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    In addition, to avoid fungal diseases under the winter shelter was removed weak and sick shoots and preserved flowers, buds and leaves. The volume of this forced the autumn crop also regulated and equipment shelter. If hybrid tea roses can be cut to the height of the shelter, then Shrub is important to maintain long shoots, so it bends. Autumn short crop to them is harmful, it can weaken the plants and, moreover, to destroy the harmonious structure of the shrub. Spring pruning. You must remove the sick, frosted and directed inside the bush shoots. Leaves on the bushes on the 3-5 most powerful and shoots at them – for 6-8 of the most well-developed buds. The meaning of the annual crop: shorten the shoots on a quarter or half, the side – two-thirds.

    If the height of the escape reached 120cm, reduce them to 30-40cm, if the length of lateral shoots 30cm, reduce it to 10 cm. Add to the most powerful runners. Strong and even medium pruning should be avoided, as Shrub may weaken after a strong annual removal of wood. Dormant buds at the Shrub awake longer than the hybrid tea rose varieties. With longish pruning flowering may be most abundant, as shoots of order 2 of the top buds are developing most actively. When pruning, and spreading branching shrubs attempt to preserve the natural width and shape of the bush, removing about one-third the length of each escape. Arching bushes cut nekardinalno from 1 / 5 to 1 / 4 of each shoot. Upright bushes can be cut to half of each flight, in order to avoid baring shoots at the bottom.

    Gradually, starting from the third year, some of the older runners need to cut to the ground. The English Roses, obtained by crossing the new and old roses, are a group of Shrub and trimmed as Shrub. But they can be cut and very much up to 15cm. As a result, are obtained relatively undersized klumbovye roses. Clear guidance on pruning techniques to give a fairly difficult as English roses, like all the Shrub to be significantly different in character growth. If you need more stunted plants with the largest flowers, shorten shoots to one-half their length. If you need the highest possible bush with many flowers, shorten some stems by one third. Ground cover roses are a group of new shrub roses, but differ from them in the form of a bush. The lateral branches grow them up first, and later droop. For ground cover roses essentially constant rejuvenation by removing old shoots himself foundation shrub. Depending on the species can produce mild to moderate pruning. Be sure to remove dead stems at the base of the shrub. Ground cover roses, creeping along the ground, with long, curved stems, are identical with a group of climbing roses. Shoots of roses left on the maximum possible length, because the flowers bloom on old wood. If the shoots remained small, the leaves and branching two or three years shoots, only shortening the side growths.

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