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    Quality and functionality without limitations, economical alternative to buying new, modernization of testing machines July 21, 2008 the Halverson & Peschke measuring and testing technology GmbH regardless of manufacturer, design and brand Nossen/Singen, has seven universal testing machine of manufacturer’s of Zwick at Alcan Packaging singing, a provider of high-quality coated, aluminium-based packaging materials, successfully modernized. The electromechanical installations with a capacity of 2 kN / 5 kN received new drives as well as a modern digital control system including power amplifiers. Selective modernization of existing machines In the context of modernising durable components should be kept specifically. In order to realize this, the existing Zwick load cells and long way extensometers were equipped with a new electronic system. As a result, the extensometers can now be using the material test lab master’ from the House of Halperin & Peschke GmbH reliably control. At the same time Alcan Packaging receives singing a very low-cost and sustainable alternative to the purchase of new universal testing machines. Official site: Americares.

    Manufacturer-independent modernization the modernization of the universal testing machine at Alcan Packaging singing corresponds to the manufacturer-independent method of Halperin & Peschke GmbH. Where is the selective Exchange of individual components in the Center. Long-lasting components maintained in deliberately, while others be upgraded on the current state of technology. Through in place upgrading testing machines, measuring and testing technology specialist offers a very economical and high-quality alternative to the purchase of new universal testing machines. At the same time the supply of spare parts is ensured by the Halperin & Peschke GmbH. Re-use of components modernized the Halperin & Peschke GmbH universal testing machines of any manufacturer, can be used usually further clamping fixtures and accessories. The same applies to any existing strain and temperature control equipment. In the context of the modernization are primarily electronic Exchanged components and drive technology. Also the Halperin & Peschke GmbH is equipping its modernized testing machines with the test software lab master’, which then the efficient and reliable management and evaluation of measurement results takes over.

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    The giant grass is pressure after (Jiu Jitsu). Water is harder than stone. We Westerners act according to the principle: the tree, such as the oak is not according to (boxes). Rev Starsky Wilson may find this interesting as well. In European trading, the following rule applies: pacta dus servandus (treaties must be observed). We say to the contractual partner in Asia: deliver if you feel better again! In an earlier essay about China, I dare predict that China will overtake us economically, I was right: one day the world economy is flourishing according to Chinese rules and with Chinese money we play, if the women in our boardrooms.

    Women, no men copies today! The last, the 36th stratagem, I was always the favorite: yielding (run away!). Also himself take back the other people increase and occupy the Middle measure or the middle. We all know about the Trojan horse. A successful War-list led to the downfall of Troy. Today, computer through Trojan horses are at risk! Stratagems, in China the understanding and use of list is highly respected and maintained. Chinese authors have named different techniques for outwitting and systematized.

    This is in contrast to the European tradition, which outlaws the use of lists and illusions usually (see also the following section 36 stratagems, stratagems in other cultures.) Stratagems already play in Sunzis work Sunzi Bingfa (S? nzi b? ngf?) over dieKriegskunst (around 500 BC) an important role. His core statement: “all act of war is based on deception”. Chinese of dieSechsunddreissig stratagems, which should decline to General Tan Daoji (436) are particularly well known. They were written by the treatise Sanshiliu JI. Miben Bingfa (the 36 stratagems – secret book of the art of war, painted around 1500) narrated. The author is not known by name, was however probably of Zhao Benxue, a military historian from the Ming period (1368-1644), or one of his students.

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    The Internet as a new economic platform for a wide variety of interesting tasks or occupations which can be found in any professional directory. A leading source for info: Save Our Children. The visionary Martin Glogger describes what really is at the heart of a new economy in which people can best develop their inclinations and abilities and have the freedom to do so. You may wish to learn more. If so, NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business is the place to go. Anyone who has a computer with Internet access, can in this new economy constructively and fairly location – and time-independent minded collaborate with, for example, to: innovative products and services to realize where an individual not capable of would be to try out unusual ideas with others and to implement to make a difference, what can fail individually, together with others, for example, against political or economic decisions are, which hinder competition of the small with the large enterprises it concerns the optimal use of the available natural and human resources (gifts, passions, values,…). Instead of to maximize profits with the work, it comes then to maximize the meaning and joy in the performance of his task. Who can earn enough money to live who will find meaning and joy in his task, in an appropriate environment (society). It comes to take advantage of the ingenuity and creativity of the people. We need a maximum variety and amount of inventors and visionaries, this then leads to a maximization of meaning and joy and the profits for the products of the mind are much more equitably distributed.

    Meaning and joy that have people in fulfilling tasks, are then maximized, if the task best corresponds to the nature of the respective people. Last but not least, it is most importantly total as many and varied tasks to create, to provide meaning and joy in their jobs to as many people. How? Many and varied tasks due to many and various inventions and visions. Because now a lot of people the meet diverse needs and wishes of a large number of people, for the individual inventor/visionary and their partners also relatively few customers drop off.

