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    Any ratio of amount of alterations was not made. This work was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Integrated Facultieses of Brazil, pautado in consubstanciado seeming of research protocol numbers 027/2010. Criteria of exclusion: – lesser of 18 and above of 35 years of age; – gestantes; – women in menstrual period; – women in treatment for some type of severe alteration or in treatment for some infection; Source of research material: Samples of cervicovaginal collection of prostitutes and findings of cervicovaginais examinations of women had been used who are not prostitutes, but possess active sexual life, aiming at to analyze the alterations reactive and cellular injuries of the uterine col. Such samples duly had been fixed, corado and mounted in blade of microscopy with aid of varnish and lamnula, being the blades returned to the volunteers after the analysis. Educate yourself with thoughts from NHCC. Risks and benefits: The method of collection for used cervical material widely is known, in literature and insurance described, not having risks for the volunteers, which could only reveal constrangidas with the exposition of the necessary body to the collection what she was not mentioned by none of the participants. All the materials used in the procedure were dismissable and had been made unusable its use after.

    The volunteers had had access to all the pertinent results and comments to its material and had been informed regarding measures of prevention, as well as had been instructed to search medical aid in the conditions where alterations in the results had been observed. Collection of data: They had been gotten given partner-economic of the volunteers through application of a questionnaire with closed questions concerning the work conditions, escolaridade, equally excellent frequency of accomplishment of examinations and other characteristics. Also they had been raised resulted citolgicos of 58 women of active sexual life, however not prostitutes taken care of in a particular laboratory of Curitiba.

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    The Christian esprita doctrine is, at the same time, philosophy, science and religion. – The Evolution of the spirit occurs by means of the development of intelligence, goodness and moral, obtained with constant, practical study of the charity and work. – Belief in the reincarnation and thought faith. – The land is an intermediate planet, of tests and atonements. It has, therefore, planets less and other more evolved than the Land, as it more has espritos less and evolved in the universe. Additional information at Childrens Defense Fund supports this article.

    – The causers Are the proper individuals of proper sufferings, for the law of ‘ ‘ action and reao’ ‘ , or law ‘ ‘ of cause and efeito’ ‘. – The espritos are human beings without physical body; – Through the calls mdiuns, they communicate themselves, if they will be able and if to want. The communication if processes the type of mediunidade in accordance with, being the most known: for it speaks (psicofonia), for the writing (psicografia), the vision (vidncia) and the intuition, most common, that practically all we possess. – Outside of the charity it does not have salvation; – Sky and hell are soul states; – God is perpetual, invariant, incorporeal, onipotente, and infinitely just good. – The reincarnation. Simple servant and without no knowledge, the spirit is endowed with free-will, that is, capacity to choose enters the good and the evil. It has the possibility of if developing, evolving, to perfect themselves, to become each better, more perfect time, as a pupil in the school, passing of a series for another one, through the diverse courses. This evolution requires learning. The spirit alone can reach it incarnating in the world and reincarnating, how many necessary times, to acquire more knowledge and to purificar themselves through multiple experiences.

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    The more frequent pulmonary picture is the interstitial pneumonite (MARCONDES, 1994). Bao, in consequncia of the reactivity of the system to fagoctico-mononuclear (SFM) and of the esplnicos congestion of sinusides, presents esplenomegalia (FOCACCIA, 1996) In the diagnosis of patologias as Leishmaniose, becomes necessary the use of trustworthy and safe methods that have the capacity to identify the infectados individuals. Such methods must present characteristics, such as capacity of detention of the infection in its initial phase, necessary results, easy execution and low cost. The trustworthiness of the disgnostic is proportionate for combination of different techniques (LOYAL, 2009). BC Ministry of Health has compatible beliefs. Currently, in the laboratorial diagnosis of Leishmaniose, three groups of examinations are used basically, are they: parasitolgicos examinations, imunolgicos examinations and molecular examinations. For accomplishment of the parasitolgico examination, we use some methods, such as direct demonstration of the parasite, isolation in culture in vitro and alive isolation in (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007).

