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    Then return to your work on the computer (that where your job’s not wash which was dirty lunch or if you don’t have to go get your kids to school). You work for a while but you receive calls, messages, check your email again and solve something that you asked someone. If all goes well, do not miss watching videos on youtube or checking the Facebook or twitter. Finally, it ends your work day and going to relax, share it with your family, watch TV or anything that already decreed the end of your work for that day. OK I think that more or less understand what mean me with all this, but I want to show you several errors committed on such a day and that keep you from achieving your goals. First mistake: getting out of bed, go for breakfast and then to the computer. The error is not to bathe and dress appropriately. Yes, when you work from home, we have an erratic tendency to think as we are there is not need to bathe and clothe us.

    And no, it is not enough to take a bath, you don’t need to dress in a way that, although we feel comfortable, also allows us to locate our bodies within a work environment. Second mistake: turn on the TV while you turn the computer. Really turn on the TV at any time of the day in which you find during working hours is a danger because it is a distraction that offers many alternatives and possibilities that you you isolate by moments that sometimes can be quite extensive. Third mistake: start by opening your internet browser even if it seems strange, is not good to start the day by going online to review pages of news, email or any other information page. This is due to that first we must determine what goals we have for that day.

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