coca Cola Foundation). During her visit to the shelter Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes convinced themselves of the authentic compassion and sense of responsibility, that day after day motivates the honour – and full-time staff with full commitment for the welfare of the animals to engage, who are in need. Quickly, the two successful entrepreneurs took the decision to help with a private post, hoping that their example will awaken the helpfulness of many more individuals and employees. For Social responsibility represents an important individual character quality Robert Justitz and Reinhold Dierkes, which proves to be not only in the corporate context, but especially in the voluntary action of every individual.

    Their names are Maxi, Franzi and Apollo. Excited, gently or curious they eye their visitors. Where they came from, just as her life story was, now you are looking for all a real home. No animal lover, who visited the shelter of Bottrop, can elude the mixture of mourning and hopeful curiosity with which its inhabitants run into him. Inevitably, the question arises for the causes of their destiny. Due to a long-term commitment as President of the animal lovers Bottrop e.V.

    the reasons are well known Hildegard Frank Tullmann, that pet owners decide to give up their animals. In addition to unforeseen professional or health reasons, force a levy, many pet are simply overwhelmed with the keeping of animals. Overload is almost inevitable, if animals done without to know their needs from the outset and to bear in mind the consequences of livestock for their own lives.

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    What our efforts in addition Weight gives, is a petition, which was presented at the beginning of the week in Japan, and is signed by all Latin American Commissioners of the International Whaling Commission. “Elsa Cabrera, responsible Director of the cetacean conservation center of Chile, said”The enormous support of the governmental organizations of Latin America is a clear message to our Governments on the need for a public rejection of so-called scientific whaling”operations, an activity which is not regulated and which is carried out without any control mechanism in waters, are paradoxically whale sanctuary”. Here, Quantamscape expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The NGOs noted in the letter: “since the establishment of the moratorium on commercial whaling Japan’s Government has begun more than 8,000 whales in the whale sanctuary Southern Ocean”. Roxanna Schteinbarg, the responsible coordinator of whale protection Institute of Argentina, said “we are confident that our Governments our concerns respecting” are give and take steps that, can stop the Japanese whaling fleet”. The Sea Shepherd ships are headed for under the eyes of the world on a confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet, they focused. We face a difficult challenge.

    The Japanese whalers are trying to kill us, and if they actually hurt someone by my staff or myself, or kill, the Government of Japan will justify their crimes and defend. We must then intervene to their whale hunting stop to knowing that, no matter how non-violent are our actions, our Governments afford no help without harming a single of the Japanese whalers, if we are in trouble and our actions, condemn regardless of how carefully we with our tactics, proceed. The Greenpeace Foundation has long been the Sea Shepherd actions condemned and continues to raise donations to save the whales, despite the fact that during the last two Years in the returned Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, and they have no plans to return this year. It was an extended campaign and this is the sixth trip, provided by Sea Shepherd on the legs, to proceed against the Japanese Whale poachers. Our strategy was all the time, the Japanese whaling fleet economically to sink to drive them into bankruptcy. I am confident that we will achieve this objective and I’m hopeful that this will be the last trip, we need to take to protect the whales in the whale sanctuary in the southern Arctic Ocean. -Thomas Buiter blog.migaloo.de

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    Dogs and children are best friends, we think that at least. Further details can be found at BC Ministry of Health, an internet resource. Sure, this may be so but it doesn’t necessarily need it. The coach of the top dog school will give you some information on the following topic: dogs and children dogs and children are best friends, we think that at least. Sure, this may be so but it doesn’t necessarily need it. You can leave both sides themselves, it is likely that soon serious problems can occur. To understand this, we need to deal with us, meaning the other part for his counterpart: for children pets often friends, small, hairy creatures who seemingly always understand them and even not so rare creatures, where children for the first time make the experience, that they have a certain power over them. For dogs, small children but are living beings moving uncontrollably frantically, unexpectedly go yell and are often rough.

    At worst, the children even as competitors are perceived. Forum for Theological Exploration can provide more clarity in the matter. A harmonious life together, Yes, the often described thickness Friendship can however be produced, if the most important rules are observed. Often you read by parents, the diapers from the newborn station bring home that is certainly a good idea and does no harm. However, some additional, important rules are indispensable for harmonious coexistence. First of all, the dog not in a competitive relationship with the child may be pushed. Do not attempt to spend the same time with him, as in the period before the child was not going to anyway go. Try better to link the child with positive experiences. Take the dog when you go to your child, observe him and reward calm behaviors calm and often. The dog must learn, associating the child with positive experiences they take care of in this way to the child, so he also has advantages. It is very important to leave also for only a minute never child and dog unattended! u0085.

