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    On the market today, there are two kinds of sources of studio light – this pulse and constant light. Sources of constant light – is often powerful halogen lamps that are very hot and emit a large number of warm during use. They are used in photography are rare, more in the filming, but if your “weapons” without a camera “shoe” or sinhrokontakta, then the only way out of studio photography – it is constant light. To use a constant light you need to be heat-resistant soft box or umbrella. Yet another negative DC light – is the need to turn it off at least once per hour. Pulse flash lamps (one-piece) – is a light source, consisting of two lamps.

    The first – a pilot light, which helps the photographer to determine the presence of shadows, and manage its capacity is about 50-300 W. The second lamp – is itself pulse source, which illuminates the studio photography. Power of the tube is directly proportional to its price. Power pulsed studio flashes indicate in Joules (J), for example: 150 J, 300 J, 500 J, 1000 J. The name usually indicate maximum flash power, but it has a power control (smooth or step). When choosing a studio light an important point – sync pulse with the camera. Ie studio flash lamps and shutter camera must occur simultaneously.

    Svetosinhronizatsiyu sinhrokontakty can implement that will connect the camera and the flash sync cable, infrared sensor or a radio channel. Sync usually comes with a studio flash. Cable connects to the flash and the camera (or adapter). Others flash trigger from vpyshki already connected lamp. IR sihrokontakt attached to the “shoe” camera, and a special sensor detects outbreaks infrared radiation from the contact, which synchronizes the flash. In addition to these methods of synchronization using the same timing of pre-flash from the camera. Ie outbreak of camera “ignites” the other flash in the studio. Radiosinhronizatsiya – synchronization over the air. This is usually set the receiver and transmitter.

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