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    The consumer movement in Russia was organized in September 1988. Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra gathered all the information. For the first time such an organization was created in America, and the sixties of the 20 th century, has spread to many countries in Europe. Russia, and in that time has One of the republics of the ussr, where similar organizations have formed later than most. In the Soviet Union in the early 80-ies of the 20 th century were born societies, clubs, organizations and associations for the protection of consumer rights. First it was created from the Leningrad Club customers, and then Moscow Consumers Union. And in 1989, was officially founded the Federation of Consumer Societies of the ussr. In 1990, organized by the Consumers Union of the Soviet Union, which brought together over 100 national, regional, provincial and municipal, district associations. And in 1992 the organization was transformed into the International Confederation of Consumer Societies (KonfOP).

    It joined the consumer society in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, , Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and others KonfOP was a member of the International Organization of Consumers Unions. In 1995 he was created by the Russian Foundation for Consumer Protection. Its main task was to maintain constitutional rights of citizens in the area of consumer policy. In 1999, the social movement of consumers Russia has more than 700 consumer organizations. First Law of ussr "On Consumer Rights Protection" was established on 22 May 1991, however, in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union, he never stepped into force. In 1992, already in the Russian Federation was introduced by the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights. He recorded the consumer's right of state and social protection of its interests, as consumers. This law has helped maintain the protection of civil rights in the sphere of consumption.

    Recent amendments to the Act were adopted in 2007. Ministry for Antimonopoly Policy and Support of Entrepreneurship of the Russian Federation is the primary federal agency for consumer protection (MAP of Russia). And under the entire national security system means the totality of the federal executive bodies, local authorities, associations of consumers. The main objective of Consumers Union is a qualified legal assistance to consumers. Consultation, drafting claims, an independent consumer expertise, management of court cases, verifying compliance with the rules of trade and consumer services – all this and much more is the Union and its member community associations. This is an everyday consumer protection. For all 20 years of existence, the organization of legal assistance received over two and a half million citizens. Now, advice on all matters relating to the rights of consumers to get trendy and over the Internet. Beginning in 2007, created counseling centers across Russia, providing free legal assistance.

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    It is said that being drafted by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the abolition of restrictions on property purchase by foreigners. Do you “in place” it is somehow your comment? Answer. This law attempts to enter the European Union in the Czech Republic since 2004, another postponement of the ends in May 2009. Czech media are already massaged the information to extend the deferral of the law. In our opinion the situation has not changed and will adopt a new delay. Question Has the Government taken any measures to maintain financial market and construction industry? Implement a construction company new projects (residential, commercial) or frozen? The answer for these programs do not have any information, construction corporations are feeling fine, construction is going on everywhere and the objects are not frozen, restrictions on construction can be seen in not started construction projects that were planned only on paper. Question. As far as domestic market participants feel the impact of global crisis and what it expressed?

    Response. Feels savings and credit deficit, the Czech banks changed the policy, interest rates and terms, all tightened the belt and work. Objects are not frozen and construction commenced objects as apartment houses and villages of the private sector .Vopros. Who in the Czech Republic buys from foreigners, for what purpose? Response. Customers are citizens of cis countries to a greater or lesser extent, it depends on development of post-Soviet space, design goals Rentals, investment capital, the goal-residence on a permanent basis or for visits to .Vopros. Russian in the Czech Republic, Prague and Karlovy Vary. How to modify (if changed) their buying habits? How realtors estimate their activity? Response. Client activity fell, and rose, due to the availability of crisis in their countries, people are trying to preserve capital, to translate them into Czech Republic and to invest for the future generation. There are customers who have frozen funds in the Czech banks in the euro equivalent, or the dollar. Preferences were completely different, all depends on the level of capital and the objectives acquisition, there are customers who want to buy just to buy, there are those who take property for registration and lodging, there are those who take shelter and rent it out, vip clients purchase homes or penthouses for profitable investment. Question. What are the objects of the Czech real estate (residential, commercial) you consider most promising for investment, and why? Response. Residential Property Czech Republic, and especially the central region, volume of construction and reconstruction of a set of objects suggests that the prospect of there and the price, despite the global financial crisis will grow, commercial real estate in the Czech Republic to engage and develop different directions one of these areas investment and investment in transport and warehouse logistics, the location of the Czech Republic (the heart of Europe) is better and you can not pridumat.Nalichie, such as self- apartment buildings in Prague and renting it out separate apartments – apartments always bring, bring, and will bring a steady income. The reason is that the Czech Republic, first and foremost a tourist country with million annual turnover of tourists.

