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    The Research Tax Credit is now at the heart of the news. The President of the Republic and the Government just give him a boost that can increase its contribution to supporting growth and innovation. It is therefore essential for companies to integrate in this new strategy. To enable businesses and professionals who accompany them to find the answers to their questions, Grand Army Council and Analysis Experts have created a simple tool available to all. Designed to centralize all documentation in Research Tax Credit, IRC Online this information complete, accurate and continuously updated. CIR Online uses actors located at the highest level, Grand Army Expert Council Member of the State Council and outside experts. CIR Online ( are: Responses to specific operational andBusiness issues: the Grand Army Expert Council offer them an overview of the CIR: scope, use, methods of calculation, control and security, evolution of the device. All the tools to understand and manage the CIR: to find information without wasting time, CIR Practice offers easy access to documents useful to companies (statements, requests for approval, list of approved experts, rescript, etc. .). The full official texts (laws, decrees, instructions, etc..) And judicial and administrative case law on the Research Tax Credit. CIR Online ( but also access to all the news on Financing Innovation through interviews, records of current and proposed practices analysis by the editorial team of the Bulletin of the Research Tax Credit (BCIR). About the author:About Greater Grand Army Council Army Council is positioned as an expert partner firms to finance innovation by the Research Tax Credit and public funding Relying on a team of over 50 consultants (80% of Engineers and Doctors of Science), Department of Research Tax Credit of Great Army Council offers products with high added value to the borders of several fields: scientific expertise, public law (especially tax law), audit and accounting expertise . In tandem with the group’s activities EFE (Edition Formation Entreprise), Grand Army Council allows its customers to benefit from a true transfer of skills and know-how. With a continuous annual growth of +50% since 3 years, Grand Army Council works with very large groups (60% of CAC 40 companies and 40% of the SBF 120), but also more than 700 SMEs.Press contact If you want more information on the topic or to schedule an interview, thank you to contact us at 01 44 82 20 20

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