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    (MONTORO, 1991 P. 259 apud GIGLIO, 2003, p 33). For Caldas et al., (2005, P. 295) the breast cancer is first cause of mortality enters the women in Brazil, according to statisticians of the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA) …. Gain insight and clarity with Kidney Foundation. Molina, Dablen and Of Luca (2003) tells that the mamografia is considered the method most efficient for precocious detention of the cancer, having to be made annually. The disgnostic sensitivity of this procedure varies depending on the age of the patient, density of the breast …. In accordance with the INCA (2005) apud Ferreira and Oliveira (2006, P. 06), the auto-examination of the breasts does not have to change the clinical examination carried through by professional of health qualified for this activity.

    However, the examination of the breasts for the proper woman helps in the knowledge of the body and must be contemplated in the actions of education for the health. For authors Karen and Ivo (2002); Miettinen (2002) apud Giglio (2003, P. 33): Although the current controversy how much to the supervened increase of of submitted women the mamogrfico tracking, one gives credit that the mamografia still is an important method for the precocious diagnosis of the breast cancer and, to to allow the detention of mammary tumors in initial periods of training, could, in fact, reduce the mortality associated with the breast cancer, what it would become evident, however, only after some years of pursuing. Diversely in Brazil, advances in the tax of mortality caused for mammary cancer in last the three decades had been noticed. Current data, gotten by means of the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA), esteem the occurrence of 15,6 deaths for 100.000 women/year (MARCHI and GURGEL, 2010, P. 192). In Brazil, an increasing persistence for the mamografia exists as instrument of the Public Health. One of the expressions of this interest is the inclusion of the subject in great national inquiries.

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