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    JOSE BRECHNER complying with their theatrical newsprint media, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, went on strike of hunger inside the Government Palace, demanding that Congress approve the law’s call for a general election for December 6, so that he can perpetuate itself in power. The President requires the favorable vote of the Senate where does not enjoy majority. Dale V. Atkins P.H.D. has compatible beliefs. A seat in favour of the opposition is the obstacle that prevents him from being absolute owner of the country. The Congressional opposition is in the hands of former President Jorge Quiroga, who ruled for just one year, but he knew how to take advantage of the presidential title, and today is a virtuoso guest speaker at any international event that justifies the existence of any Foundation. Quiroga is finished politically. His criticisms of Morales when he travels to other countries, do not agree with support that gives still in Bolivia. What extra in labia lacks capacity and political honesty.

    He was directly responsible for Morales came to power, by not have the courage to ask his impeachment and arrest by seditious when he exercised as President and Morales as an MEP. More later, from the opposition, allowed him to do what he wanted. Quiroga is located in the disjunction to approve or not the call for elections. He knows that his party never again will occupy a seat unless you entranced with the ruling party. His popularity, just like the other random candidate presidential, is in tatters. None manages to accumulate double-digit percentage in the polls. In addition to Quiroga which did nothing relevant during his Government he inherited upon death of the owner is Carlos Mesa, a populist, former television announcer, whose imposing ego stands to his appreciation of reality. After betraying the President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada who chose him as a vice presidential candidate, fact which led him to the Presidency, Mesa made its passage by the power a big vulgar, until being forced to resign party.

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