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    Czech banks remained competently begin issuing mortgages and harvest. Abdul Sattar Edhi might disagree with that approach. Further, many Czech banks were direct participants and investors as much as urban areas, as in Prague and throughout Czech Republic. Learn more at: Nancy Lublin. Initially, the rapid development of insertion of capital into real estate in Prague, Czech Republic, observed and Central Bohemia Region, but then interest has grown in the Czech spa locations, such as Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne, also filed a surge in construction investment and the influx of tourists. A little later the Czech construction company started use and long-term construction sites all the towns and lands of the Czech Republic. By 2008, growth in property prices in Prague and the Czech Republic has reached its climax.

    Mortgage rates have reached its bottom, the minimum level of 4.5% per annum. and it should be noted that the division of conditions for the issuance and delivery of mortgage loans were not separated by Czech citizens and Czech citizens. Rates were unified, there were some additional requirements on foreign bank third-country nationals, who incidentally, did not prevent foreigners buying property and still use the Czech banking facilities for a very reasonable rate of interest. The rapid development of many new residential areas, the development of a both internal and external market Czech Republic created the conditions for the active construction of commercial buildings. Office and retail space began to appear everywhere. Hospitality Industry of the Czech Republic to the influx of tourists and business intelligentsia was forced to rethink the approach to the management of the sector and take steps to improve the available space for living, level of nutrition in restaurants and additional tourist services.

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    If you want to radically change her life and decided to neither more nor less than to change your country of permanent residence, then it makes sense to define – what do you want from a new country? Get a prestigious education? find paying job? start a business? Or just settle into a beautiful, clean city, the stability of developing countries? Immigration to the Czech answer to many difficult questions. Bohemia combines many advantages developed European countries – the high standard of living, decent wages, an incredibly beautiful architecture, similar to the Russian mentality and language. The main things you need to know, leaving all in a new country. Education in the Czech Republic. The most popular experts today on the Czech labor market are the specialists with higher education and work experience.

    If you already have a diploma of higher education, then to work specialty is necessary to confirm it. For some specialties, this procedure is a formal, but such professionals such as doctors will need to undergo complicated training, to get recognition professional community of the Czech Republic. Dr. Neal Barnard wanted to know more. If you are planning to study in the Czech Republic, it would be nice to know that learning in higher education institutions in the Czech Republic free of charge, even for foreigners, provided that the training held in the Czech language. Therefore, when the graduates of Russian schools are planning to enroll in universities in the Czech Republic, as a rule, they are trained for a year, during which study the language and subjects that will be required for entrance examinations. Work in the Czech Republic. Emigration to the Czech Republic is not possible without reliable service. Companies typically medium and large quantities of specialists look after themselves while they are still being trained. Companies invite students to practice their company, give them underworking.

    During his studies at the senior courses, many students already work part-time at their future employers. If during the practice of student well-behaved displayed, then after graduation, it is welcome in the company. The main difficulty in finding a job for a foreigner is the language. Anyone who does not know the Czech language has virtually no chance of a good job. But the Czech more than other European languages similar to Russian, so it is easier to learn. Coming into the country, usually in a few months people can already communicate on everyday topics, and a year mastering the necessary level of knowledge of Czech language. Manufacturer Czech Republic. If you have hired the employee, the ability to stay in the Czech Republic depends on the employer. If he will dismiss you, then within a few days you must leave the country. Your business Czech Republic may be one way of employment, thus guaranteeing the presence in the country regardless of the employer. Plan looks like this: open the company in the Czech Republic obtained a business visa for a year to operate on contract. Whatever was in exile in the Czech Republic, as well as in another new country it is important to familiarize yourself with all areas of life expectancy.

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    Lessee shall use the leased land, given its target purpose and permitted use, as well as in accordance with the terms of the contract. For land tenant pays the landlord rent. Under a contract of gift, one party (grantor) transfers or agrees to donate the property of the land to another party (the donee). Donation contract is bilateral. Donate the land without the consent of the donee can not.