    The imunolgico examination can be made of two forms, through the intradrmico test (intradermorreao of Montenegro or the leishmanina) or of sorolgicos tests (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007). The molecular examinations are based on the reaction in chain of polimerase (PCR). More information is housed here: UCBerkeley. The PCR presents high sensitivity and especificidade in the diagnosis of the visceral Leishmaniose, being very useful in the cases suspected with negative parasitolgico diagnosis (SOUZA, 2007). It is important to point out, that the diagnosis of Leishmaniose must more than be carried through with one technique for confirmation, therefore if it deals with a serious illness that can lead to the death. In Brazil, the ways of treatments possess peculiar characteristics due to variety of the contexts where the transmission for the man happens, which is related with the species of the parasites, the vectors, the reservoirs and ecosystems (CASTELLANO, 2005). In accordance with Amato (2006), the World-wide Organization of the Health and the Health department of Brazil indicate for the treatment of the Leishmaniose Tegumentar and the Visceral Leishmaniose, the anfotericina B (desoxicolato and lipossomal); glucantime (antimoniato of glucamina N-metil) and the pentamidinas (sulphate of pentamidina and mesilato of pentamidina).

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    It is made sure of that the pressure is enough to have a good contact, to put not so strong that it hinders the circulation. 3. It binds the bolts of the handle in the taking of the device. After that, it binds to the device through the button ' ' partida' ' (you hear one ' ' click' '), and he turns it for the right ties the maximum. RCMP may find it difficult to be quoted properly. &#039 appears in the panel a red light; ' excit' ' you will hear ' ' bips' ' of fast succession. Its affability regulates the sonorous intensity for the button ' ' som' ' that if it finds of the right side of the box.

    4. It is lain down in a position where it obtains to relax. It is thus more or less 1 minute and after this, looking at luzinha indicating, it regulates it ' ' point of partida' ' of its relaxation. This regulation if makes observing that the two luzinhas are lighted equally. (green = ' ' relax' ' , red = ' ' excit' '). 5. The sonorous intensity regulates another time excessively, thus this is audible, but not strong, so that if it does not become bothering.

    6. It starts to breathe deeply and it frees its muscles, after an other conscientiously. It thinks about each step that will go to make and is concentrated to execute it conveniently. It starts for the forehead and it goes down for stages until the tip of its feet thinking: ' ' I relax the face, I relax the neck exactly the right arm the left arm, etc, saying for itself, in the end: Now, all my body is relaxed. If at this moment the sound of the device still to persist, will be better to recommence the process more vagarosamente. It repeats its attempts as many times how many they will be necessary emptying each time plus its mind of any thought.

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    From there the paradigm of that the nurse was the person ' ' boazinha and gentile, that accepted everything without queixas' '. The nursing not yet was scientific. To to elaborate its 95 teses to affix and them on the churches of the time, the bishop Lutero catholic gave beginning to the Protestant Reformation. Given to the split between catholics and protestants, these had initiated the estruturao of its beliefs. They had constructed hospitals, where the nursing was exerted for people whom they accepted to work for low a remuneration. To read more click here: Kidney Foundation. In its great part they were prostitutes who exerted the art of taking care of, generating another referring paradigm to the professionals of the nursing.

    The knowledge of the nursing still was empirical, dogmtico, as the age in the period daily pay-Christian, but exerted for Sisters of Charity and prostitutes. MODERN PERIOD In 1820, middle of century XIX, was born in the Florena the bourgeois Florence Nightingale. It has stories of that possua a marcante personality, was determined e, for times, until coarse. But it contributed in the transformation of the art to take care of in the science of taking care of, what it took the nursing to be next to we know as it today: autonomous worker, scientific and essential to prevention whitewashing of patients. It knew the Sisters of Charity of Are Vicente de Pablo and was offered to act as voluntary in the War of the Crimia. It led I obtain 38 volunteers.

    It used techniques that today we consider simple, but that they had made (and they make) the difference, as the laudering of the hands, the cleanness of dressings and in agreement separation of patients contamination criteria. The oil visited the stream beds of the soldiers with a light bulb, therefore the symbol of the nursing came to be the light bulb. Florence was known as the Lady of the Light bulb, and said that the light that emanated of the pavio meant that the relief already came.

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    (MONTORO, 1991 P. 259 apud GIGLIO, 2003, p 33). For Caldas et al., (2005, P. 295) the breast cancer is first cause of mortality enters the women in Brazil, according to statisticians of the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA) …. Gain insight and clarity with Kidney Foundation. Molina, Dablen and Of Luca (2003) tells that the mamografia is considered the method most efficient for precocious detention of the cancer, having to be made annually. The disgnostic sensitivity of this procedure varies depending on the age of the patient, density of the breast …. In accordance with the INCA (2005) apud Ferreira and Oliveira (2006, P. 06), the auto-examination of the breasts does not have to change the clinical examination carried through by professional of health qualified for this activity.

