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    Editorial titled ‘ Foundation as a savings model ‘ 2009 914 new charitable foundations were established in spite of the economic crisis in Germany. That is the third highest increase in history. Thus, the total rises to 17.372. The boom comes not from about. Tax support for foundations increased significantly from 2007. Each donor as special editions of the income tax can deduct up to one million euros. Moreover due to a recent law change the extension on the EU area. The domestic Treasury supports now also grants to foreign charitable foundations.

    The primary motive of the donor but not the tax savings, but the preservation of assets, what appears to be unavailable due to lack of qualified successors with the conventional succession is the most. The legacy lives and then multiplied through a foundation in the long run according to your personal preferences. The capital is retained, the purpose of the Foundation is supported only from the income. But all worth the effort with each use, only from 300,000 euros seed capital, a founding makes sense. Also the privileges of the Treasury participate in this magnitude. Tax exemption during the duration of the Administration and a high special edition print with formation and subsequent deposits attracting facilities, which have non-profit or charitable goals such as promoting environmental protection, art and research.

    The money must go at least in one of the beneficiary uses and the actions of the Foundation must be selfless. There is a pattern phrase, as has the Statute of a foundation to look by the financial management. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gavin Baker on most websites. An informal application to the IRS for recognition of the public interest is the first step to the tax exemption for the newly formed Foundation. Then passes the ownership without the burden of inheritance or gift tax even after the reform from 2009 and can then be used in full for the desired pumping applications. Unless citizens as part of their estate planning the alternative of a foundation dealing with,. should note the date of the transfer. Because the special deduction of up to one million euros no longer succeed, if bank deposits, real estate or assets due to the testamentary instructions just to flow after the death to a nonprofit foundation. The Finanzgericht Hamburg now made it clear, that at the special deduction the flow principle, whereby funds until tax count in the year in which they actually transferred (case No. 3 K 242/08). The special deduction fails at the Foundation donation on the occasion of the death as the deceased in this case itself provides no output and is thus not economically burdened. The assets shall only pass with the succession to the Foundation, so no longer drains during his lifetime. This applies regardless of whether the nonprofit foundation already exists or is newly founded on the occasion of the death of the deceased so the judges. Find more interested in the band titled the exemplary articles in establishing a non-profit limited liability company Gemeinnutzige GmbH”by Dr. Andreas Rohde and Dr. Lutz Engelsing, 2010 published by VSRW-Verlag, Bonn. The band can be for 19.80 Tel. 0228 95124-0 or be ordered at.

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    In addition to online distribution the young brand now also relies on resellers. There are the fitters professional products now available for resellers. The young Hairstylingmarke from Munster, Germany has so far put on own Internet sales. Fitters filled a gap in the market with its professional products, because they are affordable – even for students. In the product range, the two types of hair gel are currently “Power Shaper” – even as extra-strong with UV filter, fresh effect and without alcohol and once as a lemon version with ultra-thick stop and reload function.

    The GelWax ‘Bahama Breeze’ is a mixture of gel and wax even without alcohol. The completely crazy “The Builder” styling cream is delivered in three doses as a tower. This is a stringy Stylingcreme which gives extreme long term hold, creating a Matt effect. Learn more at: Neeman Foundation. High-quality power styling gel or the Perlglanzstyler with UV filters and fresh effect: there are the fitters professional products now available for resellers. The young Hairstylingmarke from Munster, Germany has so far put on own Internet sales. “The first salons have been our products in the store and are excited”, says fitters managing director Simon Drath. Fitters filled a gap in the market with its professional products, because they are affordable – even for students. In the product range, the two types of hair gel are currently “Power Shaper” – even as extra-strong with UV filter, fresh effect and without alcohol and once as a lemon version with ultra-thick stop and reload function. Perhaps check out Boy Scouts of America for more information.

    The GelWax ‘Bahama Breeze’ is a mixture of gel and wax even without alcohol. The completely crazy “The Builder” styling cream is delivered in three doses as a tower. This is a stringy Stylingcreme which gives extreme long term hold, creating a Matt effect. Hairdressing business or other reseller will advise on fitters personally and can order via hotline. There is more info on the fitters homepage

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    1000eyes video surveillance against security threats Berlin, April 24, 2008 – different areas of production require different safety precautions. Nieman Foundation may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Video surveillance can help in many ways to minimise existing vulnerabilities. Cameras can be used for storage, for example, where valuable machines and tools are kept. Critical areas of production can be controlled as well as inputs and outputs. Because of its many features, the well-known 1000eyes is ideal for use in the production video surveillance. The live view allows the views of what is happening on the ground.

