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    From there the paradigm of that the nurse was the person ' ' boazinha and gentile, that accepted everything without queixas' '. The nursing not yet was scientific. To to elaborate its 95 teses to affix and them on the churches of the time, the bishop Lutero catholic gave beginning to the Protestant Reformation. Given to the split between catholics and protestants, these had initiated the estruturao of its beliefs. They had constructed hospitals, where the nursing was exerted for people whom they accepted to work for low a remuneration. Add to your understanding with Nieman Foundation. In its great part they were prostitutes who exerted the art of taking care of, generating another referring paradigm to the professionals of the nursing.

    The knowledge of the nursing still was empirical, dogmtico, as the age in the period daily pay-Christian, but exerted for Sisters of Charity and prostitutes. MODERN PERIOD In 1820, middle of century XIX, was born in the Florena the bourgeois Florence Nightingale. It has stories of that possua a marcante personality, was determined e, for times, until coarse. But it contributed in the transformation of the art to take care of in the science of taking care of, what it took the nursing to be next to we know as it today: autonomous worker, scientific and essential to prevention whitewashing of patients. It knew the Sisters of Charity of Are Vicente de Pablo and was offered to act as voluntary in the War of the Crimia. It led I obtain 38 volunteers.

    It used techniques that today we consider simple, but that they had made (and they make) the difference, as the laudering of the hands, the cleanness of dressings and in agreement separation of patients contamination criteria. The oil visited the stream beds of the soldiers with a light bulb, therefore the symbol of the nursing came to be the light bulb. Florence was known as the Lady of the Light bulb, and said that the light that emanated of the pavio meant that the relief already came.

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    Later, the prevalence reached 12.7/10,000 in the studies carried through up to 2001, being that the indices most current suggest 10 stop 10,000 individuals with classic autismo and about 30 the 60 for 10.000 for the autista specter (WILLIAMS; BRAYNE; HIGGINS, 2006). 2.4 – Clinical picture For Almeida (1996, p.255), characterizes for abnormal development of the sociability and communication and for sufficiently restricted repertoire of activities and interests. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The symptoms vary in function of the age and level of development of the individuals. For Pliszka (2004, p.188) they lose the capacity to become related; the language stops of if developing or having a communicative function; the child can say things meaningless repetidamente or echo what the others say; the ocular contact is wronged; bizarros or obsessive behaviors appear; it collects objects without meaning or to engage itself repetitively in definitive action. 2.5? I diagnosis Marot In agreement (2004) does not have laboratoriais tests or of image that can diagnosis the autismo. Thus the diagnosis must clinically made, for the interview and description of the patient, being differentiated of the deafness, neurological problems and retardation mental.

    A done time the diagnosis the child must be directed for a professional specialized in autismo, this will be puted in charge to confirm or to deny the diagnosis. According to Almeida (1996, p.256) the distinguishing diagnosis is basic with other riots of the development, syndrome of Retti, auditory riots and of say and serious mental retardation. 2.6? Treatment By means of Almeida (1996, p.256) until the moment did not reach the cure of the autismo. Therefore, the treatment must have for objective to take care of to the necessities of the child and the family, helping them to reach it independence in the activities of the daily life, and to acquire basic capacities, to stimulate the process of the language, sociability and escolaridade, being looked for to reach compatible levels of development with the age.

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    Moreover, the authorities had determined that only doctor with diploma could take care of of the patients. In accordance with SON, 2003, p19, the evolutions of the research had started: In the heroic phase of the justinian codes research, many doctors acted at the same time as scientists and as sanitaristas. Following the example of Oswaldo cross, Emilio Ribas and Vital Brazil, its disciples carried through laboratoriais research e, parallel, undertook risky trips for the interior of Brazil, giving continuity and its studies offering solutions practical for the sanitary problems of the visited regions (…) to leave for ahead the government it started to use more money in research and started to contract more specialized people similar of whom the health term Brazil did not have what to speak, but exactly thus it was not the sufficient, therefore we know until today that even so the situation of Brazil has improved very in relation to the passed times, still we have much of what to improve. However more laboratories of had been created benefit it to research of the collective health. some of these laboratories had started to be created in other oligarchies. More meanwhile, at least the propagation was steady of varies illnesses, however in the remain of the parents the indices of the diseases were remained high, with trend to raise.

    Consequently it had the sprouting of the Dr. Chagas, that in accordance with: SON, 2003, p20. Everything started in the 1909 summer, when Carlos Chagas worked in the organization of a campaign against the malaria in the mining city of Lassance (today Carlos Chagas). Worried in knowing the insects local, the researcher you perceive the existence of a great number of hematfagos insects (that they are fed of human blood), known as barbers. There looking for to clarify its characteristics the Dr. Chagas analyzed the content of the intestines of the barbers, discovering a protozorio until then unknown, the one that tripanossomo called cruzi.


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