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    Greetings to all in the finals of analogies about castles in the games. Work done much. Thanks to everyone who helped me in this matter. I asked the right impetus, which was supported by many enthusiasts. Thanks to their help topic castles in games gained its current turnover. Summarizing, we can say that the collection of more than 400 pictures. Half of them – are full of gameplay screenshots.

    Significantly expanded the previous collections: Castle Games (Part One) – Castle on a hill Castle in the games (Part Two) – On the way to the castle in Castle Games (Part Three) – At the gates and into the throne room in heaven castle + instructions to create a heavenly castle remains only to describe how I was looking for pictures. First of all, I rely on their collection. For many years, only for themselves, sorted on the computer screen shots overall theme folders. For example, I was always attracted to knives in games, moon, clouds, sand worms, a sword in the stone, etc. So the foundation of any collection – this is my savings. Then, when I decided what will be the topic notes, for example, "Heavenly Castle", I begin to look at Google Image" different variations of phrases such as: sky castle in the game, Floating Castle, rpg castle, etc. In the end, look through thousands of pictures, where I find something what I need.

    Just use different foreign sites, for example, GiantBomb.com – there can find out which games were a particular item, location. But of course all of this without screenshots – they have to look for myself. I also help YouTube, and a most unusual way. I make screenshots of video clips:) funny sounds, it's because as take pictures with pictures. But sometimes there is no better way. Instead of the very reach of a particular episode or download save, I just look through the "video transmission", of which some do, and screenshots. The blessing is now on YouTube videos in high quality. And now enjoy the views of the castle in games:

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