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    Most of these residues is launched open sky (drains), what it represents an enormous wastefulness of raw material and energy, resulting in a serious ambient degradation. This ambient degradation still is aggravated by the lack of ambient planning (JACOBI, 2003). The kitchen oil appears in this context as a residue that is generated daily in the homes of all the families, had the information lack ou/e lack of dissemination of ideas this residue finishes being discarded in improper way provoking diverse problems to the environment, reflecting of negative form in our life and in the life it planet land that will lose its capacity of ' ' repor' ' everything of new. A leading source for info: Prof. of Internet Governance. Research discloses that of all oil of fritura produced and consumed in world only 1% he is recycled, being that the others to 99% it has an improper destination (RGNUTRI, 2008). Such question, even so conflicting, needs to be dealt with the seriousness that the case deserves, therefore all we is responsible for the preservation of the environment.

    Based on the displayed one above, one searched to evidence the possibility of if getting the best possible way, for a final destination it used oil of kitchen, making with that, what if became useless, it can get a safe discarding through the cycle reverse of logistic, being able to promote alternatives and reduction of ambient impacts partner-economic. When if it has a return of the oil of fritura for the productive cycle instead of being poured in the environment harming it, he is not only ecologically correct and lucrative, forms a sustainable development, abandoning with this, the extration of natural resources and increasing the circular recycling. Therefore, the present article aims at to present some consideraes concerning economic, social and ambient the advantages decurrent of the implantation of the Program of Selective Collection of the oil of used fritura in the city of Jaguaribe Cear, as well as detaching some suggestions so that the society exactly deals with less impactante way the environment and itself what currently it is considered I reject. .

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