    The contract of donation should be distinguished from inheritance: the contract of donation land transferred or should go into the property to the donee during the lifetime of the donor. Annuity contract – is a civil contract, in accordance with which one party (Rent recipient) transfers to another party (the payer of rent) to land ownership and rent payer undertakes in exchange for land from time to time to pay rent to the recipient in the form certain amount of money or provision of funds for its maintenance. In another form, the land of the rent contract can be transmitted to the payer of rent, for payment or free of charge. Pledge (mortgage) – Pledge of land areas regulated by the Federal Law "On Mortgage (mortgage)." Under a pledge agreement land contract (contract on the mortgage) one party – the mortgagee, the creditor under an obligation secured by a mortgage has the right to obtain satisfaction of his monetary claims against the debtor on the obligation of the value of the mortgaged land on the other hand – preferably before the mortgagor other creditors of the mortgagor, with the exceptions established by federal law. Rights and responsibilities: 1.pravo property legally produced crops and plantations, on information received from these products; 2. the right to develop common minerals and peat with the spread of ownership of all mined (Article 18-19 of the rf Law "On Subsoil") 3. the right to pump water, followed by the emergence of property rights to the resulting water 4.

    right use of forest land (timber) and use the byproducts of the forest in accordance with the approved rules of forest management, 5. the right to build, in the prescribed manner, residential, industrial, cultural and residential and other buildings and structures; 6. the right to conduct, in the prescribed manner, irrigation, drainage, kulturotehnicheskie and other reclamation work, to build ponds and other water bodies. Responsibilities: 1. Efficiently use the land according to its end use, to prevent environmental degradation as a result of its economic and other activities 2. Implement a set of measures for the protection of land from natural adversities, including those caused by human activities; 3. Increase the fertility of productive land; 4. Make timely payment for the land in the form of land tax or rent, 5. Does not violate the rights of others land owners, land owners, land users and tenants; 6. Provide timely and local administrations established by the legislation information about the status and use of land, 7. When the conduct of any construction guided by the existing construction rules and regulations 8. when the land lease, in addition, act in accordance with the lease, that is, with the consent of the lessor.

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    If you are a lover of non-traditional holiday and invite friends to sauna (possible even a variation of the presence of men, if all of you have husbands or regular partners, and all company is familiar, friendly and pleasant to each other). Moral and ethical standards in this case can be safely ignored. Wrapped from the collarbone to his knees in sheets ladies and men with a naked torso resemble assembly patricians than sex orgy on the beach people go to each other in a naked form, but it does not cause in our soul protest. In the steam room to walk in groups of interests. People such as BSA would likely agree. The only problem – the pool. There could be anywhere no getting around it, but many of my friends married couples, lovers and sauna baths, take back swimsuits and swimming trunks, so as not to confuse the audience, though, as they say, there are 'nudiruyuschie' estestvolyuby.

    Once upon a time I had a kazusny time, which put me into a blind alley. My ex-friend, a great lover couple, attracted to his passion for his entire company. The husband of one of the 'members' has been a sailor and, in principle, rarely seen. Once they took him with him, he was ecstatic. It took about 3 years and we met by chance on my work. I did not recognize him, and when he said apologetically, that I did not remember him with joyful eyes wide open, said very loudly: 'Light, as well as, well, remember we're in went to bath.

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    Antirecessionary recipe from Negus Expo. Another summer of 2008 the business processes were boiling and bubbling. However, in the autumn crisis of the real sector of the economy led to a sharp reduction in advertising budgets of most companies. From the standpoint of today reality shows that before the crisis show the market was overheated. Along with an increase in the number of events grew and budgets of participating companies of various business forums, and fold increase in the number of exhibitors of many exhibitions spoke more about the availability of funds to meet the ambitions of fashion companies. The current phase of the crisis that has spread to the real economy, has dramatically altered and exhibition business, which, as litmus test reflects the processes occurring in the economy. Exhibition business, as one of the most expensive and labor-intensive sectors of marketing at this time of crisis, forced to reduce its costs. Since the exhibition costs include direct costs of funds for space rental, equipment, transportation, transportation, travel, hotels, and payment of the stand staff, many of the participating companies reduced their budgets for participation in conferences and exhibitions, and managers who make decisions about participation in exhibitions, will be a long time to ponder where to put the comma, looking at the phrase "exhibit can not be undone." However, before you strike out from their budget expenditure item in the exhibition must carefully weigh the pros and cons, to assess how participation (or nonparticipation) in important exhibitions will affect the conduct of business in the short term.


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