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    Antirecessionary recipe from Negus Expo. Another summer of 2008 the business processes were boiling and bubbling. However, in the autumn crisis of the real sector of the economy led to a sharp reduction in advertising budgets of most companies. From the standpoint of today reality shows that before the crisis show the market was overheated. Along with an increase in the number of events grew and budgets of participating companies of various business forums, and fold increase in the number of exhibitors of many exhibitions spoke more about the availability of funds to meet the ambitions of fashion companies. The current phase of the crisis that has spread to the real economy, has dramatically altered and exhibition business, which, as litmus test reflects the processes occurring in the economy. Exhibition business, as one of the most expensive and labor-intensive sectors of marketing at this time of crisis, forced to reduce its costs. Since the exhibition costs include direct costs of funds for space rental, equipment, transportation, transportation, travel, hotels, and payment of the stand staff, many of the participating companies reduced their budgets for participation in conferences and exhibitions, and managers who make decisions about participation in exhibitions, will be a long time to ponder where to put the comma, looking at the phrase "exhibit can not be undone." However, before you strike out from their budget expenditure item in the exhibition must carefully weigh the pros and cons, to assess how participation (or nonparticipation) in important exhibitions will affect the conduct of business in the short term.

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