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    What should be accesible Annex to the Resolution of Moscow Government 94-PP dated 14 February 2006 defines the criteria to be met each entrance. If one of the following conditions in your porch is not satisfied, feel free to contact at your operator. Input stage and the visor should be repaired. Front door, locking device and door closer must be in good repair and working condition. Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, staircases (including support), floor hallways must be plastered and painted, floors – refurbished separate areas. Windows and doors of staircases should be tightly fitting the arches. Window filling should be glazed, binders – are painted.

    Electrical wiring and fixtures must be in working condition. Landings, marches and halls should not be cluttered household subjects. Heaters and pipes in the stairwells, must be in good condition and to provide temperature regulation. Mailboxes – repaired, painted. Disposable in ladder cells cabinets with switchboard and electric devices must be closed. Cabinets fire-extinguishing systems – manned, closed and sealed. Inputs in attics, basements and approaches to prevention equipment and inventory should be free, the doors to the technical facilities – closed and sealed. Elevators should be put in order, taking into account the implementation of fire prevention. Elements of the refuse chutes should be operable. At the entrances should be equipped with a bulletin board. Entrances are listed in order, if these requirements are met and the Department of Housing and Public Works in Moscow presented certificate of completion and acceptance of work.

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