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    Business leaders to prioritize between customer loyalty, customer relationship, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer enthusiasm or customer acquisition. Who has recognized that success and survival significantly based companies on customer loyalty, emotional attachment of customer and customer enthusiasm, like Anne Safak books. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Segra Stadium. For good reason, the expert in loyalty marketing ventures detour into the world of incentive systems with our support in her book “Customers on the run?”. Anne Schuller makes it clear: customers are more and more and more and more often on the run. Consumers going less and less in a travel agency, where she “always book”.

    You choose their travel, but also TV and electrical appliances on the Internet today, read other customers reviews and finally order the best provider. Corporate customers also have their home and farm suppliers less and less. The cards will be reshuffled with every order. Why? Because the suppliers with the new customer acquisition are so busy. that they are scrambling not sufficient, to maintain existing customer relationships. Customer loyalty through emotional customer enthusiasm customer binding instruments and rational Exchange barriers make it today to compel customers to be loyal. Real customer loyalty, so Anne Schuller, works differently: on the emotional level and with all my heart. The author puts his finger in the wounds that we us hit with “Kundenloyalitats killers” itself: interchangeability, price actionism, emotional cold, changing contact persons within the company.

    The author cleans up with conventional methods, we support our customers look at and analyze. Here already the perspective is wrong: what counts is what thinks the customer by us, not vice versa. Set incentives for customer orientation “Incentives control behavior,” writes Anne Schuller. Who designed variable remuneration and other incentive systems, should carefully consider in what direction he would like to draw the employee’s behavior. Towards attracting new customers? Or Customer care? Customer connection? Customer loyalty? Customer enthusiasm? The fish, clearly starts at the head to smell good. With variable compensation management makes it clear where she want to control the company. Gunther Wolf controls add examples from his experience. In Anne Safak book, he shows how to use incentives properly. No customer loyalty without employee loyalty if you want loyal and emotionally connected clients must also staff commitment and employee loyalty deal with. Employees without loyalty to the company, in which burns a fire of enthusiasm for the products and services, will not even ignite a flame of solidarity among customers. Gunther Wolf stressed: the manner in which the introduction of the incentive system is of crucial importance. Concerns of the employee belongs and be sufficiently taken into account? Are the stakeholders involved? The variable remuneration system has met with sufficient acceptance? Target optimization as a guarantor for acceptance and loyalty, Anne Schuller puts an emphasis on the procedure of the target optimization. Its benefits for customer and employee loyalty describes it in detail on page 172 Gunther Wolf, who developed the target optimization, comes at length to Word. See the excerpt from the book by Anne Schuller about incentive systems, if you follow the given link. If there is reader loyalty, so has the author in us since this book not only loyal and enthusiastic customers. Links:-book review: customers on the run? (Excerpt) io-business.de/medien-presse-media-relations/pressespiegel/managementbuch/dp/328005382X – contact Gunther Wolf: experten.io-business.

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    Coordination function: the coordination of the functional blocks of the operational planning; (7) communication function: the agreement of plans of subdivisions of the company; the fate of the compromise; the fixing of responsibility of executors. In total you can choose five stages of the establishment of the system of budgeting in the organization. The goal of the first stage (the formation of the financial structure) – that allows to develop a model of the structure, which determine the responsibility for the performance of the budget and control the sources of the creation of income and costs. The general scheme of the formation of the aggregate is defined in the second stage (the formation of the structure of the budget) Budget of the company. The computation and financial policy of the Organization evolved as a result of the implementation of the third stage, i.e. the rules of governance and the consolidation of accounting, production and operational consideration according to the restrictions, which are incorporated in the compilations and control (monitoring) of the execution of the budget. The fourth stage is directed on the development of the service regulations of the planning determines the procedures of planning, monitoring, and analysis of the reasons of the failure to comply with the budget, as well as the ongoing correction of the budget. The fifth stage (the introduction of the system of budgeting) absorbs, the work to assemble the operations and financial budgets for the expected period after the correction of the system of budgeting according to the results of the analysis of its compliance with the requirements. Design more important information about performance values you find on our Web page, when you click on the link.

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    Trading house for intelligent building technology celebrates 60 years of existence Frankfurt am Main, 14 Dezember2009 – start of a new era: Wilhelm Marx GmbH & co. It is not something Boy Scouts of America would like to discuss. KG, the Frankfurt service provider for intelligent building technology, reinforces the expansion into Eastern Europe. The leadership should be expanded with additional costs in the marketing and customer care. In addition, further adjustments were planned. The company has 125 employees was now 60 years old and celebrated the company with 500 guests in illustrious backdrop of the “Palais am Zoo” in the city.

