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    Easy display from Hanover is giving away in cooperation with donor helfen.de flexible exhibition stands from the 1st February 2014 it so far! It begins a collaborative project by helfen.de of founder of & easy display! Topic categories the EasyShare display GmbH raffled a booth combo, display as well as an exhibition wall every consisting of a counter, a brochure stand, a roll-up. If you would like to know more then you should visit David J. Bershad. Any club / organisation can participate. Whose organization/Association would like to take part in this action, must be registered with donor helfen.de and perform a current project, which suits the subject. We want to support non-profit clubs and organizations hereby the measure to present themselves professionally in public, before potential supporters and sponsors. Every held the drawing of the exhibition stands and awarded a non-profit project from different subject areas each time. In the month of February is the theme of “Sport”. The first place winner receives the easy RollBudget (85 x 200 cm) (www.easydisplay.com/ easy rolling budget-roll-up-banner.html), the easy PopUpBudget curved set (size S) (www.easydisplay.com/ popup display easy-popupbudget-curved-set.html) as well as the easy stair (www.easydisplay.com/ easy-stair-prospektstaender.html).

    If registered at donor helfen.de (another at:), every organization / each club can join. The following operation is given: registration plus application: February 1-28, 2014, selection of winner: 1-15 3 2014 information winner: March 16-20, 2014, settlement of exhibition systems: after 20 3 2014, start new profit measure: 1 5 2014. If your club or your organization in the field of sport is busy, sign up on and imagine action/easydisplay/messestand_4_non-profits as well as your project on the following Web page. Afterwards, it’s just still fingers crossed and hope that your project convinced us! Founder helfen.de is the online portal for IT donations in Germany. Generally beneficial organizations in Germany offers Stiftungszentrum.de on the Web-platform access to the product donation programs of currently 23 IT founders (including SAP, Microsoft, Adobe and others. Founder helfen.de provides in addition to the hardware and software donations now workshop and seminar courses, online advertising to non-profits as well as pro bono excellence donations. Founder helfen.de intends to expand offering of support. CA.

    18 000 German non-profit organisations (NPO) are then registered and checked. Now one of the leading providers of solutions in the field of large-format and point-of-sale advertising was established in 2002 the EasyShare display GmbH by Brothers Michael and Markus Goch. EasyDisplay sells, based in Hannover, advertising material and promotional displays of all kinds. Services in the field of large-format printing, digital printing and graphing are also on top of that being offered.

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