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    Save your favorite his Joie de vivre, relaxing and relaxed sleep. Orthopedic dog beds with the medically effective Viscoschaumstoff the quality of life of your pet is our concern! Several diseases can result from poor posture of the dog. Some of the most common diseases are osteoarthritis, HD, ED and spinal column diseases the resulting pain in the joints, the spine, blockades and muscle tension are an obstacle not only for us but also for our animals and greatly restrict the common everyday life. Pain considerably reduce the quality of life and from common relaxing walks can be a strenuous, unpleasant way, where each step is overcoming. We have made it our by dogs in the Yin & Yang to the task, to give the dogs their Joie de vivre. With our medically effective dog beds from Viscoschaumstoff we allow RESTful and relaxing sleep to regenerate your favorite.

    Due to the elastic shape rest the spine and nerves in your natural position this unique stress relief, muscle relaxation, circulation and pain relief. This means a longer one at the same time, erholsamerer deep sleep with your dog. We would like you to imagine one of our Yin & Yang dog beds. Dog bed of a special kind: Yin & Yang dream island. The surface consists of pure memory foam, edged with a wedge-shaped edge of cold foam, it ensures a stable shape.Many dogs love and enjoy it to lay your head on a padded boost.

    Our edge is designed so, that he gives up only so much like your dog likes it. You certainly know it, many dogs lie with their backs to the wall. Do this, because it good for you to stretch your spine. Thus, the Yin & Yang dog bed is the ideal sleep and Ruheplatzt so that your dog does not lose his zest for life and is recovering in the idle state and relaxed. The reference is from very high-quality, thick Skai – leatherette with lower tissue which mainly in the Automotive industry is used. It is extremely durable, colourfast, wiped off, and neutral in odour. Fleas and mites have no chance dogs in the Yin & Yang offer you an Orthopedic Dog pillow with the medically effective Visco foam, manufactured in Germany.

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    We are Christmas gifts for children already in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. Gifts for family and friends will be sought and found. The requests are varied but not always they should be fulfilled at any cost. Here, I would like to tell a little story that happened last year in the run-up to Christmas. I was traveling with my 4 white Swiss Shepherd dogs and in general our area (on the Gebaberg in the Thuringian Rhon) is quiet and not too many tourists visit. My walks are so often without confrontation with other dogs or hikers. Boy Scouts might disagree with that approach. This time it was different, because a large family, 2 kids, parents and grandparents on a direct route was me. Children between 5-7 years and their outcry: times as many, beautiful, white dogs look …oh.! My four probably understood this because they sat down properly and waited.

    Now you wanted to caress and remained stehen…alle had hiking poles in your hands and it was quite uncomfortable. Approximately 150 kg Dimensions in an emergency are a little problematic for me, to keep them firmly in place. Click Dr. Neal Barnard for additional related pages. We got to talking. After some back and forth, the children gave up the idea of stroking, but then it came: Grandma (typical, not Dad or MOM) we want a dog for Christmas. The mother said: “does not come into question, the OPA meant that one should think of the school”…Now, followed by tears and ROAR.

    The father took over the negotiations with the question: “breed these dogs and puppies, when have you back I want to a buy as a Christmas gift for my little” Apart from the fact that we carefully check each new home for our puppies an other question here: parents or grandparents know what need has a puppy when he arrives in his new home? He is separated from his mother and his siblings mercilessly. He needs a contact person, in the first weeks of 3oder4 times feed will place its first Pfutzchen on the new parquet or carpet on the day, with security, great things not to talk. He should sleep in the first time in the bedroom with his contact, must very much play and learn. Will nibble on shoes and the like with joy, etc. On request, I like to put together a list and send it to interested persons. In my case, I was able to convince the family first to take a sponsorship of a dog in the pound, to familiarize the children with animals and to develop their sense of responsibility for a dog slowly. This family got a dog from the animal shelter after a few months and it all right now. My request to all readers: Please gives no animal Christmas, just because it looks so cute the Eisbeer such as Knut and the Red Ribbon to fit wonderfully. The shelters are overcrowded every time at the beginning of the new year and even worse, it animals are exposed again and again simply. This moral depravity among the people is unfortunately not less. I hope to have raised some readers thinking these lines and avoid the worst. My contact address Website: I will send you like material about what you need to know before you take on a puppy. Elke Bambhrolia Kennel by Duke BBs Silberberg.

