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    But to check if the call again and ask the girls about favorite car, which allegedly has bought, then again, all in stock, everything is OK, come, buy the car waiting for his master. There is a scam, avoid it! Therefore, the costs in advance to secure a few places for escape routes should always be. If you have already read, which appeared earlier article of mine, there to talk about buying a new car on credit. In principle, this scheme is laid here. Lead lawyer, independent expert, who is endowed with powers by touching the machine, specify its shortcomings and defects.

    Perhaps, I repeat that you do not have to pay extra for any taxes (taxes should already be factored into the price, usually), or some left-transport vehicles with base to base. Second place will be the so-called auto market. As a rule, this term I mean an organization that has a vast territory and is engaged in the rental car area to various salons, workshops, for parking for private traders, etc. with road slope. A distinctive feature of the salons, it is supported by a wide range of machines. In fact, I probably took this place and privateers, and tell you about both at once, kill two rabbits. Although private traders can be found in magazines with ads, the Internet, but I will not jump ahead. What is the inherent process.

    Like the cabins of cars and placed new and old. All the same, except for scale, and such salons, as a rule, do not have high status, and therefore found their presence in such places. The second component is built machines, like a huge parking lot. For a fee (or a percentage of sales) individual places his car, which wants to sell records somewhere in the main on the windshield all the necessary information, including contacts for further advice. Sea vehicles to suit every taste and price, then that necessary. As such, buying a car from private traders have not been able to do, but I venture to suggest that a more reliable way to purchase cars and also not ruled out the presence of two of our favorite parties of the independent expert and a lawyer. More a valuable piece of advice – invite to attend with you when buying your friends and relatives, the greater the invite, the better. Emotional support will give you the confidence and desire to discourage a swindler of the seller to make his another scam. Take the above tips in mind, I hope they will help you. This is not the whole list, but still some slight coincidence, but maybe.


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