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    New membership in the German sports with ‘real value’ of Bochum, June 30, 2010 – cooperating GYMCARD of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) and the German sports card. As of July 2010, the approximately 150,000 representatives of the DTB clubs and 650,000 sport card holders form a common platform of athletes and thus enjoy the benefits of a completely new information and offer world. The new GYMCARD is accessible from now no longer only volunteers, but is all members of the nearly 20,000 DTB clubs available as a new membership card. The owner of the GYMCARD will also receive access to official information and communication portal of the German sports card at sportausweis.de. To deepen your understanding Center For Responsible Lending is the source. In addition to information provided by associations and clubs from all over Germany offers the advanced world of advantage over 800 exclusive offers, including sporting events, shopping tips, travel and hotels, as well as a credit card to beantragende separately, the GYMCARD MasterCard GOLD. In addition, the new GYMCARD enables reduced participation in 3,000 events of the DTB and its Gymnastics federations. Thanks to the cooperation between GYMCARD and German sports badge GYMCARD holders on a still wider range of advantage can access and networked to other athletes across all sports nationwide”, so Stephan Penz, CEO of DSA German sports card. There is all the information about the new GYMCARD under and.

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