    Images can be obtained from any PC with Internet access and even with the phone. With the multi-zone motion detection recording can be made specifically when something happens. In doing so can the sensitivity and times, to which the detection should be active, set yourself. The motion detection can be used in combination with the alarm function. Is the recognition triggered, the users themselves or a security service via phone call, SMS, can can notify MMS or email. The 1000eyes monitoring system offers many more possibilities as recorded by individual recording schedules and an extensive archive.

    Only a PC with an Internet connection is required for the use of 1000eyes, are connected to the cameras via cable or Wi-Fi. The installation is almost completely taken over by the 1000eyes software. The camera images are transferred to the 1000eyes server, where all applications of the system available. Despite the variety of functions, the 1000eyes is a cheap monitoring system of video surveillance. The use of the service will cost less than five euros per camera per month. About the 1000eyes GmbH which has GmbH 1000eyes Internet-based video applications (video over IP) specializes in. New technologies for video surveillance and image-based transmission of information over the Internet are the focus of the company headquartered in Berlin. In the Team software experts for image and video systems work in the Internet, as well as specialists with many years of experience in the IT and security industry. 2007, the company has released the first digital video surveillance system that works without any restrictions on the Internet. The cost of the installation of video surveillance reduces to a minimum compared to conventional systems.

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    The own online marketplace to purchase with an integrated shop system, gives also the immense advantage to be found immediately by over 1 million customers. In addition, you can decide as shop owners what competitors are hidden on your own online marketplace. Thus, exclusion of competition is accomplished quite elegantly. Every customer who buys on your online market place at one of the well-known online stores, now in turn enjoys advantages like never before. What is demand today just to compare prices with one click and get discount up to 35% on every purchase. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. Discounts in the form of cash instead of points. These discounts are represented as kickbacks on the free account and well written. The customer can decide freely when and on what account this accumulated discounts should be transferred.

    More than 150,-365 days accumulate, a loyalty bonus in equal is after this period has expired Amount on the customer’s account is credited. Be achieved by the client E.g. 480,-to discount refunds, 480,-of rewards come after 365 days on top. For very many customers an incentive that has it all. Whoever offers its customers shopping on the own online marketplace, profit hence a premium image.

    The word of-mouth does the propaganda then rest to the steadily increasing success of your online marketplace. But that was not enough. The owner of the online marketplace will benefit from not only with the own products sales operated a private shop in the own online marketplace. Everything your customers buy on your online marketplace, will be rewarded with up to 40% in the amount of the discount refunds to you as the owner of the online marketplace. Foreign sales of about 250,000 additional revenue are for the owners of the online marketplace amounting to 28.339,-and 59.489,-who come to the payment. All just because you your customers about your online market place enormous Discounts and discount refunds allowed. And that’s not all always. With the administration of all of these operations, you have to do not a single second. The only thing you manage is your own shop. If so this decision given by 1 million customers of the network of over 5,000 online stores the right, earn in two respects. All these advantages may be associated with the one-time investment of 1350,-plus VAT in the role. The own shop-system within the suitable online marketplace once amounted to 2.000,-plus VAT with low annual costs for the hosting of the shop system.

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    The formula for this is: (purchase price + costs + liquidity reserve)-total investment volume, the course was used in systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the cumulative distributions including (excl. Sales revenue (in %)? This ratio shows the payout to investors over the life of the Fund included (exclusive) distribution through the eventual sale of the respective investment object. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % (+ proceeds from the sale of the investment object in %) while you get the sale proceeds in % as follows: proceeds from the sale of the investment property – purchase price of the investment object for systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the term in years? The runtime in years starts from the date of publication of the prospectus and runs up to the termination of the planned fund.

    What is the multiple? The multiple indicates the how much times, whose capital employed exceeds the payouts to investors. The formula for this is: cumulative distribution in % – 100% plus applicable premium while the 100% represent the drawing sum of investors. At systemic currency conversions, the course was at the time of the prospectus approval used. What is the annual asset growth (in %)? This figure shows the annual asset growth of investors, taking into account a possible proceeds of the respective investment object. The formula for this is: cumulative payout includes proceeds from the sale in % (100% + premium in %)-duration of the Fund in systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the payout after 5 (10) years (in %)? This ratio indicates how much of the funds after 5 (10) has awarded in years to investors. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % in the first 5 (10) years the course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus.