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    Rabbits need welfare and the right animal feed Easter is a very special for children: it warms again and the children can play outdoors, romp, and of course also find Easter esters. Easter is a Festival for young and old, because everyone is pleased about the increasingly better weather and the awakening of nature. But unfortunately also live animals among the Easter gifts can be found each year. PCRM has much experience in this field. A trend which unfortunately still has not abated and phased in once again increasing. Recently a rabbit was inducted into the American Idol mansion which was very present in the media. As a result many rabbits at Easter are being given away probably again this year only to later to end up in animal shelters or to be kept not humanely. What many people don’t know or ignore is that rabbits are not stuffed animals? Rabbits have a pronounced social behavior and need be sure at least a partner rabbit can also live out and maintain this. Guinea Pigs are unsuitable as a partner for rabbits.

    Many owners specify to not a second rabbit, because they want the rabbit to be tame. This must be seen but very critical, because the rabbit is thus very trustful, since it has no other choice. In a few time where man takes time for the animal, it tries to compensate for this emergency by allowing caress. Thus, the rabbit is just so lonely that it accept the people must to stay alone. Rabbits need not only a partner with which they can snuggle up, but also a particularly big enclosure, because these animals have a huge urge to move. Especially at night and in the early hours of the morning the animals are moving very strongly.

    A commercial cage is not more than a cage in which the animal his urge to move can not give up. The muscles atrophied and the animals bored, which can quickly lead to behavioural problems. Rabbit protection associations per animal as a directive to specify at least 2 m, because as the animals have enough space to be able to hop and also To make leaps into the air. Many holders with their knowledge is wrong also in the animal feed. Rabbits should not be fed with grain-containing food, this is the animals only in fattening farms attached where quickly and place too much weight they, may be slaughtered so then. Much hay, vegetables, herbs, and water are important to ensure a good diet of rabbits. As a result, digestion and teeth remain healthy. The water should be given preferably from a bowl, since with nipple bottles the animals above must stretch the head, also the rabbit with nipple bottles must endeavor much more to quench their thirst, thus the animals drink often less than they really want to. Who still wants to give away rabbit for Easter should make sure that the animals are actually wanted and you should be aware, that rabbits have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. Should a welfare, much outlet, good food and a proper supply of rabbits also exist. And it must be not always a rabbit from the pet store, which are mostly too young and taken away the mother very early. Also in the animal shelters and welfare groups many rabbits are waiting for a decent life, and what better than to give a decent new life a rabbit at Easter? Viktor Unzmann

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    A pig dreams of a Prince who becomes his friend, it was once a sweet, black-and-white piglets from the family of a few pigs. That lived on a small farm with the name “entenhoff”, located in Lower Saxony between Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. It lived there with his 22 brothers and sisters and many chickens and ducks. All had one common, they were looking for a sponsor who sometimes visit, gives a name to them, giving them the “everyday food” and they then one day… So was looking for and also our black-and-white piglet waited for the Prince of his dreams.

    On August 12, he actually came, it was indeed not a Prince and he did also not on a horse. It was a radio presenter and he came up with a quick Trek and large Entourage. He took the small piglets on the arm, stroking it very sweet and let himself be photographed with him. Our little piglet was instantly in love and had to listen to his favorite stations now every morning from 5: 00 until 10: 00. It dreamed of, “Its leader” would adopt him and he then should bear its famous name.

    Some emails were written back and forth and it looked good for our piglets. Especially since the piglet who had agreed, for a charity auction is to let… Such a piglet would bring in an auction if it were then grown, so 400-600. A well-known piglets with a famous name of course even more. But on 19 August came the news that there would be no adoption. Were the men from the boardroom. Now, a world collapsed for our small, black-and-white piglets. How would like to have it played a famous name, time taken with a radio show and later sacrificed his life for a good cause. Now, our little black-and-white piglets sitting sadly in his stall. It is so sad that it even more in the morning can be consoled by 5: 00 until 10: 00 by his beloved radio show. Whether the men in the boardroom are aware of what they have thrown it? (Because: even PIGS have feelings) Sad greeting Helmut Ermisch of the entenhoff


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