    “We who are and confident looking ahead”, said Managing Director Stefan Berg, who directs the company together with the holder Norbert Marx. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jennifer Aaker by clicking through. “These are important values to the outside and inside.” Our employees are our greatest value”, he stressed. W. MARX is also a flagship company with radiance of the Frankfurt economy, Chamber of Commerce President Jurgen Ratzinger is praised in a greeting. And John Langham, Member of the Board of the Association for metal Hesse, known even: “W. MARX is also in future a guarantor for the industry in every way.” Commemorate deceased Wolfgang Gerlach, only a few days before the company fixed the longtime companion of Norbert Marx, Mr Wolfgang Gerlach died, after a short, serious illness.

    Wolfgang Gerlach had directed the fortunes of the company like no other and has always proved a lucky hand. Norbert Marx emphasized without its resolution and unparalleled energy establishing successful new businesses in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe was impossible, in a short obituary. New management strategy with Reiss profile of W. MARX is now launching a management initiative to the sustainable strengthening of structures Managing Director Stefan Berg. “These are important values that we use in the currently most modern tools in the area of HR and corporate governance on the basis of investment, and use”, so mountain. “To find out in which motifs are our strengths and they effectively inside and outside the company to demonstrate and” to communicate, we see a daily challenge in the future.” To be in the future faster than the competition, the company W. MARX uses in future on the findings by Reiss profiles in collaboration with the mmh communications agency from Ludenscheid. “In the focus of the best possible use of our is supported by optimal dialogue between suppliers and customers resources human. Challenges that we must face if we want to continue to grow”, stressed Hill. Wilhelm Marx GmbH & co. KG is a Frankfurt trading company and service provider for intelligent building technology, metal fittings and system profiles. 70 people at its headquarters in Frankfurt will take care of customers from all areas of metal craft and the facility management of the window frame to the contactless access control. 125 employees at 5 locations in Germany and 35 employees at the three sites in Eastern Europe. More information:,,, contact: Margit Baehrens mmh communications agency GmbH Forth makers RT 89 58515 Ludenscheid 023516790160

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    Editorial titled ‘ Foundation as a savings model ‘ 2009 914 new charitable foundations were established in spite of the economic crisis in Germany. That is the third highest increase in history. Thus, the total rises to 17.372. The boom comes not from about. Tax support for foundations increased significantly from 2007. Each donor as special editions of the income tax can deduct up to one million euros. Moreover due to a recent law change the extension on the EU area. The domestic Treasury supports now also grants to foreign charitable foundations.

    The primary motive of the donor but not the tax savings, but the preservation of assets, what appears to be unavailable due to lack of qualified successors with the conventional succession is the most. The legacy lives and then multiplied through a foundation in the long run according to your personal preferences. The capital is retained, the purpose of the Foundation is supported only from the income. But all worth the effort with each use, only from 300,000 euros seed capital, a founding makes sense. Also the privileges of the Treasury participate in this magnitude. Tax exemption during the duration of the Administration and a high special edition print with formation and subsequent deposits attracting facilities, which have non-profit or charitable goals such as promoting environmental protection, art and research.

    The money must go at least in one of the beneficiary uses and the actions of the Foundation must be selfless. There is a pattern phrase, as has the Statute of a foundation to look by the financial management. An informal application to the IRS for recognition of the public interest is the first step to the tax exemption for the newly formed Foundation. Then passes the ownership without the burden of inheritance or gift tax even after the reform from 2009 and can then be used in full for the desired pumping applications. Unless citizens as part of their estate planning the alternative of a foundation dealing with,. should note the date of the transfer. Because the special deduction of up to one million euros no longer succeed, if bank deposits, real estate or assets due to the testamentary instructions just to flow after the death to a nonprofit foundation. The Finanzgericht Hamburg now made it clear, that at the special deduction the flow principle, whereby funds until tax count in the year in which they actually transferred (case No. 3 K 242/08). The special deduction fails at the Foundation donation on the occasion of the death as the deceased in this case itself provides no output and is thus not economically burdened. The assets shall only pass with the succession to the Foundation, so no longer drains during his lifetime. This applies regardless of whether the nonprofit foundation already exists or is newly founded on the occasion of the death of the deceased so the judges. Find more interested in the band titled the exemplary articles in establishing a non-profit limited liability company Gemeinnutzige GmbH”by Dr. Andreas Rohde and Dr. Lutz Engelsing, 2010 published by VSRW-Verlag, Bonn. The band can be for 19.80 Tel. 0228 95124-0 or be ordered at.