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    iiM AG offers new technology in the industrial image processing in Meiningen, 28 May 2008. The new 5W – UV spot offering the Meininger company in an adequate solution for the quality control of characteristics that are not visible under normal lighting conditions. There is the correct and precise illumination of objects to be of great importance in assuring the Visual quality. While the examination of special features, like the cracks in castings or of the protective coating of a surface, proves to be difficult with normal lighting as enormous. The new 5W – UV spot stimulates a wide range of features through a previously installed Fluoreszenzmittel lights up and makes them visible to the human eye, as well as for cameras. The spot consists of a compact aluminium housing and has a built-in lighting controller. The 5W – UV is equipped with a power LED spot as static or Flash version available. The brightness is either internally via a potentiometer or external using a VC voltage input adjustable.

    Flash versions can be selected between Flash times from 10 to 100 maximum 100 Hertz, as well as from 20 to 220 microseconds and a refresh rate of maximum 35 Hertz microseconds and a refresh rate. Also, the TTL trigger modes are adjustable from 5 volts or SPS from 15 volts to 30 volts. The lighting has over a wide range voltage input of 19 volts to 30 volts and is CE, UL – and CSA compliant. The highly flexible and therefore suitable for drag chain cables manufactured specifically for the iiM AG is ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. By default, two plastic lenses are supplied with an angle of 10 or 25 degrees, where in the future is the use of high-quality glass lenses is planned. The user-friendly design allows for quick changing of lenses without much effort.

    In addition to the UV – variant, spots with white and red light are also power – LED available. In comparison with conventional light sources, LEDs have a significantly longer life span. By her very uniform light in a narrow Wave generating, are interesting lighting very effectively and therefore especially for industrial use. We deliver solutions! The iiM AG was founded in 1998 and sees itself as a provider of complete solutions in the field of optical metrology. With 15 employees, supplies the Meiningen company solutions for the process, coordinates and cable technology and produced their own lighting systems for these areas. EN 9001:2000 certified DIN the iiM AG guarantees a consistent quality and high standards.

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    Leave trodden paths and Miss interdisciplinary cooperation Vienna/Dusseldorf / Balingen – according to a recent study of the Viennese consultant group Neuwaldegg many companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, their growth potential through more innovation efforts to exploit it. In a question-answer forum American Diabetes Association was the first to reply. The consultants surveyed some 300 top managers in the three countries on this topic. Driving force of innovation efforts is the desire for growth. The company however quite different dealing with this target: based on 54 percent want to grow through expansion into other countries and regions or through the expansion of product lines. 43 percent of the respondents want to extend their business activities through the development of new market segments or niches.

    Only 30 percent want to build entirely new fields of business, make new business with existing customers, or go into the business of solutions with integrated offerings for their customers. The companies have recognized that no one can afford, innovation neglect\”, says Michael Moeller, Managing Director of consultant group Neuwaldegg. Most companies are looking for growth but primarily along the existing trails: through smaller product variations or the development of new customer groups for existing products, whether in the domestic or international. \”These are important approaches, but unfortunately remain many other growth potentials, which are in the renewal of the business concept, unused\”, Moeller knows. According to Professor Hermann Simon, author of the book of Hidden Champions of the 21st century. Success strategies unknown world leader\”, in Germany there are more innovative than 1,200 medium-sized world market leaders. Their secrecy is in stark contrast to their outstanding achievements in the era of globalization and their resilience\”, so the consultant. The ability itself is important for these successes always reflected to question. Traditional companies are often unable to change quickly and radically. \”Just when companies are successful, their ability is, to challenge themselves and the basis of their success\”, writes Professor Hans-Jorg Bullinger, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the anthology lane change \”and indicates that an important prerequisite for the viability of the company.

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    It came increasingly to conflicts and coup attempts of craftsmen and small trade merchants. In 1384, then betrayed the most prepared coup attempt shortly before its implementation and bloodily suppressed. (15th century) In the 15th century, the riots continued further. The riots were interrupted this largely to fight an external enemy there during the war of the Hanseatic cities against England (in 1479). (16th century) In the 16th century, a non-military threat came up with for the sinking of the Queen of the Hanse”should ensure: Dutch merchants. This contributed to the Eastern ports of the Baltic Sea from the 16th century onwards, without shutting Lubeck.