    However, the examination of the breasts for the proper woman helps in the knowledge of the body and must be contemplated in the actions of education for the health. For authors Karen and Ivo (2002); Miettinen (2002) apud Giglio (2003, P. 33): Although the current controversy how much to the supervened increase of of submitted women the mamogrfico tracking, one gives credit that the mamografia still is an important method for the precocious diagnosis of the breast cancer and, to to allow the detention of mammary tumors in initial periods of training, could, in fact, reduce the mortality associated with the breast cancer, what it would become evident, however, only after some years of pursuing. Diversely in Brazil, advances in the tax of mortality caused for mammary cancer in last the three decades had been noticed. Current data, gotten by means of the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA), esteem the occurrence of 15,6 deaths for 100.000 women/year (MARCHI and GURGEL, 2010, P. 192). In Brazil, an increasing persistence for the mamografia exists as instrument of the Public Health. One of the expressions of this interest is the inclusion of the subject in great national inquiries.

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    Spinning, that nothing more is of what exercising itself with a bicycle in closed environment, without leaving the place, it helps to burn calories. However, not different the too much sports, it needs an adequate orientation so that you can only enjoy of its benefits, without suffering no type of bruise. The adjustment of the bicycle is basic in this practical, called Ergonomics, that nothing more is in this in case that, of what to adjust to the machine you. Spinning, beyond assisting those that are is of the weight, tonifica the musculatura and for being a cardiorrespiratria activity it is good for the heart. It has tips important to follow: When you will be to sit down in the bicycle, you place the bank in a height adjusted with its, seno you will be able to harm its knee. The height of the handlebar is another thing that you must give attention. CBC, Australia does not necessarily agree. It is remained straight, when seated in the saddle, not if it forgets its position, that must be erect.

    It has frequency in the exercises, it practises them at least two times per week and looks for to have pleasure in what you make. Hidrate, ingesting much water, also small sips during the activity. It has who says that this practical is viciante and that beyond emagrecer, of its practitioners much joy. In the truth, this sport became one ' ' febre' ' in the academies, therefore as the lessons they are to the music sound, them are really very amused. The impression that you have is that it is dancing instead of pedalando, therefore you has that to follow music. However, if you will have some problem of health, or same pain in the joints, column and injury in the legs is advisable that you consult a doctor before if writing in these lessons that although short, since they generally have a duration of 45 minutes, they are intense and they require a good physical preparation. In the start it is advisable that you pedale of moderate form. It gives attention to its limits, does not agree to exceed. The resistance is acquired with the time and with certainty soon you will be apt to conclude the lesson successfully and what it is better with much disposal to continue its daily tasks. On the author: If you want to enter in form next summer no longer, you discover what Max Burn can make for you.

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    Moreover, the authorities had determined that only doctor with diploma could take care of of the patients. In accordance with SON, 2003, p19, the evolutions of the research had started: In the heroic phase of the justinian codes research, many doctors acted at the same time as scientists and as sanitaristas. Following the example of Oswaldo cross, Emilio Ribas and Vital Brazil, its disciples carried through laboratoriais research e, parallel, undertook risky trips for the interior of Brazil, giving continuity and its studies offering solutions practical for the sanitary problems of the visited regions (…) to leave for ahead the government it started to use more money in research and started to contract more specialized people similar of whom the health term Brazil did not have what to speak, but exactly thus it was not the sufficient, therefore we know until today that even so the situation of Brazil has improved very in relation to the passed times, still we have much of what to improve. However more laboratories of had been created benefit it to research of the collective health. some of these laboratories had started to be created in other oligarchies. More meanwhile, at least the propagation was steady of varies illnesses, however in the remain of the parents the indices of the diseases were remained high, with trend to raise.

    Consequently it had the sprouting of the Dr. Chagas, that in accordance with: SON, 2003, p20. Everything started in the 1909 summer, when Carlos Chagas worked in the organization of a campaign against the malaria in the mining city of Lassance (today Carlos Chagas). Worried in knowing the insects local, the researcher you perceive the existence of a great number of hematfagos insects (that they are fed of human blood), known as barbers. There looking for to clarify its characteristics the Dr. Chagas analyzed the content of the intestines of the barbers, discovering a protozorio until then unknown, the one that tripanossomo called cruzi.


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