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    We must make great works that we inmortalicen. The topic raises, as you can understand, fame as a chance to overcome oblivion this theme is very typical of the epic, but also much appears in works of other genres. It appears, for example, in the verses on the death of his father, of Jorge Manrique. 2 Topic of the Beatus Ille this topic (blessed one) is happy that it is who lives a life of problems, a life quiet amidst nature and retired from the crowd; who lives in the quiet and away from the problems and evil. Thus arises a very direct and clear in the most famous Epodo of Horace, the Beatus ille qui procul negotiis (blessed that that of lawsuits away, as the ancient race of men, devotes his time to work the paternal fields), which served as an inspiration to Fray Luis de Leon in his Ode to the retired life, which begins with these words: what rested life / of which flees the madding crowd / and follows the hidden path where you have gone / few scholars in the world who have been! 3 Topic of Carpe Diem this topic (live the day or savor the day) warns us that we live today, to enjoy the present, as warns one of the Odes of Horace, which ends with these words: carpe diem. Ode arises that we don’t know what we are going to live, as we do not know if we will be able to enjoy tomorrow, as we do not know if what we leave for tomorrow we will be able to do or will not do, we have to take advantage of today, this time, which is the only one that exists, but at the same time is fleeting. Raises the past no longer exists, the future has not yet arrived and we do not know if It will arrive.

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