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    The annual travel insurance will be increased, or it is booked a one time insurance to. (6) with or without excess – is a travel insurance can be with or without excess be completed. Unless the contract without deductible is agreed, the insurer shall in the eligible claim the cancellation costs in full. Should however an excess consider the contract partner must in the eligible claim take 20% of the cancellation charges itself. We recommend both offers to catch up, often there is very considerable, how small the differences are. (7) also a travel insurance can be completed with an age limit nee data of the passenger -, therefore the dates of birth are very crucial.

    But older people find the desired insurance coverage, there are contracts with no age limit. (8) life journey participants in domestic community – family insurance can often only be completed unless the adults in household living. But of course we can offer you alternative deals. It is a lot to note to conclude an agreement. Secure travel available to the customers with advice and assistance to the side and provide different services. Then, the interested party can decide whether the conclusion directly online to come, or whether the offer by mail is desired.

    We provide our customers the possibility to check the required travel insurance. Any questions prior to the conclusion should be to clarify we are pleased about the recall. The response our clients confirmed us daily that we very satisfactory advise and we are happy to recommend. We set ourselves targets – that we can only meet if our customers behind us. Simply contact us and try our service. We are looking forward to your call.

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