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    More than forty men and women of letters from five departments and three countries attended the 8th meeting of writers of la Guajira conducted during 26th and 27th August in the Ismael Rodriguez Fuentes educational institution of this municipality in the South of the Department. The event, organized by the Foundation lyrics Guajiras, counted with the presence of the Chilean writer Gladys Aqueveque, the Orlando Trovat Venezuelan and representatives of Magdalena, Cordoba, Bolivar, Magdalena, Cesar and La Guajira. By Magdalena attended Rafael Jimenez, native of Aracataca, where he directs the workshop many years later and coordinates the House Museum Gabriel Garcia Marquez. By Bolivar Department attended the workshop leader Matias Salas; by the Department of Codoba Naudin Gracian. On behalf of La Guajira was attended by artisans of the word from the likes of Abel Medina saw, Enmanuel Pichon, Jack Soto, Pedro Cordoba, Gustavo Maceas, Alejandro Rutto and Julio Larios, among others.

    Everything was born Edgar Camargo, founder of the encounter as a strategy within the classroom, she said that everything was born within the classroom when he wore his students ride authors texts so that they read them, enjoy and analyze. Through books, texts and fragments students began to fond with the native authors of the peninsula and asked their teachers and directors of the institution to carry them to campus to get to know them. Thus the first meeting was scheduled in 2003 when, for reasons of time and complicated agenda of the authors, however, could only attend Abel Medina saw. Thereafter the event continued its course and each day was higher the number of attendees to the edition of the year 2010 when attendance exceeded forty participants. Workshops, strategy to promote the habit of reading and writing in its latest meeting made a presentation about the methodology used by the workshops and collectives of different places on the coast Atlantic to promote the habit of reading and train new writers in each of the corners of the Caribbean coast. Some Directors workshops showed supporters do a careful job creation and revision, avoiding the rush to publish and the sight in working with care each production of new writers. However there was another trend: that of those who were inclined by the publication of the texts as a necessary element to stimulate the work of those who are starting in the paths of literary creation. A recital at the foot of the Hermitage one of the most exciting moments of this festival of letters and verses is the recital that was carried out on the night of August 26 in the atrium of the Hermitage of San Lucas de El Molino.

    One by one the poets, students and even anonymous citizens were parading before the microphones and the lamps to express sentiment through beautiful poems of his own. The concert was followed by some seven hundred people who defied the downpour that night fell over the South of the Guajira and took one step to constitute to the mill in one of the municipalities where most flowers culture in the Department of La Guajira. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities.

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