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    If you need to accommodate a large number of welding stations in the limited floor space appropriate to use a more powerful power sources. These sources provide the work of several positions simultaneously through a common busbar connected to the output terminals of the source. Such sources are called multioperator power sources of the arc. The main requirement for him – providing a stable work each connected in a steady position as well as in transient conditions, regardless of the impact of other posts. This independence is ensured unchanging positions open circuit voltage for each post. Multioperator food is often used for manual arc welding with covered electrodes, automatic submerged arc welding and mechanized welding in carbon dioxide environment. When multioperator food each welding station connected to busbar trunking through a separate ballast.

    Wiring diagram is shown in Fig. 8.20. Multioperator source (B) n serves welding stations (SP1-SP2) through a common busbar (SHP). rces. Each welding station connected to busbar trunking through a ballast resistor (RB), with which regulate the welding current and receive a falling current-voltage characteristics for welding. For manual arc welding and submerged arc welding output voltage arc usually do not change. Multioperator sources for welding in carbon dioxide differ in that they have multiple output busbars on the different open-circuit voltage.

    Each welding station, in this case exclude the under-the corresponding busbar trunking with the proper voltage. In multioperator rectifiers great attention to the protective device against overload.

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