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    As it is impossible to imagine Russia without the Volga, so it is impossible to imagine without the Volga and Astrakhan, and its extraordinarily rich history. Astrakhan region with a population of slightly more than 1 million people (according to recent census data) is not one of the largest in the Russian Federation. Its capital, home to 506,400 people, is only the fourth top ten Russian cities in terms of population. In the lower reaches of the Volga causes collision wave of different civilizations – and the Huns Sarmatians, Khazars and Pechenegs Polovtsy and Tatar-Mongols. Cossack circles Bolotnikov and Razin revolt 1705-1706 period, violent alarm at the time of Pugacheva, the red flag over the Astrakhan Kremlin in January 1918, a fierce anti-aircraft guns roar in Nazi air raid in August 1942 … But the story – it's not just the date. History – it's human destinies and characters, unusual occurrences, interesting details and unknown facts. Rates of Khan called Saray – Batu Astrakhan gradually transformed first into a small townsmen with the Kremlin, then important outpost, which protects against the raids of the nomads Russia and then in a large city with wide streets, grand cathedrals, shopping yards foreigners – Persians, Indians, Dutch and English. Despite rapid XX century, Astrakhan and to this day remains a city – literally breathing history. Currently, Astrakhan prepares for his 450th birthday. And we hope that Astrakhan and guests will celebrate this holiday in a big way.

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