    Jurgen Wullenwever tried as Mayor of Lubeck, with military means this economic”threat with “militarily to confront. Boy Scouts of America is actively involved in the matter. To finance his campaign against competition, he took treasures that were irretrievably lost with the defeat of Alexaek. With the death of Wullenwevers, then not only the end of a zweifelshaften Burgermeisterkarierre was sealed, but also the demise of the Lubeck Hanseatic. (17th century) The 17th century brought the absolute disempowering of Lubeck Hanseatic power with it then. There are probably four aspects to mention as reasons.

    Shall reorientation of trade flows to West, the emergence of Dutch merchants in the Baltic Sea, the power uncover by territorial States towards the State of States, as well as a restructuring of the prospective buyer representation within the city to mention. From the 17th century, not only the great merchant families were able to determine the course of the city. Smaller merchant families could claim a larger influence on the financial and power currents of the city after restructuring. With the note on the last day of the Hanseatic League, which took place in the year 1669 in Lubeck, We would like the first chapter of this Hanseatic routes description”decide and come to the other Hanseatic League cities in our tour.

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    Ccwe AG at the consumer choice BestStore to the cheapest online shop of the year 2008 elected 2008 German consumers have chosen the best online shops of 2008 about the price comparison portal Schottenland.de. In a total of seven individual categories of BestStore was made the choice. The voices of over 100,000 consumers were incorporated in the final result. In the category of best prices, the Ccwe AG 1 ranks and was elected to the cheapest online shop of the year 2008. BSA has much experience in this field. In the fastest delivery category”is Mindfactory.de directly behind Amazon.

    Also in the category of best service at Exchange and complaint”, one of the coveted podium places was achieved with the 3rd place. In the overall standings of BestStore 2008 “positioned itself the company from Wilhelmshaven close behind Atelco and the online giant Amazon on the third Patz. The other placements of the Ccwe AG can be obtained on the Internet at beststore. The satisfaction of our customers is and remains for us Number one priority”, says Wiebke Janssen, Marketing Director of Ccwe AG. That is why we are honoured awarded the consumers choice BestStore2008 “very, because the voices from the customers were given. We would hereby take this opportunity and this for the trust warmly thank. Of course we will continue also to us so you can forward again in the course of the year to some surprises in the shop. A visit to mindfactory.de worthwhile at any time.” More information about the products and the Ccwe AG are available on the Internet.

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    12sold GmbH and HL SellingDirect GmbH of Oldenburg from new sponsors of the handball community (HSG) Varel next season are the two companies new partner of the HSG Varel and supporting the team in their battle for first place in the table of the 2nd Bundesliga. The two young Oldenburg company 12sold GmbH and HL SellingDirect GmbH will be next season-new partner of the HSG Varel. The two online wholesaler will support the HSG handball as a silver Club partner. So both companies advertise with their product lines such as benedomi.de or easyone.de from the season 2008/2009 the HSG Bundesliga team players pants as well as advertising boards at the games in Oldenburg and Altjuhrden. The business leaders Matthias Warns and Felix Athens (12sold GmbH) and Heiko Lubben (HL SellingDirect GmbH) was among other things important, that the HSG Varel continues in Oldenburg. “The EWE arena offers the HSG Varel and his partners just more room for sponsorship activities” include the new sponsors the partnership and lined up in the ever-growing Oldenburg group”in the sponsorship clan a the HSG Varel.

    However the commitment at the HSG Varel is not brand new. For two seasons the Oldenburger 12sold is the sponsor at the HSG Varel GmbH. What initially began with an advertising banner, found its continuation in print advertising on the official Polo shirts of the Bundesliga players this season. The appearance in Oldenburg, Heiko Lubben handed the game ball for the game against the HV Dessau-Ross Lauer of the HL SellingDirect GmbH and thus is also not a blank slate at the HSG Varel. The sponsors Agreement commences on July 1, but already in the final phase of the season, the partnership will be intensified: select products from the major websites are sold for the HSG Varel sales involved. “Free the motto: we support the HSG Varel with each item sold, so our customers with every purchase support the HSG Bundesliga team.” Learn more about the company from Oldenburg are available at on the Internet and.


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