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    The formula for this is: (purchase price + costs + liquidity reserve)-total investment volume, the course was used in systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the cumulative distributions including (excl. Sales revenue (in %)? This ratio shows the payout to investors over the life of the Fund included (exclusive) distribution through the eventual sale of the respective investment object. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % (+ proceeds from the sale of the investment object in %) while you get the sale proceeds in % as follows: proceeds from the sale of the investment property – purchase price of the investment object for systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the term in years? The runtime in years starts from the date of publication of the prospectus and runs up to the termination of the planned fund.

    What is the multiple? The multiple indicates the how much times, whose capital employed exceeds the payouts to investors. The formula for this is: cumulative distribution in % – 100% plus applicable premium while the 100% represent the drawing sum of investors. At systemic currency conversions, the course was at the time of the prospectus approval used. What is the annual asset growth (in %)? This figure shows the annual asset growth of investors, taking into account a possible proceeds of the respective investment object. The formula for this is: cumulative payout includes proceeds from the sale in % (100% + premium in %)-duration of the Fund in systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the payout after 5 (10) years (in %)? This ratio indicates how much of the funds after 5 (10) has awarded in years to investors. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % in the first 5 (10) years the course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus.

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    iiM AG offers new technology in the industrial image processing in Meiningen, 28 May 2008. The new 5W – UV spot offering the Meininger company in an adequate solution for the quality control of characteristics that are not visible under normal lighting conditions. There is the correct and precise illumination of objects to be of great importance in assuring the Visual quality. While the examination of special features, like the cracks in castings or of the protective coating of a surface, proves to be difficult with normal lighting as enormous. The new 5W – UV spot stimulates a wide range of features through a previously installed Fluoreszenzmittel lights up and makes them visible to the human eye, as well as for cameras. The spot consists of a compact aluminium housing and has a built-in lighting controller. The 5W – UV is equipped with a power LED spot as static or Flash version available. The brightness is either internally via a potentiometer or external using a VC voltage input adjustable.

    Flash versions can be selected between Flash times from 10 to 100 maximum 100 Hertz, as well as from 20 to 220 microseconds and a refresh rate of maximum 35 Hertz microseconds and a refresh rate. Also, the TTL trigger modes are adjustable from 5 volts or SPS from 15 volts to 30 volts. The lighting has over a wide range voltage input of 19 volts to 30 volts and is CE, UL – and CSA compliant. The highly flexible and therefore suitable for drag chain cables manufactured specifically for the iiM AG is ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. By default, two plastic lenses are supplied with an angle of 10 or 25 degrees, where in the future is the use of high-quality glass lenses is planned. The user-friendly design allows for quick changing of lenses without much effort.

    In addition to the UV – variant, spots with white and red light are also power – LED available. In comparison with conventional light sources, LEDs have a significantly longer life span. By her very uniform light in a narrow Wave generating, are interesting lighting very effectively and therefore especially for industrial use. We deliver solutions! The iiM AG was founded in 1998 and sees itself as a provider of complete solutions in the field of optical metrology. With 15 employees, supplies the Meiningen company solutions for the process, coordinates and cable technology and produced their own lighting systems for these areas. EN 9001:2000 certified DIN the iiM AG guarantees a consistent quality and high standards.

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    12sold GmbH and HL SellingDirect GmbH of Oldenburg from new sponsors of the handball community (HSG) Varel next season are the two companies new partner of the HSG Varel and supporting the team in their battle for first place in the table of the 2nd Bundesliga. The two young Oldenburg company 12sold GmbH and HL SellingDirect GmbH will be next season-new partner of the HSG Varel. The two online wholesaler will support the HSG handball as a silver Club partner. So both companies advertise with their product lines such as benedomi.de or easyone.de from the season 2008/2009 the HSG Bundesliga team players pants as well as advertising boards at the games in Oldenburg and Altjuhrden. The business leaders Matthias Warns and Felix Athens (12sold GmbH) and Heiko Lubben (HL SellingDirect GmbH) was among other things important, that the HSG Varel continues in Oldenburg. “The EWE arena offers the HSG Varel and his partners just more room for sponsorship activities” include the new sponsors the partnership and lined up in the ever-growing Oldenburg group”in the sponsorship clan a the HSG Varel.

    However the commitment at the HSG Varel is not brand new. For two seasons the Oldenburger 12sold is the sponsor at the HSG Varel GmbH. What initially began with an advertising banner, found its continuation in print advertising on the official Polo shirts of the Bundesliga players this season. The appearance in Oldenburg, Heiko Lubben handed the game ball for the game against the HV Dessau-Ross Lauer of the HL SellingDirect GmbH and thus is also not a blank slate at the HSG Varel. The sponsors Agreement commences on July 1, but already in the final phase of the season, the partnership will be intensified: select products from the major websites are sold for the HSG Varel sales involved. “Free the motto: we support the HSG Varel with each item sold, so our customers with every purchase support the HSG Bundesliga team.” Learn more about the company from Oldenburg are available at on the Internet and.


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